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hot RT9194GE


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Part Number RT9194GE
Manufacturer Richtek USA Inc.
Datasheet RT9194GE Datasheet
Package SOT-23-6
In Stock 47420 piece(s)
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RT9194GE Specifications

ManufacturerRichtek USA Inc.
CategoryIntegrated Circuits (ICs) - PMIC - Voltage Regulators - Linear Regulator Controllers
Datasheet RT9194GE Datasheet
TypePositive Adjustable
Number of Outputs1
Current - Supply300µA
Voltage - Input4.5 V ~ 13.5 V
Operating Temperature-40°C ~ 85°C
Package / CaseSOT-23-6
Supplier Device PackageSOT-23-6

RT9194GE Datasheet

Page 1

Page 2

RT9194 1 DS9194-10 April 2011 Low-Dropout Linear Regulator Controller with PGOOD Indication General Description The RT9194 is a low-dropout voltage regulator controller with a specific PGOOD indicating scheme, it acts as a power supervisor of the power regulated. The part could drive an external N-MOSFET for various applications accordingly; especially, the part is operated with VCC power ranging from 4.5V to 13.5V. With such a topology, it's with advantages of flexible and cost-effective. The part comes to a small footprint package of SOT-23-6. Ordering Information Applications Special Designed for Intel® Grantsdale platform FSB_VTT power regulation Processor Power-Up Sequening Notebook and laptop PC Other Power regulation with Power Good indication. Pin Configurations (TOP VIEW) SOT-23-6 Typical Application Circuit Features 4.5V to 13.5V Operation Voltage High Accuracy ± 2% 0.8V Voltage Reference Quick Transient Response Power Good Indicator with Delay Enable Control Compliant with Intel “Grantsdale Chipset Platform Design Guide” Specification Small Footprint Package SOT-23-6 RoHS Compliant and 100% Lead (Pb)-Free Marking Information For marking information, contact our sales representative directly or through a Richtek distributor located in your area. Note : Richtek products are : RoHS compliant and compatible with the current require- ments of IPC/JEDEC J-STD-020. Suitable for use in SnPb or Pb-free soldering processes. VCC VIN PGOOD VOUT COUT CINCcc RPGOOD R1 R2 Q1 EN GND FB VCC DRI PGOOD RT9194 1 2 3 4 5 6 VOUT = 0.8x[(R1+R2)/R2] Chip Enable EN GND FB VCC DRI PGOOD 4 2 3 56 RT9194 Package Type E : SOT-23-6 Lead Plating System P : Pb Free G : Green (Halogen Free and Pb Free)

Page 3

RT9194 2 DS9194-10 April Test Circuit Figure 1. Typical Test Circuit Figure 2. DRI Source/Sink Current Test Circuit VCC VIN PGOOD VOUT COUT CIN Ccc RPGOOD R1 R2 Q1 EN GND FB VCC DRI PGOOD RT9194 1uF 100uF 100uF 100k 1k 2k PHD3055 12V Chip Enable R2 R2R1 0.8VOUT + ×= VCC Ccc VDRI CFB A EN GND FB VCC DRI PGOOD RT9194 Chip Enable 1uF 12V 5V VFB VFB = 1V for current sink at DRI VFB = 0.6V for current source at DRI

Page 4

RT9194 3 DS9194-10 April 2011 Functional Pin Description Pin No. Pin Name Pin Function 1 EN Chip Enable (Active High) 2 GND Ground 3 FB Output Voltage Feedback 4 PGOOD Power Good Open Drain Output 5 DRI Driver Output 6 VCC Power Supply Input Function Block Diagram + - - + Reference Voltage 0.8V 0.7V 3ms Delay EN DRI FB VCC PGOOD GND Driver

Page 5

RT9194 4 DS9194-10 April Electrical Characteristics (VCC = 5V/12V, TA = 25°C, unless otherwise specified) Parameter Symbol Test Conditions Min Typ Max Unit VCC Operation Voltage Range VCC input range 4.5 -- 13.5 V POR Threshold VCC rising 4.0 4.2 4.5 V POR Hysteresis VCC falling -- 0.2 -- V VCC Supply Current VCC = 12V -- 0.3 0.8 mA Driver Source Current VCC = 12V, VDRI = 6V 5 -- -- mA Driver Sink Current VCC = 12V, VDRI = 6V 5 -- -- mA Reference Voltage (VFB) VCC = 12V, VDRI = 5V 0.784 0.8 0.816 V Reference Line Regulation (VFB) VCC = 4.5V to 15V -- 3 6 mV Amplifier Voltage Gain VCC = 12V, no load -- 70 -- dB PSRR at 100Hz, No Load VCC = 12V, no load 50 -- -- dB Power Good Rising Threshold VCC = 12V -- 90 -- % Hysteresis VCC = 12V -- 15 -- % Sink Capability VCC = 12V @ 1mA -- 0.2 0.4 V Delay Time VCC = 12V 1 3 10 ms Falling Delay VCC = 12V -- 15 -- us Absolute Maximum Ratings (Note 1) Supply Input Voltage, VCC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 15V Enable Voltage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7V Power Good Output Voltage --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 7V Power Dissipation, PD @ TA = 25°C SOT-23-6--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0.4W Package Thermal Resistance SOT-23-6, θJA --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 250°C/W Lead Temperature (Soldering, 10 sec.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- 260°C Junction Temperature ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 150°C Storage Temperature Range --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- −65°C to 150°C ESD Susceptibility (Note 2) HBM (Human Body Mode) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2kV MM (Machine Mode) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 200V Recommended Operating Conditions (Note 3) Supply Input Voltage, VCC ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4.5V to 13.5V Enable Voltage ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 0V to 5.5V Junction Temperature Range -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- −40°C to 125°C Ambient Temperature Range -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- −40°C to 85°C To be Continued

Page 6

RT9194 5 DS9194-10 April 2011 Note 1. Stresses listed as the above "Absolute Maximum Ratings" may cause permanent damage to the device. These are for stress ratings. Functional operation of the device at these or any other conditions beyond those indicated in the operational sections of the specifications is not implied. Exposure to absolute maximum rating conditions for extended periods may remain possibility to affect device reliability. Note 2. Devices are ESD sensitive. Handling precaution recommended. Note 3. The device is not guaranteed to function outside its operating conditions. Parameter Test Conditions Min Typ Max Unit Chip Enable EN Rising Threshold VCC = 12V -- 0.7 -- V EN Hysteresis VCC = 12V -- 30 -- mV Standby Current VCC = 12V, VEN = 0V -- -- 5 uA

Page 7

RT9194 6 DS9194-10 April Typical Operating Characteristics Quiescent Current vs. Temperature 0.45 0.46 0.47 0.48 0.49 0.5 -50 -25 0 25 50 75 100 125 Temperature Q u ie sc e n t C u rr e n t ( m A ) (°C) VIN = 1.5V, VCC = 12V, RPGOOD = 100k CIN = COUT = 100uF, R1 = 1k, R2 = 2k R ef er t o Te st C irc ui t F ig ur e 1 Feedback Voltage vs. Temperature 0.7 0.75 0.8 0.85 0.9 -50 -25 0 25 50 75 100 125 Temperature F e e d b a ck V o lta g e ( V ) (°C) VIN = 1.5V, VCC = 12V, RPGOOD = 100k CIN = COUT = 100uF, R1 = 1k, R2 = 2k R ef er t o Te st C irc ui t F ig ur e 1 PGOOD Delay Time vs. Temperature 1.5 2 2.5 3 3.5 4 -50 -25 0 25 50 75 100 125 Temperature P G O O D D e la y T im e ( m s) (°C) VIN = 1.5V, VCC = 12V RPGOOD = 100k R1 = 1k, R2 = 2k R ef er t o Te st C irc ui t F ig ur e 1 DRI Sink Current vs. Temperature 12 15 18 21 24 27 30 -50 -25 0 25 50 75 100 125 Temperature D R I S in k C u rr e n t (m A ) (°C) VFB = 0.6V, VCC = 12V, VDRI = 6V R ef er t o Te st C irc ui t F ig ur e 2 Sink Current vs. DRI Voltage 0 5 10 15 20 25 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 DRI Voltage (V) S in k C u rr e n t ( m A ) TA = 25°C R ef er t o Te st C irc ui t F ig ur e 2 DRI Source Current vs. Temperature 35 40 45 50 55 60 -50 -25 0 25 50 75 100 125 Temperature D R I S o u rc e C u rr e n t (m A ) VFB = 1V, VCC = 12V, VDRI = 6V R ef er t o Te st C irc ui t F ig ur e 2 (°C)

Page 8

RT9194 7 DS9194-10 April 2011 Time (100us/Div) Line Transient Response F B V ol ta ge D ev ia tio n (m V ) In pu t V ol ta ge D ev ia tio n (V ) 0 10 -10 1.5 2.5 VIN = 1.5V to 2.5V, ILOAD = 100mA CIN = 2.2uF, COUT = 100uF R ef er t o Te st C irc ui t F ig ur e 1 R ef er t o Te st C irc ui t F ig ur e 1 Time (250us/Div) Load Transient Response F B V ol ta ge D ev ia tio n (m V ) L o a d C ur re nt (A ) 0 20 -20 0 5 VIN = 2.5V, VOUT = 1.2V CIN = COUT = 100uF Time (50us/Div) PGOOD Off VCC = 12V CIN = COUT = 100uF R ef er t o Te st C irc ui t F ig ur e 1 ILoad (A) VEN (V) VOUT VPGOOD Time (500us/Div) PGOOD Delay Time ILoad (A) VCC = 12V, ILOAD = 1A CIN = COUT = 100uF R ef er t o Te st C irc ui t F ig ur e 1 VEN (V) VOUT VPGOOD Time (500us/Div) PGOOD Delay Time VCC = 12V, CIN = COUT = 100uF, ILOAD = 100mA R ef er t o Te st C irc ui t F ig ur e 1 VEN (V) VOUT VPGOOD Enable Threshold Voltage vs. Temperature 0.6 0.65 0.7 0.75 0.8 0.85 0.9 0.95 1 -50 -25 0 25 50 75 100 125 Temperature E n a b le T h re sh o ld V o lta g e ( V ) (°C) Turn on Turn off VIN = 1.5V, VCC = 12V, RPGOOD = 100kΩ CIN = COUT = 100uF, R1 = 1k, R2 = 2k R ef er t o Te st C irc ui t F ig ur e 1

Page 9

RT9194 8 DS9194-10 April Capacitors Selection Careful selection of the external capacitors for RT9194 is highly recommended in order to remain high stability and performance. Regarding the supply voltage capacitor, connecting a capacitor which is 1μF between VCC and ground is a must. The capacitor improves the supply voltage stability to provide chip normally operating. Regarding the input capacitor, connecting a capacitor which 100μF between VIN and ground is recommended to increase stability. With large value of capacitance could result in better performance for both PSRR and line transient response. When driving external pass element, connecting a capacitor 100μF between VOUT and ground is recommended for stability. With larger capacitance can reduce noise and improve load transient response and PSRR. Output Voltage Setting The RT9194 develop a 0.8V reference voltage; especially suit for low voltage application. As shown in application circuit, the output voltage could easy set the output voltage by R1 & R2 divider resistor. Power Good Function The RT9194 has the power good function with delay. The power good output is an open drain output. Connect a 100kΩ pull up resistor to VOUT to obtain an output voltage. When the output voltage arrive 90% of normal value the power good will output voltage with 3ms delay time. When the output voltage falling arrive 75% of normal value the power good will turn off with less than 1ms delay time. But, there are two exceptions. One is the enable pull low the power good will turn off quickly. The second is the VCC falling arrive POR value (4V typ.) the power good also will turn off quickly. Chip Enable Operation Pull the EN pin low to drive the device into shutdown mode. During shutdown mode, the standby current drops to 5μA(MAX). The external capacitor and load current determine the output voltage decay rate. Drive the EN pin high to turn on the device again. Under Voltage Protection RT9194 equips the VOUT under-voltage (UV) protection function. The UV protection circuits will start monitoring the power status after the PGOOD pin goes high. If the output voltage drops to below 75% of its setting value, the PGOOD and DRI pins will be pulled low and latch RT9194. The UV latch status will be released only when VCC or Enable pin goes low and returns high again, which will also cause RT9194 to re-activate. MOSFET Selection The RT9194 are designed to driver external N-Channel MOSFET pass element. MOSFET selection criteria include threshold voltage VGS (VTH), maximum continuous drain current ID, on-resistance RDS(ON) ,maximum drain-to-source voltage VDS and package thermal resistance θ(JA). The most critical specification is the MOSFET RDS(ON). Calculate the required RDS(ON) from the following formula: For example, the MOSFET operate up to 2A when the input voltage is 1.5V and set the output voltage is 1.2V, RON = (1.5V-1.2V) / 2A = 150mΩ, the MOSFET's RON have to select lower than 150mΩ. A Philip PHD3055E MOSFET with an RDS(ON) of 120mΩ(typ.) is a close match. And carry on consider the thermal resistance from junction to ambient θ(JA) of the MOSFET's package. The power dissipation calculate by : PD = (VIN − VOUT) x ILOAD The thermal resistance from junction to ambient θ(JA) calculate by : In this example, PD = (1.5V − 1.2V) x 2A = 0.6W. The PHD3055E's θ(JA) is 75°C/W for its D-PAK package, which translates to a 45°C temperature rise above ambient. The package provides exposed backsides that directly transfer heat to the PCB board. D AJ (JA) P )T(T − =θ LOAD OUTIN DS(ON) I VV R NMOSFET − = Application Information

Page 10

RT9194 9 DS9194-10 April 2011 Figure 3 Figure 6 Layout Considerations There are three critical layout considerations. One is the divider resistors should be located to RT9194 as possible to avoid inducing any noise. The second is capacitors place. The CIN and COUT have to put at near the NMOS for improve performance. The third is the copper area for pass element. We have to consider when the pass element operating under high power situation that could rise the junction temperature. In addition to the package thermal resistance limit, we could add the copper area to improve the power dissipation. As show in Figure 5 and Figure 6. Figure 5 PNP Transistor Selection The RT9194 could driver the PNP transistor to sink output current. PNP transistor selection criteria include DC current gain hFE, threshold voltage VEB, collector-emitter voltage VCE, maximum continues collector current IC, package thermal resistance θ(JA). For example, the PNP transistor operates sink current up to 0.5A when the input voltage is 1.5V and set the output voltage is 1.2V. As show in Figure 3. A KSB772 PNP transistor, the VCE = 1.2V, VBE = -1V, IC = 0.5A, IB = 0.5/160 3.125mA, when the DRI pin voltage is 0.2V could sink 6.8mA(MAX) is a close match. Sink Current vs. DRI Voltage 0 5 10 15 20 25 0 0.5 1 1.5 2 2.5 3 DRI Voltage (V) S in k C u rr e n t ( m A ) TA = 25°C Figure 4 VIN VCC EN PGOOD FB VOUT GND GND + + + VCC VIN PGOOD VOUT COUT CIN Ccc RPGOOD R1 R2 Q1VCC GND EN DRI PGOOD FB RT9194Chip Enable Q2 VCC VIN PGOOD VOUT COUT CIN Ccc RPGOOD R1 R2 Q1VCC GND EN DRI PGOOD FB RT9194Chip Enable ≥

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January 24, 2020

Didn’t need so many but it was cheap. I did have to solder extra wire on each end to make fit better but exactly you need of your looking for this particular mod.


January 16, 2020

Boundless range of products, ease of search and fast delivery continue to impress. Heisener is always my first stop for electronic components.


December 25, 2019

The order process is easy and user friendly, very helpful customer service, always fast shipping.


December 19, 2019

Thanks a lot! Ease of ordering and I love when they upgrade my shipping for free. What a nice thing to do.


December 3, 2019

Those components are in stock shipped fast and arrive promptly. Really Fast!

Bla***** Kant

October 20, 2019

Went well this time Now have the IC and very pleased.


September 18, 2019

I am always amazed at the cost of automotive or marine costs when a rectifier is needed while these will do the exact same thing if you are a bit technically minded to wire them up.


September 12, 2019

The specs range is wide for a selection and the customer service is great.


September 9, 2019

Excellent service and product arrives in reasonable shipping rates. Well done!


August 18, 2019

I received technical certification with a good staff. They have good fair prices on brand names.

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