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Part Number CXA-0549
Manufacturer TDK Corporation
Datasheet CXA-0549 Datasheet
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Part Number # CXA-0549 (Inverters) is manufactured by TDK Corporation and distributed by Heisener. Being one of the leading electronics distributors, we carry many kinds of electronic components from some of the world’s top class manufacturers. Their quality is guaranteed by its stringent quality control to meet all required standards.

For CXA-0549 specifications/configurations, quotation, lead time, payment terms of further enquiries please have no hesitation to contact us. To process your RFQ, please add CXA-0549 with quantity into BOM. does NOT require any registration to request a quote of CXA-0549.

CXA-0549 Specifications

ManufacturerTDK Corporation
CategoryOptoelectronics - Inverters
Datasheet CXA-0549Datasheet
Voltage - Input10.8 ~ 13.2V
TypeCCFL and UV Lamps
Size / Dimension5.51" L x 1.18" W x 0.31" H (140mm x 30mm x 8mm)
Mounting TypeChassis Mount

CXA-0549 Datasheet

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Page 2

CUSTOMER'S PRODUCT NAME: DC/AC INVERTER UNIT CXA-0549TDK PRODUCT NAME: MESSRS : DWG.No. PREPARED BY APPROVED BY AUTHORIZED BY K.Yamaishi H.Masuoka CTR-3835-A S.Goya Product Drawing TDK-Lambda Corporation *Notice Product Drawing is not contract. This is only technical data. This technical data may change internal description without any notice. When you design final product please request us specification through our sales or distributors. After you receive the specification, the contract is effective on signature of the specification. April . 20 . 2010 TENTATIVE April . 20 . 2010April . 20 . 2010

Page 3

No. MATERIALS NAME MATERIAL REMARK PRODUCT NAME or MODEL,TITLE DC-AC INVERTER UNIT CXA-0549 PAGENAME OF DRAWING DRAWING No. Product Drawing CTR-3835-A TSB-08-01-05(00) form-6(A4) TDK-Lambda QU 1 TE N TA TI V E When using this product, give due consideration to the precautionary notes described below and ensure a safe design. Inappropriate use may result in electric shock, injury or fire. Caution Precautionary Notes Regarding the Use of This Inverter This product is designed for lighting Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps. Do not use it with any other load. Store this product under the conditions defined in the specification document. Do not store this product in an environment where dust, dirt or corrosive gas(salt,acid,base, etc.) is present. This product is subject to high voltage. If there is a possibility that the user may touch the product, provide a proper warning indication in order to draw the user's attention. This product is designed for use with general electronic equipment. If it is to be used with medical equipment that directly affects human life or for the control of transportation equipment to which passengers entrust their lives, provide thorough fail-safe measures. Consult us before using if this product is to be installed in a habitual vibration environment (vehicle, etc.). Avoid using this product under high temperatures or high humidity or in an environment in which dust, dirt or any corrosive gas (salt,acid,base, etc.) is present. Also,be careful not to allow the formation of dew condensation. It may result in damage or electric shock. If the product does not have a built-in protective circuit (circuit breaker, fuse, etc.), it is recommended that a fuse be used at the input stage to prevent the generation of smoke or fire in the event of a malfunction. Even when the product has a built-in protective circuit (circuit breaker, fuse, etc.), the circuit may not function properly due to inappropriate operating conditions or power-supply capacity. It is recommended that an appropriate protective circuit (circuit breaker, fuse, etc.) be provided separately from the built-in circuit. Use the product only within the specified input voltage, output power, output voltage and operating temperature ranges. Exceeding these values may result in damage, etc. Provide a measure for the prevention of surge voltage due to lightning, etc. Abnormal voltage may result in damage, etc. To prevent problems from occurring as a result of a short circuit in the high voltage section, be sure to take appropriate measures to prevent the entry of foreign substances into the inverter after it is installed. This product is not designed to provide resistance to radiation. In order to protect the inverter from vibration and shock, be sure to use all the mounting holes when installing the inverter. Ripples could be superimposed on the voltage and the current in the input source connected to the inverter , depending on the impedance in the input source, wiring, etc. When you select an input source, please check waveforms, etc on the final set. Please use all the mounting holes, because to defend the converter from vibration and impact. Warning This product is subject to high voltage. Do not touch it while the power is on. Failing to do so may result in electric shock. Handling Precautions This product uses thin wires. Observe the following precautions and handle it with care so as not to cause wire breakage. Broken wire may result in damage, etc. Do not stack multiple products on top of one another. Do not allow the product to come in contact with tools, etc. Do not apply excessive stress during installation. It may cause chipping and cracking,resulting in damage, etc. Provide clearance between the high-voltage section of this product and the frame body on which the product is installed and also the conductor section as on page 2 , [1] ”Outline” . Do not use the product after it has been dropped because there is the possibility that components have been damaged.

Page 4

No. MATERIALS NAME MATERIAL REMARK PRODUCT NAME or MODEL,TITLE DC-AC INVERTER UNIT CXA-0549 PAGENAME OF DRAWING DRAWING No. Product Drawing CTR-3835-A TSB-08-01-05(00) form-6(A4) TDK-Lambda QU 2 TE N TA TI V E 2. Contents 1. Part Name The part name is CXA-0549. 1.Appearance,Structure and Dimensions Outline Pin configration 2.Characteristics 3.Electrical Characteristics 4.Test circuit Absolute Maximum Ratings Item Page 3 5 7 4 6 5 Attched view refer to [2] refer to [1] refer to [4] refer to [3] refer to [1] refer to [7] 5.Reliability Test refer to [5] 7.Others Test Cond Std Warranty Others 8 6.Packing and Marking refer to [6] 8

Page 5

No. MATERIALS NAME MATERIAL REMARK PRODUCT NAME or MODEL,TITLE DC-AC INVERTER UNIT CXA-0549 PAGENAME OF DRAWING DRAWING No. Product Drawing CTR-3835-A TSB-08-01-05(00) form-6(A4) TDK-Lambda QU 3 TE N TA TI V E ●Features● ・This inverter is for two lamps. It has Dimming function(PWM System) and Remote functio n. ・With lamp failure detector. Normal Operation : CN1-4=0V Some Lamps Open : CN1-4=5V ・The high-voltage area (terminals and patterns) is coated with silicone so as to avoid the d efects caused by dust.        ・This product is conformity to RoHS direc tive.(※)         (※)Conformity to RoHS Directive:This means that, in conformity with EU Directive 2002/95/EC,         lead, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and specific bromine-based flame retardants, PBB and PBDE, have not been used,except for exempted applications. [1] Outline 1-1. Outline ※Please secure 3mm or longer space distance from the high voltage generating area in all directions. Please see Note 1-3 for the details. No. ① ② ③ Part Description PCB Input Connector CN1 Output Connector CN2, CN3 Remark UL94V-0 t=1.0 JST JST Qu 1 1 2 Material Composite (CEM-3) S5B-PH-SM4-TB(LF)(SN) SM02(8.0)B-BHS-1-TB(LF)(SN) Label (Examlpe) TDK part No, Date code, Country of origin , TDK-Lambda Logo. UL mark Unit:mm Weight:22.0g.typ. 1 1 140±0.5 ③ ① ② 70±0.5 8. 5 ± 0. 3 5 30 ± 0. 5 18 ± 0. 2 5-φ3±0.2 CN3CN2 CN1 66.5±0.3 1 66.5±0.3 (0 .8 ) 3. 5 ± 0. 3 5 52.5±0.352.5±0.3 (4 ) ③ SILICONE LEAD WIRE (High voltage generation area) A slanted line department in an upper figure expresses silicone application position.Note1. Sectional view SILICONE(SE9168RTV) SOLDER LEAD WIRE(UL3239 10kV) PWB 55mm (a:High Voltage generation area) 8MAX (1 ) 40mm (a:High Voltage generation area) 0. 8M A X TAPE TOP VIEW SIDE VIEW BOTTOM VIEW L1 CXA-0549 9Z16 MADE IN JAPAN TDK-Lambda

Page 6

No. MATERIALS NAME MATERIAL REMARK PRODUCT NAME or MODEL,TITLE DC-AC INVERTER UNIT CXA-0549 PAGENAME OF DRAWING DRAWING No. Product Drawing CTR-3835-A TSB-08-01-05(00) form-6(A4) TDK-Lambda QU 4 TE N TA TI V E 1-2. Connector Configuration Output side : CN2Input side For circuit connection, please prefer to test circuit diagram [4]. Please use minimum of 3mm clearance (all directions) between inverter high voltag e area and any conductors. Please refer to mechanical drawing for marking of high volta ge area. Open voltage (strike voltage) is measured across the transformer secondary winding at no load as the reading at the output connector would be less than the actual value. If the start up voltage falls below Cold Cathode Tube strike voltage, the CCFL will not light up easily specially at lower ambient temperature. Please review mounting instruction to avoid any abnormal operation due to coupling/leakage capacitance of inverter high voltage area to any surrounding conductor. Note1-2. Note1-1. Marking of TDK part No, Date code, Country of origin,TDK-Lambda Logo, UL mark. 1) TDK part No., Date code, Country of origin, TDK-Lambda Logo, UL mark is marked on the transform er. 2) Date code example. (ex. Dec. 16. 2009) 3) Country of origin code example. (ex. MADE IN JAPAN. MADE IN CHINA,MADE IN MALAYSIA). 9 Z 1 6 Two digits of production day. One digit of production month. (Oct. : X, Nov. : Y, Dec. : Z). Last digit of production year. Fig1.High Voltage Code Note1-3. Note1-4. Note1-5. Symbols RatingsPin No. Notes Input Voltage GND The warning output 5V in abnormal circumstances Remote Control Dimming Control Symbols RatingsPin No. Notes CN1-1 CN1-2 CN1-3 CN1-4 Vin GND Vbr 10.8~13.2V 0V 0~2.5V 0V/5V CN1-5 Vrmt -1~Vin+1V Vst (出力) CN2-1 VHIGH1 (460Vrms) CN2-3 VLOW1 (5V) Output 1 Output 1 Return Output side : CN3 Symbols RatingsPin No. Notes CN3-1 VHIGH2 (460Vrms) CN3-3 VLOW2 (5V) Output 2 Output 2 Return CN2,CN3 LCD Module OK NG LCD Module CN2,CN3

Page 7

No. MATERIALS NAME MATERIAL REMARK PRODUCT NAME or MODEL,TITLE DC-AC INVERTER UNIT CXA-0549 PAGENAME OF DRAWING DRAWING No. Product Drawing CTR-3835-A TSB-08-01-05(00) form-6(A4) TDK-Lambda QU 5 TE N TA TI V E[2] Absolute maximum ratings [3]Electrical specifications       Items Symbols Specification Unit Notes Input Voltage Load Resistance Operating Temp. range Storage Temp. range Humidity range Vin RL1,2 Ta Ts RH 0~14.4 85 -30~85 95 VDC kΩ ℃ ℃ %RH A maximum wet ball temperature is 38°C No dew. Vrmt Vbr 0~3 -20~70 Please check your lamp characteristic for minimum operational current and set the limit point in your design to avoid flickering and/or abnormal operation. For proper operation of circuit protection (fuse or IC PROTECTOR),Please use minimum of 3.5A capaci ty for input power supply. Impedence from the wire connection can cause a ripple in the input. The product has an internal fuse    of 1.75A. Please check that input current peak wave form does not exceed 1.75A. Note1-6. Note1-7. Note1-8. Vin(V) Vrmt(V) Vbr(V) Ta(℃) RL1(kΩ) / RL2(kΩ) MIN. TYP. MAX. Io1/2 12±0.1 5±0.25 0 23±5 74±0.5 / 74±0.5 5.7 6.0 6.7 mArms Io1/2 12±1.2 5±0.25 0 -20 ~ 70 74±0.5 / 74±0.5 5.0 6.0 7.0 mArms Output Current (Dimming min.) Io1/2 12±0.1 5±0.25 2.5±0.5 23±5 74±0.5 / 74±0.5 1.2 2.0 2.8 mArms Input Current 1 Iin1 12±1.2 5±0.25 0 23±5 74±0.5 / 74±0.5 --- 0.59 0.84 A DC Input Current 2 Iin2 12±1.2 0 ~ 0.4 0 23±5 74±0.5 / 74±0.5 --- --- 1.0 mA DC Frequency F1 12±1.2 5±0.25 0 23±5 74±0.5 / 74±0.5 38 43 48 kHz Frequency (Duty) F2 12±1.2 5±0.25 2.5 23±5 74±0.5 / 74±0.5 254 305 356 Hz Output Open Voltage Vopen 12±1.2 5±0.25 0 23±5 ∞ / ∞ 1.25 1.50 --- kVrms 12±0.1 5±0.25 0 ~ 2.5 23±5 74±0.5 / ∞ 4.5 5.0 5.5 V DC 12±0.1 5±0.25 0 ~ 2.5 23±5 ∞ / 74±0.5 4.5 5.0 5.5 V DC 12±0.1 5±0.25 0 ~ 2.5 23±5 ∞ / ∞ 4.5 5.0 5.5 V DC 12±0.1 5±0.25 0 ~ 2.5 23±5 74±0.5 / 74±0.5 --- --- 0.5 V DC Warning Signal Vst Specifications Unit Output Current (Dimming max.) Conditions Item Symbol

Page 8

No. MATERIALS NAME MATERIAL REMARK PRODUCT NAME or MODEL,TITLE DC-AC INVERTER UNIT CXA-0549 PAGENAME OF DRAWING DRAWING No. Product Drawing CTR-3835-A TSB-08-01-05(00) form-6(A4) TDK-Lambda QU 6 TE N TA TI V E [4] Test circuit Note.4-1.SW1(ON/OFF) Operation is as fol lowing; RL1~2:Load resistance(7W or more) ※1.When any of the load is opened, the alarm output becomes 5V. Note4-2.Safety Function SW1 a b Operation Non operation Non operationOpen Operation of unit Alarm Signal Function (CN1-4)※1 0.5V max. 4.5~5.5V 4.5~5.5V Conditions Normality Load (Lamp) one open Load (Lamp) Two open V Note4-3.Safety Function 1000:1 A~ V~ F A Digital Multiple Meter(ADVA NTEST R6451A or equivalent) DC Current Meter(ADVANTEST R6451A or equivalent) True RMS Meter(KEITHLEY 2001 or equivalent.) High Frequency Current Mete r(KEITHLEY 2001 or equivalent) High Voltage Probe (Tektronix P3000 or equivalent) Frequency Countor(ADVANTE ST R6452A or equivalent) RL2 RL1 Iout1 F1 Vopen C7 C8 F2 0/5V 10.8~ 13.2V Vrmt Vin Iin Vbr 0~ 2.5V 1000:1 CN1-1 (Vin) A- A ~ V- F CN2-1 (VHIGH1) CN3-1 (VHIGH2)CN1-2 (GND) CN1-3 (Vbr) CN1-4 (Vst) CN1-5 (Vrmt) A ~ V- V- V- Vst Vin V ~ Iout2 CN3-3 (VLOW2) CN2-3 (VLOW1)SW1 b a Q7 Q6

Page 9

No. MATERIALS NAME MATERIAL REMARK PRODUCT NAME or MODEL,TITLE DC-AC INVERTER UNIT CXA-0549 PAGENAME OF DRAWING DRAWING No. Product Drawing CTR-3835-A TSB-08-01-05(00) form-6(A4) TDK-Lambda QU 7 TE N TA TI V E LCD module Connected chart (reference) Connect the High Frequency Current Meter to the Low-Voltage (VLOW) side. LCD module Vrmt terminal circuit (Reference)DC-AC inverter [5] Reliability test Following test items are assured. Items Conditions -30°C 500h -30°C 500h Load cond.:TYP 85°C 500h 80°C 500h Load cond.:TYP Heat shock Vibration Shock -30°C to 80°C 30min.Each 100 Cycles 10~57Hz Amplitude 0.75mm or 9.8m/s2 58~500Hz 9.8m/s2 Sweep:11min 60min each axis X,Y,Z 980m/s2 11ms Harf-sine pulse 1 time each axis ±X,Y,Z Judgement Low Temp. Non operational Low Temp.operational High Temp. Non operational High Temp.operational Electrical and apperrance should be in the spec.Humidity (Non operational) 60°C 90~95%RH 500h VHIGH VLOW ラ ン プ ラ ン プ CN1-5 Vrmt 10kΩ 10kΩ CN1-1 Vin 10kΩ 15.6kΩ IC1-3 IC2-8 A VLOW A VHIGH

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May 26, 2020

These are a great value at this price.


May 18, 2020

Great item at a great price. Quick shipping. Nice seller. Rad transaction!

Bry***** Rios

May 12, 2020

Received Quickly. Excellent Communication. Capacitors Look Excellent.


May 9, 2020

Fast shipping. Got it in few dayss from Hong Kong

Joy *****agher

May 3, 2020

I had no problems with this product. Would I recommend it. Yes.


May 3, 2020

Fast shipping, work as designed. Made some circuitry with these components and they work well.


May 1, 2020

Received Quickly. Excellent Communication. Capacitors Look Excellent


April 30, 2020

I took time to note down but perfect after several months of use


April 30, 2020

Itams as described Fast and cheap shipping.


April 29, 2020

Items arrived well pakaged, reasonable postage and as described. Top seller

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