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Part Number LQW15AN72NJ00D
Manufacturer Murata
Description FIXED IND 72NH 135MA 2.1 OHM SMD
Datasheet LQW15AN72NJ00D Datasheet
Package Nonstandard
In Stock 12,720 piece(s)
Unit Price $ 0.0480 *
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Part Number # LQW15AN72NJ00D (Fixed Inductors) is manufactured by Murata and distributed by Heisener. Being one of the leading electronics distributors, we carry many kinds of electronic components from some of the world’s top class manufacturers. Their quality is guaranteed by its stringent quality control to meet all required standards.

For LQW15AN72NJ00D specifications/configurations, quotation, lead time, payment terms of further enquiries please have no hesitation to contact us. To process your RFQ, please add LQW15AN72NJ00D with quantity into BOM. does NOT require any registration to request a quote of LQW15AN72NJ00D.

LQW15AN72NJ00D Specifications

CategoryInductors, Coils, Chokes - Fixed Inductors
Datasheet LQW15AN72NJ00DDatasheet
Material - CoreAir
Current Rating135mA
Current - Saturation-
DC Resistance (DCR)2.1 Ohm Max
Q @ Freq20 @ 150MHz
Frequency - Self Resonant2.5GHz
Operating Temperature-55°C ~ 125°C
Frequency - Test100MHz
Mounting TypeSurface Mount
Package / CaseNonstandard
Supplier Device Package0402 (1005 Metric)
Size / Dimension0.039" L x 0.020" W (1.00mm x 0.50mm)
Height - Seated (Max)0.024" (0.60mm)

LQW15AN72NJ00D Datasheet

Page 1

Page 2

Spec No.JELF243A-0050AA-01 P.1/14 MURATA MFG.CO.,LTD Reference Only CHIP COIL (CHIP INDUCTORS) LQW15AN□□□□00D Reference Specification 1.Scope This Reference Specification applies to LQW15AN_00 series, Chip coil (Chip Inductors). 2.Part Numbering (ex) LQ W 15 A N 1N5 B 0 0 D Product ID Structure Dimension Applications Category Inductance Tolerance Features Electrode Packaging (L×W) and D:Taping Characteristics *B:Bulk * Bulk packing also available. (A product is put in the plastic bag under the taping conditions.) 3.Rating ・Operating Temperature Range. –55°C ~ +125°C ・Storage Temperature Range. –55°C ~ +125°C Customer Part Number MURATA Part Number Inductance Q (min.) DC Resistance (Ω max.) Self Resonant Frequency (GHz min.) Rated Current (mA) (nH) Tolerance LQW15AN1N5B00D 1.5 B:±0.1nH C:±0.2nH D:±0.5nH 10 0.03 18.0 1000 LQW15AN1N5C00D LQW15AN1N5D00D LQW15AN1N6C00D 1.6 C:±0.2nH D:±0.5nH 0.07 17.0 750 LQW15AN1N6D00D LQW15AN1N7C00D 1.7 0.10 640 LQW15AN1N7D00D LQW15AN1N8C00D 1.8 0.16 16.0 460 LQW15AN1N8D00D LQW15AN2N4B00D 2.4 B:±0.1nH C:±0.2nH D:±0.5nH 20 0.05 15.0 850 LQW15AN2N4C00D LQW15AN2N4D00D LQW15AN2N5B00D 2.5 LQW15AN2N5C00D LQW15AN2N5D00D LQW15AN2N6B00D 2.6 LQW15AN2N6C00D LQW15AN2N6D00D LQW15AN2N7B00D 2.7 LQW15AN2N7C00D LQW15AN2N7D00D LQW15AN2N8B00D 2.8 LQW15AN2N8C00D LQW15AN2N8D00D LQW15AN2N9B00D 2.9 0.07 750 LQW15AN2N9C00D LQW15AN2N9D00D LQW15AN3N0B00D 3.0 LQW15AN3N0C00D LQW15AN3N0D00D LQW15AN3N1B00D 3.1 0.13 14.0 570 LQW15AN3N1C00D LQW15AN3N1D00D LQW15AN3N2B00D 3.2 15 0.17 500 LQW15AN3N2C00D LQW15AN3N2D00D LQW15AN3N9B00D 3.9 25 0.07 10.0 750 LQW15AN3N9C00D LQW15AN3N9D00D LQW15AN4N1B00D 4.1 LQW15AN4N1C00D LQW15AN4N1D00D LQW15AN4N3B00D 4.3 LQW15AN4N3C00D LQW15AN4N3D00D

Page 3

Spec No.JELF243A-0050AA-01 P.2/14 MURATA MFG.CO.,LTD Reference Only Customer Part Number MURATA Part Number Inductance Q (min.) DC Resistance (Ω max.) Self Resonant Frequency (GHz min.) Rated Current (mA) (nH) Tolerance LQW15AN4N4B00D 4.4 B:±0.1nH C:±0.2nH D:±0.5nH 25 0.07 8.0 750 LQW15AN4N4C00D LQW15AN4N4D00D LQW15AN4N5B00D 4.5 LQW15AN4N5C00D LQW15AN4N5D00D LQW15AN4N6B00D 4.6 LQW15AN4N6C00D LQW15AN4N6D00D LQW15AN4N7B00D 4.7 LQW15AN4N7C00D LQW15AN4N7D00D LQW15AN4N8B00D 4.8 LQW15AN4N8C00D LQW15AN4N8D00D LQW15AN4N9B00D 4.9 0.12 600 LQW15AN4N9C00D LQW15AN4N9D00D LQW15AN5N0B00D 5.0 LQW15AN5N0C00D LQW15AN5N0D00D LQW15AN5N1B00D 5.1 LQW15AN5N1C00D LQW15AN5N1D00D LQW15AN5N8B00D 5.8 0.09 700 LQW15AN5N8C00D LQW15AN5N8D00D LQW15AN6N2B00D 6.2 LQW15AN6N2C00D LQW15AN6N2D00D LQW15AN6N3B00D 6.3 6.0 LQW15AN6N3C00D LQW15AN6N3D00D LQW15AN6N4B00D 6.4 LQW15AN6N4C00D LQW15AN6N4D00D LQW15AN6N5B00D 6.5 LQW15AN6N5C00D LQW15AN6N5D00D LQW15AN6N6B00D 6.6 LQW15AN6N6C00D LQW15AN6N6D00D LQW15AN6N7B00D 6.7 LQW15AN6N7C00D LQW15AN6N7D00D LQW15AN6N8G00D 6.8 G:±2% H:±3% J:±5% LQW15AN6N8H00D LQW15AN6N8J00D LQW15AN6N9G00D 6.9 0.13 570 LQW15AN6N9H00D LQW15AN6N9J00D LQW15AN7N0G00D 7.0 LQW15AN7N0H00D LQW15AN7N0J00D LQW15AN7N1G00D 7.1 LQW15AN7N1H00D LQW15AN7N1J00D LQW15AN7N2G00D 7.2 LQW15AN7N2H00D LQW15AN7N2J00D

Page 4

Spec No.JELF243A-0050AA-01 P.3/14 MURATA MFG.CO.,LTD Reference Only Customer Part Number MURATA Part Number Inductance Q (min.) DC Resistance (Ω max.) Self Resonant Frequency (GHz min.) Rated Current (mA) (nH) Tolerance LQW15AN7N3G00D 7.3 G:±2% H:±3% J:±5% 25 0.13 6.0 570 LQW15AN7N3H00D LQW15AN7N3J00D LQW15AN7N5G00D 7.5 LQW15AN7N5H00D LQW15AN7N5J00D LQW15AN8N2G00D 8.2 0.14 5.5 540 LQW15AN8N2H00D LQW15AN8N2J00D LQW15AN8N6G00D 8.6 LQW15AN8N6H00D LQW15AN8N6J00D LQW15AN8N7G00D 8.7 LQW15AN8N7H00D LQW15AN8N7J00D LQW15AN8N8G00D 8.8 LQW15AN8N8H00D LQW15AN8N8J00D LQW15AN8N9G00D 8.9 LQW15AN8N9H00D LQW15AN8N9J00D LQW15AN9N0G00D 9.0 LQW15AN9N0H00D LQW15AN9N0J00D LQW15AN9N1G00D 9.1 LQW15AN9N1H00D LQW15AN9N1J00D LQW15AN9N2G00D 9.2 LQW15AN9N2H00D LQW15AN9N2J00D LQW15AN9N3G00D 9.3 LQW15AN9N3H00D LQW15AN9N3J00D LQW15AN9N4G00D 9.4 LQW15AN9N4H00D LQW15AN9N4J00D LQW15AN9N5G00D 9.5 LQW15AN9N5H00D LQW15AN9N5J00D LQW15AN9N6G00D 9.6 LQW15AN9N6H00D LQW15AN9N6J00D LQW15AN9N7G00D 9.7 LQW15AN9N7H00D LQW15AN9N7J00D LQW15AN9N8G00D 9.8 LQW15AN9N8H00D LQW15AN9N8J00D LQW15AN9N9G00D 9.9 LQW15AN9N9H00D LQW15AN9N9J00D LQW15AN10NG00D 10 0.17 500 LQW15AN10NH00D LQW15AN10NJ00D LQW15AN11NG00D 11 30 0.14 LQW15AN11NH00D LQW15AN11NJ00D LQW15AN12NG00D 12 LQW15AN12NH00D LQW15AN12NJ00D

Page 5

Spec No.JELF243A-0050AA-01 P.4/14 MURATA MFG.CO.,LTD Reference Only Customer Part Number MURATA Part Number Inductance Q (min.) DC Resistance (Ω max.) Self Resonant Frequency (GHz min.) Rated Current (mA) (nH) Tolerance LQW15AN13NG00D 13 G:±2% H:±3% J:±5% 25 0.21 5.0 430 LQW15AN13NH00D LQW15AN13NJ00D LQW15AN15NG00D 15 30 0.16 460 LQW15AN15NH00D LQW15AN15NJ00D LQW15AN16NG00D 16 25 0.24 4.5 370 LQW15AN16NH00D LQW15AN16NJ00D LQW15AN18NG00D 18 0.27 LQW15AN18NH00D LQW15AN18NJ00D LQW15AN19NG00D 19 LQW15AN19NH00D LQW15AN19NJ00D LQW15AN20NG00D 20 4.0 LQW15AN20NH00D LQW15AN20NJ00D LQW15AN22NG00D 22 0.30 310 LQW15AN22NH00D LQW15AN22NJ00D LQW15AN23NG00D 23 3.8 LQW15AN23NH00D LQW15AN23NJ00D LQW15AN24NG00D 24 0.52 3.5 280 LQW15AN24NH00D LQW15AN24NJ00D LQW15AN27NG00D 27 LQW15AN27NH00D LQW15AN27NJ00D LQW15AN30NG00D 30 0.58 3.3 270 LQW15AN30NH00D LQW15AN30NJ00D LQW15AN33NG00D 33 0.63 3.2 260 LQW15AN33NH00D LQW15AN33NJ00D LQW15AN36NG00D 36 3.1 LQW15AN36NH00D LQW15AN36NJ00D LQW15AN39NG00D 39 0.70 3.0 250 LQW15AN39NH00D LQW15AN39NJ00D LQW15AN40NG00D 40 LQW15AN40NH00D LQW15AN40NJ00D LQW15AN43NG00D 43 LQW15AN43NH00D LQW15AN43NJ00D LQW15AN47NG00D 47 1.08 2.9 210 LQW15AN47NH00D LQW15AN47NJ00D LQW15AN51NG00D 51 2.85 LQW15AN51NH00D LQW15AN51NJ00D LQW15AN56NG00D 56 1.17 2.8 200 LQW15AN56NH00D LQW15AN56NJ00D LQW15AN62NG00D 62 20 1.82 2.6 145 LQW15AN62NH00D LQW15AN62NJ00D

Page 6

Spec No.JELF243A-0050AA-01 P.5/14 MURATA MFG.CO.,LTD Reference Only Customer Part Number MURATA Part Number Inductance Q (min.) DC Resistance (Ω max.) Self Resonant Frequency (GHz min.) Rated Current (mA) (nH) Tolerance LQW15AN68NG00D 68 G:±2% J:±5% 20 1.96 2.5 140 LQW15AN68NJ00D LQW15AN72NG00D 72 2.10 135 LQW15AN72NJ00D LQW15AN75NG00D 75 2.4 LQW15AN75NJ00D LQW15AN82NG00D 82 2.24 2.3 130 LQW15AN82NJ00D LQW15AN91NG00D 91 2.38 2.1 125 LQW15AN91NJ00D LQW15ANR10J00D 100 J:±5% 2.52 1.5 120 LQW15ANR12J00D 120 2.66 1.0 110 4. Testing Conditions 《Unless otherwise specified》 《In case of doubt》 Temperature : Ordinary Temperature / 15°C to 35°C Temperature : 20°C±2°C Humidity : Ordinary Humidity / 25%(RH) to 85%(RH) Humidity : 60%(RH) to 70%(RH) Atmospheric Pressure : 86kPa to 106 kPa 5. Appearance and Dimensions ■Unit mass (Typical value) 0.0008g (in mm) *Dimension of W Inductance W (in mm) 1N5~23N 0.6±0.1 24N~R12 0.5±0.1 1.0±0.1 0.2±0.10.2±0.1 0.5±0.1 W 0 .1 ± 0 .0 5 0.5±0.1

Page 7

Spec No.JELF243A-0050AA-01 P.6/14 MURATA MFG.CO.,LTD Reference Only 6.Electrical Performance No. Item Specification Test Method 6.1 Inductance Inductance shall meet item 3. Measuring Equipment: KEYSIGHT E4991A or equivalent Measuring Frequency: 100MHz 250MHz/ 1.5nH~43nH 200MHz/ 47nH~68nH 150MHz/ 72nH~120nH Measuring Condition: Test signal level / about 0dBm Electrical length / 0.94cm Measuring Fixture: KEYSIGHT 16193A Position coil under test as shown in below and contact coil with each terminal by adding weight. Measuring Method: See the endnote. 6.2 Q Q shall meet item 3. 6.3 DC Resistance DC Resistance shall meet item 3. Measuring Equipment:Digital multi meter 6.4 Self Resonant Frequency(S.R.F) S.R.F shall meet item 3. Measuring Equipment:KEYSIGHT N5230A or equivalent 6.5 Rated Current Self temperature rise shall be limited to 20°C max. The rated current is applied. 7.Mechanical Performance No. Item Specification Test Method 7.1 Shear Test Chip coil shall not be damaged after tested as test method. Substrate:Glass-epoxy substrate (in mm) Applied Direction: Force:5N Hold Duration:5s±1s 7.2 Bending Test Substrate:Glass-epoxy substrate (100mm×40mm×0.8mm) Speed of Applying Force:1mm / s Deflection:2mm Hold Duration:5s (in mm) 0.5mm 45 R340 F Deflection 45 Product Pressure jig Substrate F Chip Coil 1.2 0.65 0.5 Chip Coil Pattern Solder resist Substrate

Page 8

Spec No.JELF243A-0050AA-01 P.7/14 MURATA MFG.CO.,LTD Reference Only No. Item Specification Test Method 7.3 Vibration Chip coil shall not be damaged after tested as test method. Oscillation Frequency: 10Hz~55Hz~10Hz for 1 min Total Amplitude:1.5mm Testing Time: A period of 2 hours in each of mutually perpendicular directions. 7.4 Solderability The wetting area of the electrode shall be at least 90% covered with new solder coating. Flux:Ethanol solution of rosin,25(wt)% Includes activator equivalent to 0.06(wt)% chlorine.(immersed for 5s to 10s) Solder:Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu Pre-Heating:150°C±10°C / 60s to 90s Solder Temperature:240°C±5°C Immersion Time:3s±1s 7.5 Resistance to Soldering Heat Appearance:No damage Inductance Change: within ±5% Flux:Ethanol solution of rosin,25(wt)% Includes activator equivalent to 0.06(wt)% Chlorine.(immersed for 5s to 10s) Solder:Sn-3.0Ag-0.5Cu Pre-Heating:150°C±10°C / 60s to 90s Solder Temperature:270°C±5°C Immersion Time:10s±1s Then measured after exposure in the room condition for 24h±2h. 8.Environmental Performance It shall be soldered on the substrate. No. Item Specification Test Method 8.1 Heat Resistance Appearance:No damage Inductance Change: within ±5% Q Change: within ±20% Temperature:125°C±2°C Time:1000h (+48h,0h) Then measured after exposure in the room condition for 24h±2h. 8.2 Cold Resistance Temperature:-55°C±2°C Time:1000h (+48h,-0h) Then measured after exposure in the room condition for 24h±2 h. 8.3 Humidity Temperature:70°C±2°C Humidity:90%(RH) to 95%(RH) Time:1000h (+48h,-0h) Then measured after exposure in the room condition for 24h±2h. 8.4 Temperature Cycle 1 cycle: 1 step:-55°C±2°C / 30min±3 min 2 step:Ordinary temp. / 10min to 15 min 3 step:+125°C±2°C / 30min±3 min 4 step:Ordinary temp. / 10min to15 min Total of 10 cycles Then measured after exposure in the room condition for 24h±2h.

Page 9

Spec No.JELF243A-0050AA-01 P.8/14 MURATA MFG.CO.,LTD Reference Only 9.Specification of Packaging 9.1 Appearance and Dimensions of paper tape (8mm-wide) (in mm) Inductance A* (mm) (Tolerance ±0.03) B* (mm) (Tolerance ±0.03) 1N5, 2N4~2N8, 3N9~4N8, 5N8~6N8, 8N2~9N9, 11N, 12N, 15N 0.69 1.18 1N6~1N8, 2N9, 3N0, 3N1, 3N2, 4N9~5N1, 6N9-7N5, 10N, 13N, 16N~23N, R10, R12 0.66 1.18 24N~91N 0.64 1.18 *Typical value 9.2 Specification of Taping (1) Packing quantity (standard quantity) 10,000 pcs. / reel (2) Packing Method Products shall be packed in the cavity of the base tape and sealed by Cover tape. (3) Sprocket hole The sprocket holes are to the right as the tape is pulled toward the user. (4) Spliced point Base tape and Cover tape has no spliced point. (5) Missing components number Missing components number within 0.1% of the number per reel or 1 pc., whichever is greater, and are not continuous. The Specified quantity per reel is kept. 9.3 Pull Strength Cover tape 5N min. 9.4 Peeling off force of cover tape Speed of Peeling off 300mm/min Peeling off force 0.1 to 0.6N (minimum value is typical) 9.5 Dimensions of Leader-tape,Trailer and Reel There shall be leader-tape ( cover tape and empty tape) and trailer-tape (empty tape) as follows. (in mm) F Cover tape Base tape 165°to 180゜ Empty tape 190 min. Leader Trailer 2.0±0.5 φ13.0±0.2 φ21.0±0.8 φ180 φ60 9.0 13.0±1.4 +1 -0 +0 -3 Direction of feed 210 min. 160 min. Cover tape +1 -0 Label A 1 .1 8 ± 0 .0 3 2.0±0.05 2.0±0.05 4.0±0.1 φ1.5± 3 .5 ± 0 .0 5 8 .0 ± 0 .2 0.8 max. 0.1 0 1.75±0.1 Direction of feed B

Page 10

Spec No.JELF243A-0050AA-01 P.9/14 MURATA MFG.CO.,LTD Reference Only 9.6 Marking for reel Customer part number, MURATA part number, Inspection number(∗1) ,RoHS Marking(∗2), Quantity etc ・・・ ∗1) □□ OOOO ××× (1) (2) (3) (1) Factory Code (2) Date First digit : Year / Last digit of year Second digit : Month / Jan. to Sep. → 1 to 9, Oct. to Dec. → O, N, D Third, Fourth digit : Day (3) Serial No. ∗2) ROHS – Y (△) (1) (2) (1) RoHS regulation conformity parts. (2) MURATA classification number 9.7 Marking for Outside package (corrugated paper box) Customer name, Purchasing order number, Customer part number, MURATA part number, RoHS Marking (∗2) ,Quantity, etc ・・・ 9.8. Specification of Outer Case Outer Case Dimensions (mm) Standard Reel Quantity in Outer Case (Reel) W D H 186 186 93 5 ∗ Above Outer Case size is typical. It depends on a quantity of an order. 10. ! Caution Limitation of Applications Please contact us before using our products for the applications listed below which require especially high reliability for the prevention of defects which might directly cause damage to the third party's life, body or property. (1) Aircraft equipment (6) Transportation equipment (vehicles, trains, ships, etc.) (2) Aerospace equipment (7) Traffic signal equipment (3) Undersea equipment (8) Disaster prevention / crime prevention equipment (4) Power plant control equipment (9) Data-processing equipment (5) Medical equipment (10) Applications of similar complexity and /or reliability requirements to the applications listed in the above 11. Notice Products can only be soldered with reflow. This product is designed for solder mounting. Please consult us in advance for applying other mounting method such as conductive adhesive. 11.1 Land pattern designing Recommended land patterns for reflow soldering are as follows: These have been designed for Electric characteristics and solderability. Please follow the recommended patterns. Otherwise, their performance which includes electrical performance or solderability may be affected, or result to "position shift" in soldering process. (in mm) a 0.50 b 1.2 c 0.65 W D Label H a b c Chip Coil Solder resist Land

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December 18, 2020

Reasonable prices, fast shipping, and the best customer service I've ever experienced! Absolutely will share it to my friends.


December 18, 2020

Heisener has been the best in this industry for many years. Very quick and easy if you know what you are looking for. if you don't know exactly what you are looking for, you are going to be lost.

Cora***** Bahl

December 14, 2020

I bought this for myself, and liked it so much. I also bought one for a friend.


November 29, 2020

To be honest, you're beating your competitor on delivery - sometimes I request 2nd day and you still get it here overnight. Thanks!

Had***** Vasa

November 27, 2020

Pleased with this purchase, good, quick service and item exactly as shown.


November 18, 2020

So far all the items still work. I'm using these for some home made solar panels and they're doing great.


November 15, 2020

Good seller, incredible reliable.Item as described. Very professional

Gwen*****n Jha

November 10, 2020

Items arrived well pakaged, reasonable postage and as described. Top seller

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