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Intel Announces Curie: Tiny Module for Wearables

Yesterday, Intel announced a new module targeted to wearable technology: Intel Curie. This module continues Intel's push into IoT and wearable technology started with the Intel Edison. While we thought Edison was small, at just above the size of a US postage stamp, Curie goes even further... Learn More

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Windows Phone 10 Render Makes Everything Transparent and More Fluid

Deviantart user NuryRush has created a Windows Phone 10 concept, but didn’t reveal too much about it. We know it includes a transparent set of tiles, a very big tile size for Cortana and a few other nifty elements... Learn More

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Autonomous Cars Are Closer Than You Think

For years, self-driving cars looked like they were always at least ten years away from coming to market. If the notoriously conservative car industry thinks we are only five years away from somebody selling an autonomous car, then we’re probably even closer than they expect... Learn More

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AMD FX-8320E CPU Review: The Other 95W Vishera

Back in September we reviewed the FX-8370E, a new AMD CPU based on the older Vishera/Piledriver architecture but at a lower power – 95W rather than 125W. This was achieved by a combination of a mature 32nm process, adjusting clock speeds and (potentially) some specifically binned voltage characteristics... Learn More

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ON Semiconductor – Low-light imaging re-defined by new class of CCD image sensors (KAE-02150)

With the introduction of a new class of CCD image sensor technology, ON Semiconductor has set a new benchmark in low-light imaging for industrial markets. Learn More

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4G LTE is a strong WAN access contender (and not just because of the bandwidth!)

When cellular services reached broadband speeds, they started inching into the enterprise WAN access network. The availability of widespread 3G services and 3G line cards for routers saw some enterprise sites plugging into 3G as a landline backup... Learn More

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New MediaTek MT8507 Connected Audio SoC Receives Spotify Certification

High-performance remote speaker solution supports Spotify Connect, providing seamless and easy streaming of music globally Learn More


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