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Part Number FAN501AMPX
Manufacturer Fairchild/ON Semiconductor
Datasheet FAN501AMPX Datasheet
Package 10-WQFN Exposed Pad
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Part Number # FAN501AMPX (PMIC - AC DC Converters, Offline Switchers) is manufactured by Fairchild/ON Semiconductor and distributed by Heisener. Being one of the leading electronics distributors, we carry many kinds of electronic components from some of the world’s top class manufacturers. Their quality is guaranteed by its stringent quality control to meet all required standards.

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FAN501AMPX Specifications

ManufacturerFairchild/ON Semiconductor
CategoryIntegrated Circuits (ICs) - PMIC - AC DC Converters, Offline Switchers
Datasheet FAN501AMPXDatasheet
Package10-WQFN Exposed Pad
Output IsolationIsolated
Internal Switch(s)No
Voltage - Breakdown-
Voltage - Start Up17.5V
Voltage - Supply (Vcc/Vdd)6 V ~ 30 V
Duty Cycle68.5%
Frequency - Switching85kHz ~ 140kHz
Power (Watts)-
Fault ProtectionCurrent Limiting, Over Temperature, Over Voltage
Control Features-
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 125°C (TA)
Package / Case10-WQFN Exposed Pad
Supplier Device Package10-MLP (4x3)
Mounting TypeSurface Mount

FAN501AMPX Datasheet

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To learn more about ON Semiconductor, please visit our website at Please note: As part of the Fairchild Semiconductor integration, some of the Fairchild orderable part numbers will need to change in order to meet ON Semiconductor’s system requirements. Since the ON Semiconductor product management systems do not have the ability to manage part nomenclature that utilizes an underscore (_), the underscore (_) in the Fairchild part numbers will be changed to a dash (-). This document may contain device numbers with an underscore (_). Please check the ON Semiconductor website to verify the updated device numbers. The most current and up-to-date ordering information can be found at Please email any questions regarding the system integration to Is Now Part of ON Semiconductor and the ON Semiconductor logo are trademarks of Semiconductor Components Industries, LLC dba ON Semiconductor or its subsidiaries in the United States and/or other countries. ON Semiconductor owns the rights to a number of patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets, and other intellectual property. A listing of ON Semiconductor’s product/patent coverage may be accessed at ON Semiconductor reserves the right to make changes without further notice to any products herein. ON Semiconductor makes no warranty, representation or guarantee regarding the suitability of its products for any particular purpose, nor does ON Semiconductor assume any liability arising out of the application or use of any product or circuit, and specifically disclaims any and all liability, including without limitation special, consequential or incidental damages. Buyer is responsible for its products and applications using ON Semiconductor products, including compliance with all laws, regulations and safety requirements or standards, regardless of any support or applications information provided by ON Semiconductor. “Typical” parameters which may be provided in ON Semiconductor data sheets and/or specifications can and do vary in different applications and actual performance may vary over time. All operating parameters, including “Typicals” must be validated for each customer application by customer’s technical experts. ON Semiconductor does not convey any license under its patent rights nor the rights of others. ON Semiconductor products are not designed, intended, or authorized for use as a critical component in life support systems or any FDA Class 3 medical devices or medical devices with a same or similar classification in a foreign jurisdiction or any devices intended for implantation in the human body. Should Buyer purchase or use ON Semiconductor products for any such unintended or unauthorized application, Buyer shall indemnify and hold ON Semiconductor and its officers, employees, subsidiaries, affiliates, and distributors harmless against all claims, costs, damages, and expenses, and reasonable attorney fees arising out of, directly or indirectly, any claim of personal injury or death associated with such unintended or unauthorized use, even if such claim alleges that ON Semiconductor was negligent regarding the design or manufacture of the part. ON Semiconductor is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer. This literature is subject to all applicable copyright laws and is not for resale in any manner.

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April 2014 © 2014 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation FAN501A • Rev. 1.0.0 F A N 5 0 1 A — O fflin e D C M / C C M F ly b a c k P W M C o n tro lle r fo r C h a rg e r A p p lic a tio n s FAN501A Offline DCM / CCM Flyback PWM Controller for Charger Applications Features  WSaver® Technology Provides Ultra-Low Standby Power Consumption for Energy Star’s 5-Star Level (<30 mW)  Constant-Current (CC) Control without Secondary-Side Feedback Circuitry for Discontinuous Conduction Mode (DCM) and Continuous Conduction Mode (CCM)  Dual-Frequency Function Changes Switching Frequency (140 kHz / 85 kHz) According to Input Voltage to Maximize Transformer Utilization and Improve Efficiency  High Power Density and High Conversion Efficiency in CCM Compact Charger Applications  Frequency Hopping to Reduce EMI Noise  High-Voltage Startup  Precise Maximum Output Power Limit by CC Regulation through External Resistor Adjustment  Peak-Current-Mode Control with Slope Compensation to Avoid Sub-Harmonic Oscillation  Programmable Over-Temperature Protection with Latch Mode through External NTC Resistor  Two-Level UVLO Reduces Input Power in Output Short Situation  VS Over-Voltage Protection with Latch Mode  VDD Over-Voltage Protection with Auto Restart  Available in MLP 4 X 3 Package Applications  Battery Chargers for Smart Phones, Feature Phones, and Tablet PCs  AC-DC Adapters for Portable Devices or Battery Chargers that Require CV / CC Control Description The advanced PWM controller, FAN501A, simplifies isolated power supply design that requires CC regulation of the output. The output current is precisely estimated with only the information in the primary side of the transformer and controlled with an internal compensation circuit, removing the output current-sensing loss and eliminating external CC control circuitry. With an extremely low operating current (250 µA), Burst Mode maximizes light-load efficiency, allowing conformance to worldwide Standby Mode efficiency guidelines. Compared with a conventional approach using external control circuit in the secondary side for CC regulation, the FAN501A can reduce total cost, component count, size, and weight; while increasing efficiency, productivity, and system reliability. Maximum Vo Minimum Typical Io Figure 1. Typical Output V-I Characteristic Ordering Information Part Number Operating Temperature Range Package Packing Method FAN501AMPX -40C to +125C 10-Lead, MLP, QUAD, JEDEC MO-220 4 mm x 3 mm, 0.8 mm Pitch, Single DAP Tape & Reel

Page 4

© 2014 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation FAN501A • Rev. 1.0.0 2 F A N 5 0 1 A — O fflin e D C M / C C M F ly b a c k P W M C o n tro lle r fo r C h a rg e r A p p lic a tio n s Application Diagram RSNP CSNP DSNP RG1RG2 DG GATEFB CS VDD VS COMP SD SGND HV PGND RCS RCSF RVS1 RVS2CVSCVDD DVDD CBLK2CBLK1 LF RHV NTCRCOMPCFB Bridge Choke Fuse Photo coupler AC IN FAN501A NP NS NA TX Photo coupler RSNS CSNS DR CO RF1 RF2 RBias1 RBias2 Shunt regulator CComp2 RComp1 CComp1 Vo + - RSD Figure 2. Typical Application Internal Block Diagram VDD UVLO 17.5V / 6V 8 LEB 2 Internal bias 5V VDD OVP Fault Latch released 1 VDD 3 S/H Zero Current Detector Line Voltage Detector 9 4 CC Control Correction 6 ISD 5V 5V 7 SD Fault VSD-TH ZFB PWM Control Block VVS-OVP Burst / Green Mode Σ Frequency Hopping IO Estimator VCS-LIM AV VSOVP Fault OCP Fault Latch Protection SD Fault OTP Fault VSOVP Fault VDD OVP Fault S/H = Sample and Hold 10 5 GATE SGND PGND CS COMP VDD HV FB SD VS Slope Compensation COMV COMI VSH 7.5V VSAW Figure 3. Function Block Diagram

Page 5

© 2014 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation FAN501A • Rev. 1.0.0 3 F A N 5 0 1 A — O fflin e D C M / C C M F ly b a c k P W M C o n tro lle r fo r C h a rg e r A p p lic a tio n s Marking Information ZXYTT FAN501A TM Figure 4. Top Mark Pin Configuration GATE 10 9 8 7 5 4 321 6 FAN501A VDD VS COMP SGND FB HV SD PGND CS Figure 5. Pin Assignments Pin Definitions Pin # Name Description 1 GATE PWM Signal Output. This pin has an internal totem-pole output driver to drive the power MOSFET. The gate driving voltage is internally clamped at 7.5 V. 2 VDD Power Supply. IC operating current and MOSFET driving current are supplied through this pin. This pin is typically connected to an external capacitor. 3 VS Voltage Sense. This pin detects the output voltage information and diode current discharge time based on the voltage of the auxiliary winding. It also senses sink current through the auxiliary winding to detect input voltage information. 4 COMP CC Control Correction. This pin connects to external resistor to program the CC control correction weighting. 5 SGND Signal Ground 6 FB Feedback. An opto-coupler is typically connected to this pin to provide feedback information to the internal PWM comparator. This feedback is used to control the duty cycle in Constant- Voltage (CV) regulation. 7 SD Shut Down. This pin is implemented for external over-temperature protection by connecting to an NTC thermistor. 8 HV High Voltage. This pin connects to a DC bus for high-voltage startup. 9 CS Current Sense. This pin connects to a current-sense resistor to detect the MOSFET current for Peak-Current-Mode control for output regulation. The current-sense information is also used to estimate the output current for CC regulation. 10 PGND Power Ground F- Fairchild Logo Z: Assembly Plant Code X: Year Code Y: Week Code TT: Die Run Code T: Package Type (MP=MLP) M: Manufacture Flow Code

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© 2014 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation FAN501A • Rev. 1.0.0 4 F A N 5 0 1 A — O fflin e D C M / C C M F ly b a c k P W M C o n tro lle r fo r C h a rg e r A p p lic a tio n s Absolute Maximum Ratings Stresses exceeding the absolute maximum ratings may damage the device. The device may not function or be operable above the recommended operating conditions and stressing the parts to these levels is not recommended. In addition, extended exposure to stresses above the recommended operating conditions may affect device reliability. The absolute maximum ratings are stress ratings only. Symbol Parameter Min. Max. Unit VHV HV Pin Input Voltage 500 V VVDD DC Supply Voltage 30 V VVS VS Pin Input Voltage -0.3 6.0 V VCS CS Pin Input Voltage -0.3 6.0 V VFB FB Pin Input Voltage -0.3 6.0 V VCOMP COMP Pin Input Voltage -0.3 6.0 V VSD SD Pin Input Voltage -0.3 6.0 V PD Power Dissipation (TA=25C) 850 mW θJA Thermal Resistance (Junction-to-Air) 150 C/W θJC Thermal Resistance (Junction-to-Case) 10 C/W TJ Operating Junction Temperature -40 +150 C TSTG Storage Temperature Range -40 +150 C TL Lead Temperature (Wave soldering or IR, 10 Seconds) +260 C ESD Electrostatic Discharge Capability (3) Human Body Model, ANSI/ESDA/JEDEC JS-001-2012 (Except HV Pin) 5.0 kV Charged Device Model, JEDEC:JESD22_C101 (Except HV Pin) 2.0 Notes: 1. All voltage values, except differential voltages, are given with respect to the GND pin. 2. Stresses beyond those listed under Absolute Maximum Ratings may cause permanent damage to the device. 3. ESD ratings including HV pin: HBM=3.5 kV, CDM=1.25 kV.

Page 7

© 2014 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation FAN501A • Rev. 1.0.0 5 F A N 5 0 1 A — O fflin e D C M / C C M F ly b a c k P W M C o n tro lle r fo r C h a rg e r A p p lic a tio n s Electrical Characteristics VDD=15 V and TJ=-40~125C unless noted. Symbol Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit HV Section VHV-MIN Minimum Startup Voltage on HV Pin 30 V IHV Supply Current Drawn from HV Pin VHV=120 V, VDD=0 V 1.2 2.0 5.0 mA IHV-LC Leakage Current Drawn from HV Pin VHV=500 V, VDD=VDD-OFF+1 V 0.8 10.0 μA VDD Section VDD-ON Turn-On Threshold Voltage VDD Rising 16.0 17.5 18.5 V VDD-OFF Turn-Off Threshold Voltage VDD Falling 5.5 6.0 6.5 V VDD-HVON Threshold Voltage for HV Startup 3.4 4.4 5.1 V VDD-DLH Threshold Voltage for Latch Release 2.50 V IDD-ST Startup Current VDD=VDD-ON-0.16 V 150 250 μA IDD-OP Operating Supply Current VCS=5.0 V, VS=3 V, VFB=3 V, VDD=15 V, CGATE=1 nF 3.5 4.0 mA IDD-Burst Burst Mode Operating Supply Current VCS=0.3 V, VS=0 V, VFB=0 V VDD=VDD-ONVDD-OVP10 V, CGATE=1 nF 250 300 μA VDD-OVP VDD Over-Voltage Protection Level 26.5 28.0 29.5 V Oscillator Section fOSC--H Operating Frequency, IVS Below Threshold IVS-L(Low Line) (4) VCS=5 V, VS=2.5 V, VFB=6 V 133 140 147 kHz fOSC--L Operating Frequency, IVS Over Threshold IVS-H(High Line) (4) VCS=5 V, VS=2.5 V, VFB=4 V 79 85 91 kHz ΔfHopping-H Frequency Hopping Range, High Line VCS=0.5 V, VS=0.7 V, VFB=3 V ±5.5 ±7.0 ±8.5 kHz ΔfHopping-L Frequency Hopping Range, Low Line VCS=0.5 V, VS=0.0 V, VFB=3 V ±2.5 ±4.0 ±5.5 kHz ΔtHopping Frequency Hopping Period 2.54 ms Feedback Input Section ZFB FB Pin Input Impedance 36 41 48 kΩ AV Internal Voltage Attenuator of FB Pin 1/2.5 V/V VFB-Open FB Pin Pull-Up Voltage FB Pin Open 5.00 5.50 5.90 V VFB-Burst-H FB Threshold to Enable Gate Drive in Burst Mode (4) VFB Rising with VCS=0.3 V, VS=0 V 1.60 1.70 1.80 V VFB-Burst-L FB Threshold to Disable Gate Drive in Burst Mode (4) VFB Falling with VCS=0.3 V, VS=0 V 1.55 1.65 1.75 V Over-Temperature Protection Section TOTP Threshold Temperature for Over-Temperature Protection 140 C Shutdown Function Section ISD SD Pin Source Current VCS=0.3 V 85 100 115 μA VSD-TH Threshold Voltage for Shutdown Function Enable VCS=0.3 V 0.85 1.00 1.15 V Continued on the following page…

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© 2014 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation FAN501A • Rev. 1.0.0 6 F A N 5 0 1 A — O fflin e D C M / C C M F ly b a c k P W M C o n tro lle r fo r C h a rg e r A p p lic a tio n s Electrical Characteristics VDD=15 V and TJ=-40~125C unless noted. Symbol Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Unit Voltage-Sense Section ITC Temperature-Independent Bias Current VCS=5 V, VFB=3 V 8.75 10.00 11.25 μA IVS-H VS Source Current Threshold to fOSC-L Operation 750 μA IVS-L VS Source Current Threshold to fOSC-H Operation 680 μA IVS-Brownout VS Source Current Threshold to Enable Brownout 160 μA VVS-OVP Output Over-Voltage Protection with VS Sampling Voltage (4) 3.10 3.20 3.30 V NVS-OVP Output Over-Voltage Protection Debounce Cycle Counts (4) 8 Cycle Current-Sense Section VVR Internal Reference Voltage for CC Regulation 2.460 2.500 2.540 V VCCR Variation Test Voltage on CS Pin for CC Regulation (4) VCS=0.375 V, VCOMP= 1.59 V, VS= 6 V 2.405 2.430 2.455 V KCCM Design Parameter in CC Regulation 12.0 V/V VCS-LIM Current Limit Threshold Voltage 0.80 0.85 0.90 V tPD GATE Output Turn-Off Delay 100 200 ns tLEB Leading-Edge Blanking Time 150 200 ns VSlope Slope Compensation Maximum Duty Cycle 66.6 mV/μs Constant Current Correction ICOMP-H COMP Pin Source Current as VS=0.3 V VCS=0.3 V, VFB=2.5 V, VS=0.3 V 25 35 45 μA GATE Section tON-MIN Minimum On Time VCS=0.6 V, VS=0.3 V, VFB=1.7 V 450 550 650 ns tON-MIN-Limit Limited Minimum On Time VCS=0.6 V, VS=0.5 V, VFB=1.7 V 0.95 1.20 1.45 μs DCYMAX Maximum Duty Cycle VCS=0.6 V, VS=0 V, VFB=4 V 60.0 68.5 77.0 % VGATE-L Gate Output Voltage Low 0 1.5 V VDD-PMOS-ON Internal Gate PMOS Driver ON 7.0 7.5 8.0 V VDD-PMOS-OFF Internal Gate PMOS Driver OFF 9.0 9.5 10.0 V tr Rising Time VCS=0 V, VS=0 V, CGATE=1 nF 100 140 180 ns tf Falling Time VCS=0 V, VS=0 V, CGATE=1 nF 30 50 70 ns VGATE-CLAMP Gate Output Clamping Voltage VDD=25 V 7.0 7.5 8.0 V Notes: 4. TJ guaranteed range at 25C.

Page 9

© 2014 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation FAN501A • Rev. 1.0.0 7 F A N 5 0 1 A — O fflin e D C M / C C M F ly b a c k P W M C o n tro lle r fo r C h a rg e r A p p lic a tio n s Typical Performance Characteristics Figure 6. VDD Turn-On Threshold Voltage (VDD-ON) vs. Temperature Figure 7. VDD Turn-Off Threshold Voltage (VDD-OFF) vs. Temperature Figure 8. Operating Supply Current (IDD-OP) vs. Temperature Figure 9. Burst Mode Operating Supply Current (IDD-Burst) vs. Temperature Figure 10. Operating Frequency, IVS < IVS-L Threshold (fOSC-H) vs. Temperature Figure 11. Operating Frequency while IVS < IVS-H Threshold (fOSC-L) vs. Temperature 16.3 16.6 16.9 17.2 17.5 17.8 18.1 -40 -30 -15 0 25 50 75 85 100 125 V D D -O N (V ) Temperature ( C) 5.75 5.80 5.85 5.90 5.95 6.00 6.05 -40 -30 -15 0 25 50 75 85 100 125 V D D -O F F (V ) Temperature ( C) 2.7 2.9 3.1 3.3 3.5 3.7 3.9 -40 -30 -15 0 25 50 75 85 100 125 I D D -O P (m A ) Temperature ( C) 220 230 240 250 260 270 280 -40 -30 -15 0 25 50 75 85 100 125 I D D -B u rs t (µ A ) Temperature ( C) 131 134 137 140 143 146 149 -40 -30 -15 0 25 50 75 85 100 125 f O S C -H (k H Z ) Temperature ( C) 76 79 82 85 88 91 94 -40 -30 -15 0 25 50 75 85 100 125 f O S C -L (k H Z ) Temperature ( C)

Page 10

© 2014 Fairchild Semiconductor Corporation FAN501A • Rev. 1.0.0 8 F A N 5 0 1 A — O fflin e D C M / C C M F ly b a c k P W M C o n tro lle r fo r C h a rg e r A p p lic a tio n s Typical Performance Characteristics (Continued) Figure 12. Output OVP with VS Sampling Voltage (VVS-OVP) vs. Temperature Figure 13. Internal Reference Voltage for CC Regulation (VVR) vs. Temperature Figure 14. Variation Test Voltage on CS Pin for CC Regulation (VCCR) vs. Temperature Figure 15. Temperature-Independent Bias Current (ITC) vs. Temperature Figure 16. Current Limit Threshold Voltage (VCS-LIM) vs. Temperature Figure 17. Maximum Duty Cycle (DCYMAX) vs. Temperature Figure 18. Gate Output Clamping Voltage (VGATE-Clamp) vs. Temperature 3.05 3.10 3.15 3.20 3.25 3.30 3.35 -40 -30 -15 0 25 50 75 85 100 125 V V S -O V P (V ) Temperature ( C) 2.44 2.46 2.48 2.50 2.52 2.54 2.56 -40 -30 -15 0 25 50 75 85 100 125 V V R (V ) Temperature ( C) 2.37 2.39 2.41 2.43 2.45 2.47 2.49 -40 -30 -15 0 25 50 75 85 100 125 V C C R (V ) Temperature ( C) 9.1 9.4 9.7 10.0 10.3 10.6 10.9 -40 -30 -15 0 25 50 75 85 100 125 I T C (µ A ) Temperature ( C) 0.82 0.83 0.84 0.85 0.86 0.87 0.88 -40 -30 -15 0 25 50 75 85 100 125 V C S -L IM (V ) Temperature ( C) 61 64 67 70 73 76 79 -40 -30 -15 0 25 50 75 85 100 125 D C Y M A X (% ) Temperature ( C) 6.9 7.1 7.3 7.5 7.7 7.9 8.1 -40 -30 -15 0 25 50 75 85 100 125 V G A T E -C la m p (V ) Temperature ( C)

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August 14, 2020

Fast shipping, items are exactly as promised. Reliable company to work with.


August 12, 2020

Sure appreciate your quality, expertise and professional service. Thank you so much!!!


August 12, 2020

Great website. Well organized and easy to search products.


July 29, 2020

Superb pricing and super fast delivery.

Kim***** Lang

July 28, 2020

So far all the items still work. I'm using these for some home made solar panels and they're doing great.


July 28, 2020

good item, quick delivery, prefer to recommended.


July 27, 2020

I like this way to add a project, choose existing project to add components. I use this method frequently to keep track of my projects. Thanks Heisener!


July 20, 2020

It's an incredible place to buy the hard-to-find parts. Fair price, good quality and nice service! I would definitely do business with them again, thank you!


July 17, 2020

Very easy to co-operate with; they take care of orders promptly.


July 5, 2020


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