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Part Number MFR-25FBF52-590K
Manufacturer Yageo
Description RES 590K OHM 1/4W 1% AXIAL
Datasheet MFR-25FBF52-590K Datasheet
Package Axial
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Part Number # MFR-25FBF52-590K (Through Hole Resistors) is manufactured by Yageo and distributed by Heisener. Being one of the leading electronics distributors, we carry many kinds of electronic components from some of the world’s top class manufacturers. Their quality is guaranteed by its stringent quality control to meet all required standards.

For MFR-25FBF52-590K specifications/configurations, quotation, lead time, payment terms of further enquiries please have no hesitation to contact us. To process your RFQ, please add MFR-25FBF52-590K with quantity into BOM. does NOT require any registration to request a quote of MFR-25FBF52-590K.

MFR-25FBF52-590K Specifications

CategoryResistors - Through Hole Resistors
Datasheet MFR-25FBF52-590KDatasheet
Resistance590 kOhms
Power (Watts)0.25W, 1/4W
CompositionMetal Film
Temperature Coefficient±100ppm/°C
Operating Temperature-55°C ~ 155°C
Package / CaseAxial
Supplier Device PackageAxial
Size / Dimension0.094" Dia x 0.248" L (2.40mm x 6.30mm)
Height - Seated (Max)-
Number of Terminations2
Failure Rate-

MFR-25FBF52-590K Datasheet

Page 1

Page 2

Through-hole resisTors FeATures Power Rating 1/6W, 1/4W, 1/2W, 1W, 2W, 3W Resistance Tolerance ±0.5%, ±1%, ±5% T.C.R. ±15ppm/°C, ±25ppm/°C, ±50ppm/°C, ±100ppm/°C DerATiNg CurVe For resistors operated in ambient temperatures above 70°C, power rating must be derated in accordance with the curve below. Rated Load (%) Ambient Temperature (°C)160140120100806040 100 80 60 40 20 20 70 155 °C DiMeNsioNs Unit: mm sTYle DiMeNsioN Normal Miniature l øD h ød MFR-12 MFR25S 3.4±0.3 1.9±0.2 28±2.0 0.45±0.05 MFR-25 MFR50S 6.3±0.5 2.4±0.2 28±2.0 0.55±0.05 MFR-50 MFR1WS 9.0±0.5 3.3±0.3 26±2.0 0.55±0.05 MFR100 MFR2WS 11.5±1.0 4.5±0.5 35±2.0 0.8±0.05 MFR200 MFR3WS 15.5±1.0 5.0±0.5 33±2.0 0.8±0.05 iNTroDuCTioN The MFR Series Metal Film Resistors are manufactured using a vacuum sputtering system to deposit multiple layers of mixed metal alloys and passivative materials onto a carefully treated high grade ceramic substrate. After a helical groove has been cut in the resistive layer, tinned connecting leads of electrolytic copper are welded to the end-caps. The resistors are coated with layers of blue color lacquer. Metal Film Resistors General Type Normal & Miniature Style [ MFR Series ] ød H L øD

Page 3

Note: RCWV(Rated Continuous Working Voltage) = Power Rating x Resistance Value or Max. working voltage listed above, whichever less. Revision: 201304 Note: 5 eleCTriCAl ChArACTerisTiCs sTYle MFr-12 MFr25s MFr-25 MFr50s MFr-50 MFr1Ws MFr100 MFr2Ws MFr200 MFr3Ws Power Rating at 70°C 1/6W 1/4W 1/2W 1W 2W 3W Maximum Working Voltage 200V 250V 300V 350V 400V 500V Maximum Overload Voltage 400V 500V 600V 700V 800V 1,000V Voltage Proof on Insulation 300V 400V 500V 700V 1,000V Resistance Range 1Ω - 10MΩ & 0Ω for E24 & E96 series value Operating Temp. Range -55°C to +155°C Temperature Coefficient ±15ppm/°C, ±25ppm/°C, ±50ppm/°C, ±100ppm/°C Note: Special value is available on request eNViroNMeNTAl ChArACTerisTiCs PerForMANCe TesT TesT MeThoD APPrAise Short Time Overload IEC 60115-1 4.13 2.5 times RCWV for 5 Sec. ±0.25%+0.05Ω Voltage Proof on Insulation IEC 60115-1 4.7 in V-block for 60 Sec., test voltage by type By type Temperature Coefficient IEC 60115-1 4.8 -55°C to +155°C By type Insulation Resistance IEC 60115-1 4.6 in V-block for 60 Sec. >10,000MΩ Solderability IEC 60115-1 4.17 235±5°C for 3±0.5 Sec. 95% Min. coverage Solvent Resistance of Marking IEC 60115-1 4.30 IPA for 5±0.5 Min. with ultrasonic No deterioration of coatings and markings Robustness of Terminations IEC 60115-1 4.16 Direct load for 10 Sec. in the direction of the terminal leads ≥2.5kg (24.5N) Periodic-pulse Overload IEC 60115-1 4.39 4 times RCWV 10,000 cycles (1 Sec. on, 25 Sec. off) ±1.0%+0.05Ω Damp Heat Steady State IEC 60115-1 4.24 40±2°C, 90-95% RH for 56 days, loaded with 0.1 times RCWV ±1.5%+0.05Ω Endurance at 70°C IEC 60115-1 4.25 70±2°C at RCWV for 1,000 Hr. (1.5 Hr. on, 0.5 Hr. off) ±1.5%+0.05Ω Temperature Cycling IEC 60115-1 4.19 -55°C  Room Temp.  +155°C  Room Temp. (5 cycles) ±0.75%+0.05Ω Resistance to Soldering Heat IEC 60115-1 4.18 260±3°C for 10±1 Sec., immersed to a point 3±0.5mm from the body ±0.25%+0.05Ω

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August 21, 2020

Every time I order, I always get faster than promised. For a small-time operator like me, you guys are the best!

Con***** Lang

August 15, 2020

2nd time buying these - quite good. Very fast shipping


August 13, 2020

Worked wonderfully. Went through the instructions to the tea to make sure it was done correctly.

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