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Part Number LQM18PNR47NFRL
Manufacturer Murata
Description FIXED IND 470NH 1.1A 188 MOHM
Datasheet LQM18PNR47NFRL Datasheet
Package 0603 (1608 Metric)
In Stock 2,380 piece(s)
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Part Number # LQM18PNR47NFRL (Fixed Inductors) is manufactured by Murata and distributed by Heisener. Being one of the leading electronics distributors, we carry many kinds of electronic components from some of the world’s top class manufacturers. Their quality is guaranteed by its stringent quality control to meet all required standards.

For LQM18PNR47NFRL specifications/configurations, quotation, lead time, payment terms of further enquiries please have no hesitation to contact us. To process your RFQ, please add LQM18PNR47NFRL with quantity into BOM. does NOT require any registration to request a quote of LQM18PNR47NFRL.

LQM18PNR47NFRL Specifications

CategoryInductors, Coils, Chokes - Fixed Inductors
Datasheet LQM18PNR47NFRLDatasheet
Package0603 (1608 Metric)
Material - CoreFerrite
Current Rating1.1A
Current - Saturation-
DC Resistance (DCR)188 mOhm Max
Q @ Freq-
Frequency - Self Resonant100MHz
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 85°C
Frequency - Test1MHz
Mounting TypeSurface Mount
Package / Case0603 (1608 Metric)
Supplier Device Package0603 (1608 Metric)
Size / Dimension0.063" L x 0.031" W (1.60mm x 0.80mm)
Height - Seated (Max)0.037" (0.95mm)

LQM18PNR47NFRL Datasheet

Page 1

Page 2

Spec No. JELF243B-0033D-01 P.1/9 MURATA MFG.CO., LTD Reference Only CHIP COIL (CHIP INDUCTORS) LQM18PN□□□□FRL Reference Specification 1. Scope This reference specification applies to LQM18PN_FR series, Chip Coil (Chip Inductors). 2. Part Numbering (ex) LQ M 18 P N 1R0 N F R L Product ID Structure Dimension Applications Category Inductance Tolerance Dimension Other Packaging (L×W) and (T) L: Taping Characteristics *B: BULK *B: Bulk packing also available 3. Rating ・Operating Temperature Range – 40°C to +85°C ・Storage Temperature Range – 55°C to +125°C 4. Testing Conditions 《Unless otherwise specified》 《In case of doubt》 Temperature : Ordinary Temperature / 15°C to 35°C Temperature : 20°C ± 2°C Humidity : Ordinary Humidity / 25%(RH) to 85%(RH) Humidity : 60%(RH) to 70%(RH) Atmospheric Pressure : 86kPa to 106kPa 5. Appearance and Dimensions ■Unit Mass (Typical value) 0.005g (in mm) Customer Part Number MURATA Part Number Inductance DC Resistance ( Ω) Self Resonant Frequency (MHz min.) Rated Current (mA) (μH) Tolerance LQM18PNR22NFRL 0.22 ±30% 0.11±25% 100 1250 LQM18PNR47NFRL 0.47 0.15±25% 1100 LQM18PN1R0MFRL 1.0 ±20% 0.20±25% 950 LQM18PN1R5MFRL 1.5 0.23±25% 800 LQM18PN2R2MFRL 2.2 0.30±25% 70 750 LQM18PN3R3MFRL 3.3 0.35±25% 60 700 LQM18PN4R7MFRL 4.7 0.44±25% 40 620 0.8±0.15 0.8±0.15 1.6±0.15 0.4±0.20 Ferrite Electrode

Page 3

Spec No. JELF243B-0033D-01 P.2/9 MURATA MFG.CO., LTD Reference Only 6. Electrical Performance No. Item Specification Test Method 6.1 Inductance Inductance shall meet item 3. Measuring Equipment: KEYSIGHT 4294A or equivalent (1mA) Measuring Frequency: 1MHz 6.2 DC Resistance DC Resistance shall meet item 3. Measuring Equipment: Digital multi meter DC resistance shall be measured after putting chip coil between the terminal 2 under the condition of opening between a and b. Every measurement the terminal 1 shall be shorted between a and b when changing chip coil. 6.3 Self Resonant Frequency (S.R.F) S.R.F shall meet item 3. Measuring Equipment: KEYSIGHT 4294A or equivalent 6.4 Rated Current Self temperature rise shall be limited to 40°C max. The rated current is applied. 7. Mechanical Performance No. Item Specification Test Method 7.1 Shear Test Chip coil shall not be damaged after tested as follows. Applied Direction Force: 10N Hold Duration: 5s±1s Applied Direction: Parallel to PCB 7.2 Bending Test Appearance: No damage Substrate: Glass-epoxy substrate (100mm×40mm×1.0mm) (in mm) Speed of Applying Force: 0.5mm / s Deflection: 2mm Hold Duration: 30 s F Chip Coil Substrate 45 R230 F Deflection 45 Product Pressure jig Digital multi meter (TR6846 or equivalent) terminal2terminal1 SW a b

Page 4

Spec No. JELF243B-0033D-01 P.3/9 MURATA MFG.CO., LTD Reference Only No. Item Specification Test Method 7.3 Vibration Appearance: No damage Oscillation Frequency: 10Hz to 2000Hz to 10Hz for 20 min Total amplitude 3.0 mm or Acceleration amplitude 245m/s2 whichever is smaller. Testing Time: A period of 4h in each of 3 mutually perpendicular directions. 7.4 Drop It shall be dropped on concrete or steel board. Method : free fall Height : 1m Total of 10 cycles 7.5 Solderability The wetting area of the electrode shall be at least 90% covered with new solder coating. Flux: Ethanol solution of rosin 25(wt)% (Immersed for 5s to 10s) Solder: Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu Pre-Heating: 150°C±10°C / 60s to 90s Solder Temperature: 240°C±5°C Immersion Time: 3s±1s 7.6 Resistance to Soldering Heat Appearance: No damage Inductance Change: within ±30% Flux: Ethanol solution of rosin 25(wt)% (Immersed for 5s to 10s) Solder: Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu Pre-Heating: 150°C±10°C / 60s to 90s Solder Temperature: 270°C±5°C Immersion Time: 10s±1s Then measured after exposure in the room condition for 24h±2h. 8. Environmental Performance It shall be soldered on the substrate. No. Item Specification Test Method 8.1 Heat Resistance Appearance: No damage Inductance Change: within ±30% Temperature: 85°C±2°C Time:1000h (+48h, -0h) Then measured after exposure in the room condition for 24h±2h. 8.2 Cold Resistance Temperature: - 40°C±2°C Time: 1000h (+48h, -0h) Then measured after exposure in the room condition for 24h±2h. 8.3 Humidity Temperature: 70°C±2°C Humidity: 90%(RH) to 95%(RH) Time: 1000h (+48h, -0h) Then measured after exposure in the room condition for 24h±2h. 8.4 Temperature Cycle 1 cycle: 1 step: - 40°C±2°C / 30 min±3 min 2 step: Ordinary temp. / 10 min to 15 min 3 step: +85°C±2°C / 30 min to 3 min 4 step: Ordinary temp. / 10 min to15 min Total of 100cycles Then measured after exposure in the room condition for 24h±2h.

Page 5

Spec No. JELF243B-0033D-01 P.4/9 MURATA MFG.CO., LTD Reference Only 9. Specification of Packaging 9.1 Appearance and Dimensions of plastic tape (8mm-wide) (in mm) ・Dimension of the Cavity is measured at the bottom side. 9.2 Specification of Taping (1) Packing quantity (standard quantity) 4,000 pcs / reel (2) Packing Method Products shall be packed in the each embossed cavity of plastic tape and sealed by cover tape. (3) Sprocket hole The sprocket holes are to the right as the tape is pulled toward the user. (4) Spliced point Plastic tape and Cover tape has no spliced point. (5) Missing components number Missing components number within 0.1% of the number per reel or 1 pc., whichever is greater, and are not continuous. The Specified quantity per reel is kept. 9.3 Pull Strength Plastic tape 10N min. Cover tape 5N min. 9.4 Peeling off force of cover tape Speed of Peeling off 300mm / min Peeling off force Plastic tape: 0.1N to 0.7N (minimum value is typical) 9.5 Dimensions of Leader-tape, Trailer and Reel There shall be leader-tape (cover tape) and trailer-tape (empty tape) as follows. (in mm) 165 to 180 degree F Cover tape Plastic tape Empty tape 190 min. LeaderTrailer Cover tape 2.0±0.5 13.0±0.2 21.0±0.8 180± 60± 9± 13±1.4 1 0 0 3 Direction of feed 210 min. 160 min. 1 0 Label 1.0±0.1 1 . 8± 0 . 1 Direction of feed 3 .5 ± 0 .0 5 8. 0 ± 0. 2 0.30±0.05 1.0 max 4.0± 0.1 4.0± 0.1 2.0±0.05 φ 1.5± 0.1 0 1.75±0.1

Page 6

Spec No. JELF243B-0033D-01 P.5/9 MURATA MFG.CO., LTD Reference Only 9.6 Marking for reel Customer part number, MURATA part number, Inspection number (1), RoHS marking (2),Quantity etc ・・・ 1) □□ OOOO  (1) (2) (3) (1) Factory Code (2) Date First digit : Year / Last digit of year Second digit : Month / Jan. to Sep.  1 to 9, Oct. to Dec.  O, N, D Third, Fourth digit : Day (3) Serial No. 2) ROHS – Y (△) (1) (2) (1) RoHS regulation conformity parts. (2) MURATA classification number 9.7 Marking for Outside package (corrugated paper box) Customer name, Purchasing order number, Customer part number, MURATA part number, RoHS marking (2), Quantity, etc ・・・ 9.8 Specification of Outer Case Outer Case Dimensions (mm) Standard Reel Quantity in Outer Case (Reel) W D H 186 186 93 5   Above Outer Case size is typical. It depends on a quantity of an order. 10. ! Caution Limitation of Applications Please contact us before using our products for the applications listed below which require especially high reliability for the prevention of defects which might directly cause damage to the third party's life, body or property. (1) Aircraft equipment (6) Transportation equipment (vehicles, trains, ships, etc.) (2) Aerospace equipment (7) Traffic signal equipment (3) Undersea equipment (8) Disaster prevention / crime prevention equipment (4) Power plant control equipment (9) Data-processing equipment (5) Medical equipment (10) Applications of similar complexity and /or reliability requirements to the applications listed in the above 11. Notice This product is designed for solder mounting. Please consult us in advance for applying other mounting method such as conductive adhesive. 11.1 Land pattern designing Soldering a b c Flow 0.7 2.2 to 2.6 0.7 Reflow 1.8 to 2.0 (in mm) a b Chip Coil Land Solder Resist c W D Label H

Page 7

Spec No. JELF243B-0033D-01 P.6/9 MURATA MFG.CO., LTD Reference Only 11.2 Flux, Solder ・Use rosin-based flux. Don’t use highly acidic flux with halide content exceeding 0.2(wt) % (chlorine conversion value). Don’t use water-soluble flux. ・Use Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu solder. ・Standard thickness of solder paste: 100μm to 150μm. 11.3 Flow soldering / Reflow soldering conditions ・Pre-heating should be in such a way that the temperature difference between solder and product surface is limited to 150°C max. Cooling into solvent after soldering also should be in such a way that the temperature difference is limited to 100°C max. Insufficient pre-heating may cause cracks on the product, resulting in the deterioration of products quality. ・Standard soldering profile and the limit soldering profile is as follows. The excessive limit soldering conditions may cause leaching of the electrode and/or resulting in the deterioration of product quality. Soldering profile (1) Flow soldering profile Standard Profile Limit Profile Pre-heating 150℃, 60s min. Heating 250℃, 4s~6s 265℃±3℃, 5s Cycle of flow 2 times 2 times (2) Reflow soldering profile Standard Profile Limit Profile Pre-heating 150°C~180°C, 90s±30s Heating above 220°C, 30s~60s above 230°C, 60s max. Peak temperature 245°C±3°C 260°C,10s Cycle of reflow 2 times 2 times 265℃±3℃ Heating Time 150 Limit Profile Standard Profile (s)Time. Temp. (℃) 60s min. 250℃ Limit Profile Standard Profile 90s±30s 230℃ 260℃ 245℃±3℃ 220℃ 30s~60s 60s max. 180 150 Temp. (s) (℃) Time.

Page 8

Spec No. JELF243B-0033D-01 P.7/9 MURATA MFG.CO., LTD Reference Only 11.4 Reworking with soldering iron The following conditions must be strictly followed when using a soldering iron. Pre-heating 150°C,1 min Tip temperature 350°C max. Soldering iron output 80W max. Tip diameter φ3mm max. Soldering time 3(+1, -0)s Time 2 times Note : Do not directly touch the products with the tip of the soldering iron in order to prevent the crack on the products due to the thermal shock. 11.5 Solder Volume ・Solder shall be used not to be exceeded the upper limits as shown below. ・Accordingly increasing the solder volume, the mechanical stress to Chip is also increased. Exceeding solder volume may cause the failure of mechanical or electrical performance. 1/3T≦t≦T T: thickness of electrode 11.6 Product’s location The following shall be considered when designing and laying out P.C.B.'s. (1) P.C.B. shall be designed so that products are not subject to the mechanical stress due to warping the board. [Products direction] Products shall be located in the sideways direction (Length: a‹b) to the mechanical stress. (2)Components location on P.C.B. separation. It is effective to implement the following measures, to reduce stress in separating the board. It is best to implement all of the following three measures; however, implement as many measures as possible to reduce stress. Contents of Measures Stress Level (1) Turn the mounting direction of the component parallel to the board separation surface. A > D *1 (2) Add slits in the board separation part. A > B (3) Keep the mounting position of the component away from the board separation surface. A > C *1 A > D is valid when stress is added vertically to the perforation as with Hand Separation. If a Cutting Disc is used, stress will be diagonal to the PCB, therefore A > D is invalid. (3) Mounting Components Near Screw Holes When a component is mounted near a screw hole, it may be affected by the board deflection that occurs during the tightening of the screw. Mount the component in a position as far away from the screw holes 〈Poor example〉 〈Good example〉 b a Upper Limit Recommendable t Perforation Slit A B C D

Page 9

Spec No. JELF243B-0033D-01 P.8/9 MURATA MFG.CO., LTD Reference Only as possible. 11.7 Cleaning Conditions Products shall be cleaned on the following conditions. (1) Cleaning temperature shall be limited to 60°C max. (40°C max for IPA.) (2) Ultrasonic cleaning shall comply with the following conditions with avoiding the resonance phenomenon at the mounted products and P.C.B. Power : 20 W / l max. Frequency : 28kHz to 40kHz Time : 5 min max. (3) Cleaner 1. Alcohol type cleaner Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) 2. Aqueous agent PINE ALPHA ST-100S (4) There shall be no residual flux and residual cleaner after cleaning. In the case of using aqueous agent, products shall be dried completely after rinse with de-ionized water in order to remove the cleaner. (5) Other cleaning Please contact us. 11.8 Resin coating The inductance value may change and/or it may affect on the product's performance due to high cure-stress of resin to be used for coating/molding products. So please pay your careful attention when you select resin. In prior to use, please make the reliability evaluation with the product mounted in your application set. 11.9 Caution for use There is possibility that the inductance value change due to magnetism. Don‘t use a magnet or a pair of tweezers with magnetism when chip coil are handled. (The tip of the tweezers should be molded with resin or pottery.) 11.10 Magnetic Saturation When the excessive current over rated current is applied, the inductance value may change due to magnetism. 11.11 Handling of a substrate After mounting products on a substrate, do not apply any stress to the product caused by bending or twisting to the substrate when cropping the substrate, inserting and removing a connector from the substrate or tightening screw to the substrate. Excessive mechanical stress may cause cracking in the product. Bending Twisting Scr Recom mended

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July 2, 2020

Fast delivery, good quality, 100% satisfacted


July 2, 2020

These are a great value at this price.

Gi*****a Wu

June 26, 2020

Very good and very fast . 100% safe company

Rac***** Lu

June 11, 2020

I tested some and all look good.


June 9, 2020

Very good product for electronic projects and are of great quality and test great.


June 6, 2020

Packing good, very happy with goods, Very fast delivery, good service. Thanks


June 6, 2020



June 2, 2020

Received Quickly. Excellent Communication. Capacitors Look Excellent.


June 1, 2020

I love your products are well organized. You make it easy to spend $$$! Lol. Keep up the good work folks!

Day***** Dua

May 30, 2020

good item, quick delivery, prefer to recommended.

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