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Part Number AFBR-5701LZ
Manufacturer Foxconn Optical Interconnect Technologies, Inc.
Datasheet AFBR-5701LZ Datasheet
Package -
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AFBR-5701LZ Specifications

ManufacturerFoxconn Optical Interconnect Technologies, Inc.
CategoryOptoelectronics - Fiber Optics - Transceiver Modules
Datasheet AFBR-5701LZ Datasheet
Data Rate1.25Gbps
Voltage - Supply3.3V
Connector TypeLC Duplex
Mounting TypePluggable, SFP

AFBR-5701LZ Datasheet

Page 1

Page 2

AFBR-5701Z and AFBR-5705Z Families of Multi-Mode Small Form Factor Pluggable (SFP) Optical Transceivers with Optional DMI for Gigabit Ethernet (1.25 GBd) and Fibre Channel (1.0625 GBd) Data Sheet Features • ROHS-6 Compliant • Compliant to IEEE 802.3 Gigabit Ethernet (1.25GBd) 1000BaseSX & Fiber Channel FC-PI 100-M5-SN-I & 100- M6-SN-I • Optional Digital Diagnostic Monitoring available - AFBR-5701Z family: without DMI - AFBR-5705Z family: with DMI • Per SFF-8472, diagnostic features on AFBR-5705Z family enable Diagnostic Monitoring Interface for optical transceivers with real-time monitoring of: - Transmitted optical power - Received optical power - Laser bias current - Temperature - Supply voltage • Transceiver specifications according to SFP Multi-Source Agreement (SFF-8074i) and SFF-8472, Revision 9.3 • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 compliant facility • Hot-pluggable • Temperature options - (Extended) -10°C to +85°C - (Industrial) -40°C to +85°C • +3.3 V DC power supply • Industry leading EMI performance for high port density • 850 nm Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) • Eye safety certified • LC-Duplex fiber connector compliant Applications • Ethernet Switch • Enterprise Router • Broadband aggregation and wireless infrastructure • Storage applications including Fiber Channel and iSCSCI Description The AFBR-570xZ family of SFP optical transceivers offers the customer a wide range of design options, including optional DMI features (further described later), two temperature ranges (extended or industrial), and choice of standard or bail delatch. The AFBR-5705Z family targets those applications requiring DMI features. The AFBR-5701Z family is a streamlined product designed for those applications where DMI features are not needed. Throughout this document, AFBR-570xZ will be used to refer collectively to the product family encompassing this entire range of product options. Part Number Options The AFBR-570xZ SFP family includes the following products: Part Number DMI Temperature Latch AFBR-5701LZ No Extended Standard AFBR-5701PZ No Extended Bail AFBR-5701ALZ No Industrial Standard AFBR-5701APZ No Industrial Bail AFBR-5705LZ Yes Extended Standard AFBR-5705PZ Yes Extended Bail AFBR-5705ALZ Yes Industrial Standard AFBR-5705APZ Yes Industrial Bail * Extended Temperature Range is -10 to 85 °C Industrial Temperature Range is -40 to 85 ° C Related Products • AFBR-5715Z family: 1.25 GBd Ethernet (1000BASE-SX) SFP with DMI • AFBR-5710Z family : 1.25 GBd Ethernet (1000BASE-SX) SFP without DMI • AFCT-5705Z family: 1.25 GBd Ethernet (1000BASE-LX) & 1.0265 GBd Fiber-Channel SFP with DMI • AFCT-5701Z family: 1.25 GBd Ethernet (1000BASE-LX) & 1.0265 GBd Fiber-Channel SFP without DMI

Page 3

2 Figure 1. SFP Block Diagram LIGHT FROM FIBER LIGHT TO FIBER PHOTO-DETECTOR RECEIVER AMPLIFICATION & QUANTIZATION RD+ (RECEIVE DATA) RD— (RECEIVE DATA) Rx LOSS OF SIGNAL VCSEL TRANSMITTER LASER DRIVER & SAFETY CIRCUITRY TX_DISABLE TD+ (TRANSMIT DATA) TD— (TRANSMIT DATA) TX_FAULT ELECTRICAL INTERFACE MOD-DEF2 (SDA) MOD-DEF1 (SCL) MOD-DEF0 CONTROLLER & MEMORY OPTICAL INTERFACE VEET20 TD–19 TD+18 VEET17 VCCT16 VCCR15 VEER14 RD+13 RD–12 VEER11 TOP OF BOARD VEET1 TX FAULT2 TX DISABLE3 MOD-DEF(2)4 MOD-DEF(1)5 MOD-DEF(0)6 RATE SELECT7 LOS8 VEER9 VEER10 BOTTOM OF BOARD (AS VIEWED THROUGH TOP OF BOARD) ENGAGEMENT SEQUENCE 3 2 1 3 2 1 Figure 2. Pin description of the SFP electrical interface. Overview The AFBR-570xZ family of optical transceivers are compliant with the specifications set forth in the IEEE802.3 (1000BASE-SX), Fibre Channel (100-M5-SN-I, 100-M6-SN-I), and the Small Form-Factor Pluggable (SFP) Multi-Source Agreement (MSA). This family of transceivers is qualified in accordance with Telcordia GR-468-CORE. Its primary application is servicing Gigabit Ethernet and Fibre Channel links between optical networking equipment. The AFBR-570xZ offers maximum flexibility to designers, manufacturers, and operators of Gigabit Ethernet networking equipment. A pluggable architecture allows the module to be installed into MSA standard SFP ports at any time – even with the host equipment operating and online. This facilitates the rapid configuration of equipment to precisely the user’s needs – reducing inventory costs and network downtime. Compared with traditional transceivers, the size of the Small Form Factor package enables higher port densities. Module Diagrams Figure 1 illustrates the major functional components of the AFBR-570xZ. The external configuration of the module is depicted in Figure 7. Figure 8 depicts the panel and host board footprints.

Page 4

3 Installation The AFBR-570xZ can be installed in or removed from any MSA-compliant Pluggable Small Form Factor port regardless of whether the host equipment is operating or not. The module is simply inserted, electrical-interface first, under finger-pressure. Controlled hot-plugging is ensured by 3-stage pin sequencing at the electrical interface. This printed circuit board card-edge connector is depicted in Figure 2. As the module is inserted, first contact is made by the housing ground shield, discharging any potentially component-damaging static electricity. Ground pins engage next and are followed by Tx and Rx power supplies. Finally, signal lines are connected. Pin functions and sequencing are listed in Table 2. Transmitter Section The transmitter section includes the Transmitter Optical Subassembly (TOSA) and laser driver circuitry. The TOSA, containing an 850 nm VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) light source, is located at the optical interface and mates with the LC optical connector. The TOSA is driven by a custom IC, which converts differential logic signals into an analog laser diode drive current. This Tx driver circuit regulates the optical power at a constant level provided the data pattern is DC balanced (8B10B code for example). Transmit Disable (Tx_Disable) The AFBR-570xZ accepts a TTL and CMOS compatible transmit disable control signal input (pin 3) which shuts down the transmitter optical output. A high signal implements this function while a low signal allows normal transceiver operation. In the event of a fault (e.g. eye safety circuit activated), cycling this control signal resets the module as depicted in Figure 6. An internal pull-up resistor disables the transceiver transmitter until the host pulls the input low. Host systems should allow a 10ms interval between successive assertions of this control signal. Tx_Disable can also be asserted via the 2-wire serial interface (address A2h, byte 110, bit 6) and monitored (address A2h, byte 110, bit 7). The contents of A2h, byte 110, bit 6 are logic OR’d with hardware Tx_Disable (pin 3) to control transmitter operation. Transmit Fault (Tx_Fault) A catastrophic laser fault will activate the transmitter signal, TX_FAULT, and disable the laser. This signal is an open collector output (pull-up required on the host board). A low signal indicates normal laser operation and a high signal indicates a fault. The TX_FAULT will be latched high when a laser fault occurs and is cleared by toggling the TX_DISABLE input or power cycling the transceiver. The transmitter fault condition can also be monitored via the 2-wire serial interface (address A2, byte 110, bit 2). Eye Safety Circuit The AFBR-570xZ provides Class 1 eye safety by design and has been tested for compliance with the requirements listed in Table 1. The eye safety circuit continuously monitors optical output power levels and will disable the transmitter and assert a TX_FAULT signal upon detecting an unsafe condition. Such unsafe conditions can be created by inputs from the host board (Vcc fluxuation, unbalanced code) or faults within the module. Receiver Section The receiver section includes the Receiver Optical Subassembly (ROSA) and amplification/quantization circuitry. The ROSA, containing a PIN photodiode and custom trans-impedance preamplifier, is located at the optical interface and mates with the LC optical connector. The ROSA is mated to a custom IC that provides post- amplification and quantization. Also included is a Loss Of Signal (LOS) detection circuit. Receiver Loss of Signal (Rx_LOS) The Loss Of Signal (LOS) output indicates an unusable optical input power level. The Loss Of Signal thresholds are set to indicate a definite optical fault has occurred (e.g., disconnected or broken fiber connection to receiver, failed transmitter, etc.). The post-amplification IC includes transition detection circuitry which monitors the ac level of incoming optical signals and provides a TTL/CMOS compatible status signal to the host (pin 8). An adequate optical input results in a low Rx_LOS output while a high Rx_LOS output indicates an unusable optical input. The Rx_LOS thresholds are factory-set so that a high output indicates a definite optical fault has occurred. For the AFBR-5705Z family, Rx_LOS can also be monitored via the 2-wire serial interface (address A2h, byte 110, bit 1).

Page 5

4 Functional I/O The AFBR-570xZ accepts industry standard differential signals such as LVPECL and CML within the scope of the SFP MSA. To simplify board requirements, transmitter bias resistors and ac coupling capacitors are incorporated, per SFF-8074i, and hence are not required on the host board. The module is AC-coupled and internally terminated. Figure 3 illustrates a recommended interface circuit to link the AFBR-570xZ to the supporting Physical Layer integrated circuits. Timing diagrams for the MSA compliant control signals implemented in this module are depicted in Figure 6. The AFBR-570xZ interfaces with the host circuit board through twenty I/O pins (SFP electrical connector) identified by function in Table 2. The AFBR-570xZ high speed transmit and receive interfaces require SFP MSA compliant signal lines on the host board. The Tx_Disable, Tx_Fault, and Rx_LOS lines require TTL lines on the host board (per SFF-8074i) if used. If an application chooses not to take advantage of the functionality of these pins, care must be taken to ground Tx_Disable (for normal operation). Digital Diagnostic Interface and Serial Identification (EEPROM) The entire AFBR-570xZ family complies with the SFF- 8074i SFP specification. The AFBR-5705Z family further complies with SFF-8472, the SFP specification for Digital Diagnostic Monitoring Interface. Both specifications can be found at The AFBR-570xZ features an EEPROM for Serial ID, which contains the product data stored for retrieval by host equipment. This data is accessed via the 2-wire serial EEPROM protocol of the ATMEL AT24C01A or similar, in compliance with the industry standard SFP Multi-Source Agreement. The base EEPROM memory, bytes 0-255 at memory address 0xA0, is organized in compliance with SFF-8074i. Contents of this serial ID memory are shown in Table 10. Figure 3. Typical application configuration. LASER DRIVER & EYE SAFETY CIRCUITRY 50 Ω 50 Ω SO1+ SO1– AMPLIFICATION & QUANTIZATION 50 Ω 50 Ω SI1+ SI1– VREFR TBC EWRAP RBC RX_RATE RX_LOS GPIO(X) GPIO(X) GP14 TX_FAULT GP04 SYNC LOOP SYN1 RC1(0:1) RFCT TX[0:9] RX[0:9] TX_FAULT TX_DISABLE VEET RD+ RD– RX_LOS MOD_DEF2 EEPROMMOD_DEF1 MOD_DEF0 REF_RATE NOTE: * 4.7 k Ω < RES < 10 kΩ VCCT,R 125 MHz AVAGO AFBR-570xZ VCCT 1 µH 1 µH10 µF 0.1 µF VCCT,R VCCR 10 µF 0.1 µF 0.1 µF AVAGO HDMP-1687 R RCM0 C C REFCLK MAC ASIC *RES *RES *RES *RES VEER TD+ TD– C C R *RES HOUSING GROUND *RES

Page 6

5 As an enhancement to the conventional SFP interface defined in SFF-8074i, the AFBR-5705Z family is compliant to SFF-8472 (digital diagnostic interface for optical transceivers). This new digital diagnostic information is stored in bytes 0-255 at memory address 0xA2.Using the 2-wire serial interface defined in the MSA, the AFBR- 5705Z provides real time temperature, supply voltage, laser bias current, laser average output power and received input power. These parameters are internally calibrated, per the MSA. The digital diagnostic interface also adds the ability to disable the transmitter (TX_DISABLE), monitor for Transmitter Faults (TX_FAULT), and monitor for Receiver Loss of Signal (RX_LOS). The new diagnostic information provides the opportunity for Predictive Failure Identification, Compliance Prediction, Fault Isolation and Component Monitoring. Predictive Failure Identification The predictive failure feature allows a host to identify potential link problems before system performance is impacted. Prior identification of link problems enables a host to service an application via “fail over” to a redundant link or replace a suspect device, maintaining system uptime in the process. For applications where ultra-high system uptime is required, a digital SFP provides a means to monitor two real-time laser metrics associated with observing laser degradation and predicting failure: average laser bias current (Tx_Bias) and average laser optical power (Tx_Power). Compliance Prediction Compliance prediction is the ability to determine if an optical transceiver is operating within its operating and environmental requirements. AFBR-5705Z devices provide real-time access to transceiver internal supply voltage and temperature, allowing a host to identify potential component compliance issues. Received optical power is also available to assess compliance of a cable plant and remote transmitter. When operating out of requirements, the link cannot guarantee error free transmission. Fault Isolation The fault isolation feature allows a host to quickly pinpoint the location of a link failure, minimizing downtime. For optical links, the ability to identify a fault at a local device, remote device or cable plant is crucial to speeding service of an installation. AFBR-5705Z real- time monitors of Tx_Bias, Tx_Power, Vcc, Temperature and Rx_Power can be used to assess local transceiver current operating conditions. In addition, status flags Tx_Disable and Rx Loss of Signal (LOS) are mirrored in memory and available via the two-wire serial interface. Component Monitoring Component evaluation is a more casual use of the AFBR-5705Z real-time monitors of Tx_Bias, Tx_Power, Vcc, Temperature and Rx_Power. Potential uses are as debugging aids for system installation and design, and transceiver parametric evaluation for factory or field qualification. For example, temperature per module can be observed in high density applications to facilitate thermal evaluation of blades, PCI cards and systems. Required Host Board Components The MSA power supply noise rejection filter is required on the host PCB to meet data sheet performance. The MSA filter incorporates an inductor which should be rated 400 mADC and 1 Ω series resistance or better. It should not be replaced with a ferrite. The required filter is illustrated in Figure 4. The MSA also specifies that 4.7 K to 10 KΩ pull-up resistors for TX_FAULT, LOS, and MOD_DEF0,1,2 are required on the host PCB. 1 µH 1 µH 0.1 µF VCCR SFP MODULE 10 µF VCCT 0.1 µF 10 µF 3.3 V HOST BOARD 0.1 µF Figure 4. MSA required power supply filter.

Page 7

6 Fiber Compatibility The AFBR-570xZ transciever is capable of transmission at 2 to 550 meters with 50/125 µm fiber, and at 2 to 275 meters with 62.5 125 µm fiber, for 1.25 GBd Ethernet. It is capable of transmission up to 500m with 50/125 µm fiber and up to 300m with 62.5/125 µm fiber, for 1.0625 GBd Fiber Channel. Application Support To assist in the transceiver evaluation process, Agilent offers a 1.25 Gbd Gigabit Ethernet evaluation board which facilitates testing of the AFBR-570xZ. It can be obtained through the Agilent Field Organization by referencing Agilent part number HFBR-0571. A Reference Design including the AFBR-570xZ and the HDMP-1687 GigaBit Quad SerDes is available. It may be obtained through the Agilent Field Sales organization. Regulatory Compliance See Table 1 for transceiver Regulatory Compliance. Certification level is dependent on the overall configuration of the host equipment. The transceiver performance is offered as a figure of merit to assist the designer. Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) The AFBR-570xZ exceeds typical industry standards and is compatible with ESD levels found in typical manufacturing and operating environments as described in Table 1. There are two design cases in which immunity to ESD damage is important. The first case is during handling of the transceiver prior to insertion into the transceiver port. To protect the transceiver, it’s important to use normal ESD handling precautions. These precautions include using grounded wrist straps, work benches, and floor mats in ESD controlled areas. The ESD sensitivity of the AFBR-570xZ is compatible with typical industry production environments. The second case to consider is static discharges to the exterior of the host equipment chassis after installation. To the extent that the optical interface is exposed to the outside of the host equipment chassis, it may be subject to system-level ESD requirements. Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) Equipment using the AFBR-570xZ family of transceivers is typically required to meet the requirements of the FCC in the United States, CENELEC EN55022 (CISPR 22) in Europe, and VCCI in Japan. The metal housing and shielded design of the AFBR- 570xZ minimize the EMI challenge facing the host equipment designer. EMI Immunity Equipment hosting AFBR-570xZ modules will be subjected to radio-frequency electromagnetic fields in some environments. The transceiver has excellent immunity to such fields due to its shielded design. Flammability The AFBR-570xZ transceiver is made of metal and high strength, heat resistant, chemically resistant, and UL 94V-0 flame retardant plastic. Customer Manufacturing Processes This module is pluggable and is not designed for aqueous wash, IR reflow, or wave soldering processes.

Page 8

7 Feature Test Method Performance Electrostatic Discharge (ESD)to the Electrical Pins JEDEC/EIA JESD22-A114-A Class 2 (> +2000 Volts) Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) to the Duplex LC Reseptacle Variation of IEC 6100-4-2 Typically withstands at least 25 kV without damage when the duplex LC connector receptacle is contacted by a Human Body Model probe Electromagnetic Interference(EMI) FCC Class B CENELEC EN55022 Class B (CISPR 22A) VCCI Class 1 Applications with high SFP port counts are expected to be compliant; however, margins are dependent on customer board and chassis design. Immunity Variation of IEC 61000-4-3 Typically shows a negligible effect from a 10 V/m field swept from 80 to 1000 MHz applied to the transceiver without a chassis enclosure. Eye Safety US FDA CDRH AEL Class 1 EN(IEC)60825-1,2, EN60950 Class 1 CDRH certification #9720151-57 TUV file R 72050685 Component Recognition Underwriters Laboratories and Canadian Standards Association Joint Component Recognition for Information Technology Equipment Including Electrical Business Equipment UL File #E173874 ROHS Compliance Less than 1000ppm of: cadmium, lead, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyls, and polybrominated biphenyl ethers. Table 1. Regulatory Compliance Caution There are no user serviceable parts nor any maintenance required for the AFBR-570xZ. All adjustments are made at the factory before shipment to our customers. Tampering with, modifying, misusing or improperly handling the AFBR-570xZ will void the product warranty. It may also result in improper operation of the AFBR-570xZ circuitry, and possible overstress of the laser source. Device degradation or product failure may result. Connection of the AFBR- 570xZ to a non-Gigabit Ethernet compliant or non-Fiber Channel compliant optical source, operating above the recommended absolute maximum conditions or operating the AFBR-570xZ in a manner inconsistent with its design and function may result in hazardous radiation exposure and may be considered an act of modifying or manufacturing a laser product. The person(s) performing such an act is required by law to re-certify and re-identify the laser product under the provisions of U.S. 21 CFR (Subchapter J).

Page 9

8 Notes: 1. TX Fault is an open collector/drain output which should be pulled up externally with a 4.7KΩ – 10 KΩ resistor on the host board to a supply

Page 10

9 Notes: 1. Absolute Maximum Ratings are those values beyond which damage to the device may occur if these limits are exceeded. See Reliability Data Sheet for specific reliability performance. 2. Between Absolute Maximum Ratings and the Recommended Operating Conditions functional performance is not intended, device reliability is not implied, and damage to the device may occur. 3. The module supply voltages, VCCT and VCCR, must not differ by more than 0.5V or damage to the device may occur. Table 3. Absolute Maximum Ratings Parameter Symbol Minimum Maximum Unit Notes Ambient Storage Temperature(Non- operating) Ts -40 +100 °C 1, 2 Case Temperature TC -40 +85 °C 1, 2 Relative Humidity RH 5 95 % 1 Supply Voltage VCCT,R -0.5 3.8 V 1, 2, 3 Low Speed Input Voltage VIN -0.5 VCC+0.5 V 1 Table 4. Recommended Operating Conditions Parameter Symbol Minimum Typical Maximum Unit Notes Case Temperature AFBR-570xLZ/PZ AFBR-570xALZ/APZ TC TC -10 -40 25 25 85 85 °C °C 1, 2 1, 2 Supply Voltage VCC 3.135 3.3 3.465 V 1 Data Rate 1.0625 1.25 Gb/s 1,3, 4 Notes: 1. Recommended Operating Conditions are those within which functional performance within data sheet characteristics is intended. 2. Refer to the Reliability Data Sheet for specific reliability performance predictions. 3. IEEE802.3 Gigabit Ethernet. 4. ANSIX3.230 (FC-PI).

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The helper is super handy, especially if you work with medium size PCB boards as it allows to hold the board steady in every position. It feels pretty sturdy and of good quality.


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Great kit, cost half the price of other stores. Includes most items that someone would need.

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Good communication and fast shipping! Recommended!


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