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Part Number ML4425CSX
Manufacturer ON Semiconductor
Datasheet ML4425CSX Datasheet
Package 28-SOIC (0.295", 7.50mm Width)
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Part Number # ML4425CSX (PMIC - Motor Drivers, Controllers) is manufactured by ON Semiconductor and distributed by Heisener. Being one of the leading electronics distributors, we carry many kinds of electronic components from some of the world’s top class manufacturers. Their quality is guaranteed by its stringent quality control to meet all required standards.

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ML4425CSX Specifications

ManufacturerON Semiconductor
CategoryIntegrated Circuits (ICs) - PMIC - Motor Drivers, Controllers
Datasheet ML4425CSXDatasheet
Package28-SOIC (0.295", 7.50mm Width)
Motor Type - Stepper-
Motor Type - AC, DCBrushless DC (BLDC)
FunctionController - Speed
Output ConfigurationPre-Driver - Half Bridge (3)
TechnologyPower MOSFET
Step Resolution-
ApplicationsGeneral Purpose
Current - Output-
Voltage - Supply10.8 V ~ 13.2 V
Voltage - Load-
Operating Temperature0°C ~ 70°C (TA)
Mounting TypeSurface Mount
Package / Case28-SOIC (0.295", 7.50mm Width)
Supplier Device Package28-SOIC

ML4425CSX Datasheet

Page 1

Page 2 REV. 1.0.2 7/2/01 Features • Stand-alone operation • Motor starts and stops with power to IC • On-board start sequence: Align ♦ Ramp ♦ Set Speed • Patented Back-EMF commutation technique provides jitterless torque for minimum “spin-up” time • Onboard speed control loop • PLL used for commutation provides noise immunity from PWM spikes, compared to noise sensitive zero crossing technique • PWM control for maximum efficiency • Direct FET drive for 12V motors; drives high voltage motors with IC buffers General Description The ML4425 PWM motor controller provides all of the functions necessary for starting and controlling the speed of delta or wye wound Brushless DC (BLDC) motors without Hall Effect sensors. Back EMF voltage is sensed from the motor windings to determine the proper commutation phase sequence using a PLL. This patented sensing technique will commutate a wide range of 3-Phase BLDC motors and is insensitive to PWM noise and motor snubbing circuitry. The ML4425 limits the motor current using a constant off- time PWM control loop. The velocity loop is controlled with an onboard amplifier. The ML4425 has circuitry to ensure that there is no shoot-through in directly driven external power MOSFETs. The timing of the start-up sequence is determined by the selection of three timing capacitors. This allows optimization for a wide range of motors and loads. Block Diagram CAT 17 FB A 22 FB B 23 FB C 24 BACK EMF SAMPLER CRT 19 – + – +1.5V 750nA – +1.5V 750nA VDD VDD CRR 21 500nA VDD SPEED FB 20 CVCO 15 16 RVCO VOLTAGE CONTROLLED OSCILLATOR VCO/TACH 13 2 4 3 9 10 HA HB HC LA LB GATING LOGIC & OUTPUT DRIVERS + – SPEED SET 8 5 SPEED COMP 3.9V 1.7V 20kHz 6 CT – +1.4V 1 ISENSE × 5 UVLO 12 ILIMIT – + 1.7V VREF 26 CIOS 16kΩ 8kΩ ILIMIT 1-SHOT 25 BRAKE VDD 4kΩ 14 VDD 28 GND 27 RREF 11 LC REFERENCE VCO OUT VCO OUT 18 UV FAULT 7 VREF A B C D E F R COMMUTATION STATE MACHINE ML4425 Sensorless BLDC Motor Controller

Page 3

ML4425 PRODUCT SPECIFICATION 2 REV. 1.0.2 7/2/01 Pin Description Pin Name Function 1 I SENSE Motor current sense input. When I SENSE exceeds 0.2 ↔ I LIMIT, the output drivers LA, LB, and LC are shut off for a fixed time determined by C IOS . 2 HA Active low output driver for the phase A high-side switch. 3 HB Active low output driver for the phase B high-side switch. 4 HC Active low output driver for the phase C high-side switch. 5 SPEED COMP Speed control loop compensation is set by a series resistor and capacitor from SPEED COMP to GND. 6 C T A capacitor from C T to GND sets the PWM oscillator frequency. V REF 6.9V reference voltage output. 8 SPEED SET Speed loop input which ranges from 0 (stopped) to V REF (maximum speed). 9 LA Active high output driver for the phase A low-side switch. 10 LB Active high output driver for the phase B low-side switch. 11 LC Active high output driver for the phase C low-side switch. 12 I LIMIT Voltage on this pin sets the I SENSE threshold voltage at 0.2 ↔ I LIMIT , leaving this pin unconnected selects an internally set threshold. 13 VCO/TACH This TTL level output corresponds to the signal used to clock the commutation state machine. The output frequency is proportional to the motor speed when the back- EMF sensing loop is locked onto the rotor position. 14 V DD 12V power supply input. 15 C VCO A capacitor to GND sets the voltage-to-frequency ratio of the VCO. Pin Configuration 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 19 18 17 16 15 ISENSE HA HB HC SPEED COMP CT VREF SPEED SET LA LB LC ILIMIT VCO/TACH VDD GND RREF CIOS BRAKE FB C FB B FB A CRR SPEED FB CRT UV FAULT CAT RVCO CVCO TOP VIEW ML4425 28-Pin Narrow PDIP (P28N) 28-Pin SOIC (S28)

Page 4

PRODUCT SPECIFICATION ML4425 REV. 1.0.2 7/2/01 3 Absolute Maximum Ratings Absolute maximum ratings are those values beyond which the device could be permanently damaged. Absolute maximum ratings are stress ratings only and functional device operation is not implied. Operating Conditions 16 R VCO An resistor to GND sets up a current proportional to the input voltage of the VCO. 17 C AT A capacitor to GND sets the time that the controller stays in the align mode. 18 UV FAULT This output goes low when V DD drops below the UVLO threshold, and indicates that all output drivers have been disabled. 19 C RT A capacitor to GND sets the time that the controller stays in the ramp mode. 20 SPEED FB Output of the back-EMF sampling circuit and input to the VCO. An RC network connected to SPEED FB sets the compensation for the PLL loop formed by the back-EMF sampling circuit, the VCO, and the commutation state machine. 21 C RR A capacitor to between C RR and SPEED FB sets the ramp rate (acceleration) of the motor when the controller is in ramp mode. 22 FB A The motor feedback voltage from phase A is monitored through a resistor divider for back-EMF sensing at this pin. 23 FB B The motor feedback voltage from phase B is monitored through a resistor divider for back-EMF sensing at this pin. 24 FB C The motor feedback voltage from phase C is monitored through a resistor divider for back-EMF sensing at this pin. 25 BRAKE A logic low input activates motor braking by shutting off the high-side output drivers and turning on the low-side output drivers. 26 C IOS A capacitor to GND sets the time that the low-side output drivers remain off after I SENSE exceeds its threshold . 27 R REF An 137k Ω resistor to GND sets a current proportional to V REF that is used to set all the internal bias currents except for the VCO. 28 GND Signal and power ground. Parameter Min. Max. Units V DD 14 V Logic Inputs (SPEED FB, BRAKE) GND – 0.3 7 V All Other Inputs and Outputs GND – 0.3 V DD + 0.3 V Output Current (LA, LB, LC, HA, HB, HC ) ±50 mA Junction Temperature 150 °C Storage Temperature Range -65 150 °C Lead Temperature (Soldering 10 sec.) 260 °C Thermal Resistance ( θ JA ) 28-Pin Narrow PDIP 28-Pin SOIC 48 75 °C/W °C/W Parameter Min. Max. Units Temperature Range ML4425CX ML4425IX 0 –40 70 85 °C °C V DD 10.8 13.2 V Pin Description (continued) Pin Name Function

Page 5

ML4425 PRODUCT SPECIFICATION 4 REV. 1.0.2 7/2/01 Electrical Characteristics Unless otherwise specified, V DD = 12V ± 10%, R SENSE = 1 Ω , C VCO = 10nF, C IOS = 100pF, R REF = 137k Ω , T A = Operating Temperature Range (Notes 1, 2) . Symbol Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units Reference V REF Total Variation Line, Temp 6.5 6.9 7.5 V PWM Oscillator Total Variation C T = 1nF 28 kHz Ramp Peak 3.9 V Ramp Valley 1.7 V Ramp Charging Current µA Speed Control Loop SPEED SET Input Voltage Range 0 V REF V SPEED FB Input Voltage Range 0 V REF V SPEED COMP Output Current ±5 ±20 µA SPEED SET Error Amp Transconductance V SPEED SET = xV, V SPEED FB = yV 144 µ Start-up C AT Charging Current C Suffix 0.68 0.98 µA I Suffix 0.5 1.1 µA C AT Threshold Voltage 1.4 1.7 V C RT Charging Current C Suffix 0.68 0.98 µA I Suffix 0.5 1.1 µA C RT Threshold Voltage 1.4 1.7 V Voltage Controlled Oscillator Frequency Range R VCO = 5V, SPEED FB = 6V 1.5 1.85 2.2 kHz Frequency vs. SPEED FB R VCO = 5V, 0.5V ≤ SPEED FB ≤ 7V 300 Hz/V Current Limit I SENSE Gain V(I LIMIT ) ≤ 2.5V 4.5 5.0 5.5 V/V One Shot OFF-Time C IOS = 100pF C Suffix 9 18 µs I Suffix 9 20 µs Logic Inputs (BRAKE) (Note 3) V IH Input High Voltage 2 V V IL Input Low Voltage 0.8 V I IH Input High Current V IH = 2.4V 2.4 mA I IL Input Low Current V IL = 0.4V 2.9 mA Ω

Page 6

PRODUCT SPECIFICATION ML4425 REV. 1.0.2 7/2/01 5 Notes: 1. Limits are guaranteed by 100% testing, sampling, or correlation with worst case test conditions. 2. For explanation of states, see Figure 4 and Table 1. 3. The BRAKE and UV FAULT pins each have an internal 4k Ω resistor to the internal reference. Logic Outputs (VCO/TACH, UV FAULT) (Note 3) VCO/TACH Output High Voltage I OUT = –100µA 2.2 V VCO/TACH Output Low Voltage I OUT = 400µA 0.6 V UV FAULT Output High Voltage I OUT = –10µA C Suffix 3.4 4.5 5.4 V I Suffix 3.2 5.6 V UV FAULT Output Low Voltage I OUT = 400µA 0.6 V Back-EMF Sampler SPEED FB Align Mode Voltage 125 250 mV SPEED FB Ramp Mode Current C Suffix 500 720 nA I Suffix 500 750 nA SPEED FB Run Mode Current State A, C RT = 5V, V PHB = V DD /3 C Suffix 30 90 µA I Suffix 27 90 µA State A, C RT = 5V, V PHB = V DD /2 –15 15 µA State A, C RT = 5V, V PHB = 2 ↔ V DD /3 C Suffix –90 –30 µA I Suffix –90 –27 µA Output Drivers High Side Driver Output Low Current V HX = 2 V 0.5 1.2 mA High Side Driver Output High Voltage I HX = –10µ A VCC – 1.3 V Low Side Driver Output Low Voltage ILX = 1mA 0.2 0.7 V Low Side Driver Output High Voltage V(ISENSE) = 0V C Suffix VDD – 2.2 V I Suffix VDD – 2.9 V Phase C Cross-conduction Lockout Threshold VDD – 3.0 V Supply IDD VDD Current 32 50 mA UVLO Threshold C Suffix 8.8 9.5 10.2 V I Suffix 8.6 10.3 V UVLO Hysteresis 150 mV Electrical Characteristics (continued) Unless otherwise specified, VDD = 12V ± 10%, RSENSE = 1Ω, CVCO = 10nF, CIOS = 100pF, RREF = 137kΩ, TA = Operating Temperature Range (Notes 1, 2). Symbol Parameter Conditions Min. Typ. Max. Units

Page 7

ML4425 PRODUCT SPECIFICATION 6 REV. 1.0.2 7/2/01 Functional Description General The ML4425 provides all the circuitry for sensorless speed control of 3-phase Brushless DC (BLDC) motors. Controller functions include start-up circuitry, back-EMF commutation control, Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) speed control, fixed OFF-time current limiting, braking, and undervoltage protection. The start-up circuitry aligns the motor to a known position, then ramps up the motor speed to generate a back-EMF signal. A back-EMF sampling circuit controls commutation timing by forming a Phase Locked Loop (PLL). The commu- tation control circuitry also outputs a speed feedback (SPEED FB) signal used in the speed control loop. The speed control loop consists of an error amplifier and PWM comparator that produce a PWM duty cycle for speed regula- tion. Motor current is limited by a fixed OFF-time PWM shutdown comparator that is controlled by an external sense resistor. Commutation control, PWM speed control, and current limiting are combined to produce the output driver signals. Six output drivers are used to provide gating signals to an external 3 phase bridge power stage sized for the BLDC motor voltage and current requirements. Additional functions include a braking function and undervoltage protection circuit to shut down the output drivers in the event of a low voltage condition on VDD of the ML4425. Component Selection Selecting external components for the ML4425 requires calculations based on the motor’s electrical and mechanical parameters. The following is a list of the motor parameters needed for these calculations : • DC motor supply voltage – VMOTOR (V) • Maximum operating current – IMAX (A) • Number of magnetic poles – N • Back EMF constant – Ke (V-s/Rad) • Motor torque constant – Kt (Nm/A) (Kt = Ke in SI units) • Maximum speed of operation RPMMAX (RPM) • Moment of inertia of the motor and load – J (Kg-m2) • Viscous damping factor of the motor and load – ζ If one or more of the above values is not known, it is still possible to pick components for the ML4425, but some experimentation may be necessary to determine the optimal values. All quantities are in SI units unless otherwise speci- fied. The following formulas should be considered as a start- ing point for optimization. All calculations for capacitors and resistors should be used as the first approximation for select- ing the closest standard value. Power Supply and Reference The supply voltage (VDD) is nominally 12V ±10%. A 100nF bypass capacitor to ground should be placed as close as pos- sible to VDD. A 6.9V voltage reference output (VREF) is pro- vided to set the speed command and current limit of the ML4425. A 137kΩ from RREF to GND is required to set up a reference current for internal functions. Output Drivers The output drivers LA, LB, LC, HA, HB, and HC provide totem pole output drive signals for a 3 phase bridge power stage. All control functions in the ML4425 translate to out- puts at these pins. LA, LB, and LC provide the low-side drive signals for phases A, B, and C of the 3 phase power stage and are 12V active high signals. HA, HB, and HC provide the high-side signals and are 12V active low signals. Figure 1. Using RSENSE in a 3-Phase 12V Power Stage MOTOR PHASE C MOTOR PHASE B MOTOR PHASE A VMOTOR 12V RSENSE DC SUPPLY CAPACITOR HA LA HB LB HC LC

Page 8

PRODUCT SPECIFICATION ML4425 REV. 1.0.2 7/2/01 7 Current Limiting in the Power Stage The current sense resistor (RSENSE) shown in Figure 1 regu- lates the maximum current in the power stage and the BLDC motor. Current regulation is accomplished by shutting off the output drivers LA, LB, and LC for a fixed amount of time if the voltage across RSENSE exceeds the current limit thresh- old. ILIMIT The voltage on the ILIMIT pin sets the current limit threshold. The ML4425 has an internal voltage divider from VREF that sets a default current limit threshold of 2.3V (see Figure 2). An external voltage divider referenced to VREF can be used to override the default ILIMIT setting. The external divider should have at least 10 times the current flow of the internal divider. RSENSE The function of RSENSE is to provide a voltage proportional to the motor current to set the current limit trip point. The default trip voltage across RSENSE is 460mV, set by the internal ILIMIT divider ratio. The current sense resistor should be a low inductance resistor such as a carbon compo- sition. For resistors in the milliohms range, wire-wound resistors tend to have low values of inductance. RSENSE should be sized to handle the power dissipation (IMAX 2 ↔ RSENSE). ISENSE Filter The ISENSE RC lowpass filter is placed in series with the cur- rent sense signal as shown in Figure 2. The purpose of this filter is to remove the diode reverse recovery shootthrough current. This current causes a voltage spike on the leading edge of the current sense signal which may falsely trigger the current limit. The current sense voltage waveform is shown before and after filtering in Figure 3. The recommended starting values for this circuit are R = 1kΩ and C = 330pF. This gives a time constant of 330ns, and will filter out spikes of shorter duration. C can be increased to as much as 2.2nF, but should not exceed a time constant of more than a few microseconds. CIOS When ISENSE exceeds 0.2 ↔ ILIMIT, the current limit one- shot is activated, turning off LA, LB, and LC for a fixed amount of time (tOFF). tOFF is set by the amount of capaci- tance connected to CIOS. CIOS is usually set for a fixed off time equal to or less than the PWM period. For a 25kHz PWM frequency, the PWM period is 40µs; tOFF should be between 20µs and 40µs. The lower limit of tOFF is dictated by the minimum on time of the power stage; a safe approxi- mation is 5µs or less. The equation for finding the CIOS capacitance value is as follows: Commutation Control A 3-phase BLDC motor requires electronic commutation to achieve rotational motion. Electronic commutation requires the switching on and off of the power switches of a 3-phase half bridge. For torque production to be achieved in one direction, the commutation is dictated by the rotor position. Electronic commutation in the ML4425 is achieved by turn- ing on and off, in the proper sequence, one N output from one phase and one P output from another phase. There are six combinations of N and P outputs (six switching states) that constitute a full commutation cycle. These combinations are illustrated in Table 1 and Figure 4, and are labeled states A through F. This sequence is programmed into the commu- tation state machine. Clocking of the commutation state machine is provided by a voltage controlled oscillator (VCO). COS tOFF 50µA× 2.4V --------------------------------= (1) × 5 ILIMIT ISENSE FROM RSENSE PWM ON/OFF – + VREF CIOS 16kΩ 2.9V 0V STOP 30µA START 8kΩ VREF S R Q Q (a) 0V 460mV (b) Figure 2. Current Sense Circuitry Figure 3. Current Sense Resistor Waveforms (a) Without Filtering, and (b) With Filtering

Page 9

ML4425 PRODUCT SPECIFICATION 8 REV. 1.0.2 7/2/01 Voltage Controlled Oscillator (VCO) The VCO provides a TTL compatible clock output on the VCO/TACH pin proportional to the VCO input voltage at the SPEED FB pin. The proportion of frequency to voltage (VCO constant, Kv) is set by an 80.6kΩ resistor on RVCO and a capacitor on CVCO as shown in Figure 5. RVCO sets up a current proportional the VCO input voltage at SPEED FB. This current is used to charge and discharge CVCO between the threshold voltages of 2.3V and 4.3V. The resulting trian- gle wave on CVCO corresponds to the clock on VCO. Kv should be set so that the VCO output frequency corresponds to the maximum commutation frequency or maximum motor speed when the VCO input is equal to or slightly less than VREF. CVCO is calculated using the following equation: The closest standard value that is equal to or less than the calculated CVCO should be used. CVCO 6.5V 3.101× 10 6– Hz Farad• V -----------------------------× 0.05 Hz RPM ------------- N× SPEEDMAX× ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------= (2) Table 1. Commutation State Functions State Outputs Input SamplingLA LB LC HA HB HC R OFF ON OFF ON OFF ON N/A A OFF OFF ON ON OFF OFF FB B B OFF OFF ON OFF ON OFF FB A C ON OFF OFF OFF ON OFF FB C D ON OFF OFF OFF OFF ON FB B E OFF ON OFF OFF OFF ON FB A F OFF ON OFF ON OFF OFF FB C Figure 4. Output Commutation Sequence Timing Diagram Cycle 1 – Full Commutation, Cycle 2 – Commutation with 50% PWM Duty Cycle HIGH SIDE DRIVE OUTPUTS HA HB HC LOW SIDE DRIVE OUTPUTS LA A B C D E F A B C D E F LB LC

Page 10

PRODUCT SPECIFICATION ML4425 REV. 1.0.2 7/2/01 9 The maximum frequency on the VCO pin is found by: The voltage at the VCO/TACH pin is equal to the rotor speed. The voltage at SPEED FB is controlled by the back EMF sampler. Back EMF Sampler The input to the voltage controlled oscillator is the back EMF sampler. The back EMF sense pins FB A, FB B, and FB C inputs to the back EMF sampler require a signal from the motor phase leads that is below the VDD of the ML4425. The phase sense input impedance is 8kΩ. This requires a series resistor RES1 from the motor phase lead as shown in Figure 6 based on the following equation: The back EMF sampler takes the motor phase voltages divided down to signals that are less than VDD (12V nomi- nal) and calculates the neutral point of the motor by the fol- lowing equation: This allows the ML4425 to compare the back EMF signal to the motor’s neutral point without the need for bringing out an extra wire on a WYE wound motor. For DELTA wound motors there is no physical neutral to bring out, so this refer- ence point must be calculated in any case. Figure 5. External VCO Component Connections The back EMF sampler measures the motor phase that is not driven (i.e. if LA and HB are on, then phase A is driven low, phase B is driven high, and phase C is sampled). The sam- pled phase provides a back EMF signal that is compared against the neutral of the motor. The sampler is controlled by the commutation state machine. The sampled back EMF is compared to the neutral through an error amplifier. The out- put of the error amplifier outputs a charging or discharging current to SPEED FB, which provides the control voltage to the VCO. fMAX 0.05 N× RPMMAX×= (3) RES1 670Ω V⁄ VMOTOR 10V–( )×= (4) Neutral PH1 PH2 PH3+ + 3 -------------------------------------------------= (5) CVCO CVCO 4.3V 0V 5V 2.3V RVCO SPEED FB CVCO RVCO VOLTAGE CONTROLLED OSCILLATOR VCO/TACH VCO/TACH RESET (FROM CAT) FROM BACK EMF SAMPLER & RAMP GENERATOR Figure 6. Back EMF Sampler Detailed Block Diagram NEUTRAL SIMULATOR ΦA + ΦB + ΦC 6 MULTIPLEXER COMMUTATION STATE MACHINE gm = 1 8kΩ 4kΩ 4kΩ 4kΩ 4kΩ 4kΩ 4kΩ + – SIGN CHANGER TO SPEED FB FB ARES1 RES2 RES3 FB B FB C F/R MOTOR ΦC F/R MOTOR ΦB MOTOR ΦA

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July 10, 2020

Used for a solar project. Working as hoped. I'd buy again.

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Received Quickly. Excellent Communication. Capacitors Look Excellent.


July 8, 2020

Very happy for the fast shipping and good price!


July 7, 2020

Very good connector, easy to realise and with Low price


July 6, 2020

Very user friendly to find part and specs. Easy to deal with the transaction for different payment types. Thanks!


July 5, 2020

Went well this time Now have the IC and very pleased.


July 2, 2020

Order arrived to Estonia in 3 days. Item as described. Well packed.


June 25, 2020

I enjoy Good service from Heisener team , I can get good quality components what I want in


June 17, 2020

very pleased with item, thank you.


June 13, 2020

Great seller, would recommend buying from. , good communication and problem solving

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