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Latest Technologies of Analog Devices Inc.

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2021-03-01, Analog Devices - Alias-free ADC that enables increased functionality and ease of use

Analog Devices has introduced the AD7134 alias-free ADC that greatly simplifies front-end design and hastens time to market for precision DC-350kHz applications.

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2020-12-09, Analog Devices - Transceivers provide strong immunity against EMC events

Analog Devices ADM2461E/2463E Transceivers provide 500kbps and 5.7kVRMS signal isolated RS-485 transceiver and pass radiated emissions testing to the EN55032 Class B standard with margin on two-layer PCB.

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2020-09-03, Analog Devices - RS-485 transceiver includes an integrated DC-DC converter

Analog Devices ADM2561E RS-485 Transceiver is a 3kVRMS signal and power isolated device, including an integrated DC-DC converter optimised for low EMI.

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2020-08-24, Analog Devices - Dual step-down converter series delivers low EMI operation

Analog Devices has launched the LT8650S, LT8652S and LT8653S dual-channel 4A/8.5A/2A synchronous step-down Silent Switcher converters aimed at automotive, communications and solid-state drive power supplies.

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2020-05-22, Analog Devices - SAR ADCs provide high accuracy, high speed and low power

Analog Devices 16-Bit Pseudo Differential Successive Approximation Register ADCs provide high accuracy, high speed, and low power.

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2020-04-20, Analog Devices - Vibration sensor eases the development of smart sensor nodes

Analog Devices ADcmXL1021-1 Vibration Sensor is intended to function as a single-axis vibration monitoring system.

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2020-04-20, SAR ADCs provide high accuracy, high speed and low power

Analog Devices 16-Bit Pseudo Differential Successive Approximation Register ADCs provide high accuracy, high speed, and low power. The ADCs run at 1.8V single-supply operation with 1.71V to 5.5V logic interface.

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2020-04-13, Analog Devices - Front-end ICs for phased array antenna or radar applications

Analog Devices ADTR1107 Front-End ICs are compact, 6GHz to 18GHz, and are excellent for phased array antenna or radar applications.

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2020-04-08, Analog Devices - Isolated flyback controllers designed for isolated DC-DC power supplies

Linear Technology/Analog Devices ADP1071 Isolated Synchronous Flyback Controllers with integrated iCouplers are PWM current mode fixed frequency controllers designed for isolated DC-DC power supplies.

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2020-04-01, Analog Devices - Matched resistor network offers great matching specifications over temperature range

Analog Devices LT5401 Matched Resistor Network is optimised for usage with fully differential or difference amplifiers.

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2020-02-20, Analog Devices - Battery management PMIC combines several monitoring functions

Analog Devices ADP5360 Battery Management PMIC combines several functions that can monitor the output voltage for advanced battery management. The device has one high-performance linear charger for a single Li-Ion/Li-Poly battery with a programmable, ultra-low quiescent current fuel gauge.

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2020-02-10, Analog Devices - Controller designed to drive external N-Channel MOSFETs

Analog Devices LTC4421 Prioritized PowerPath Controller is intended to drive external N-Channel MOSFETs to connect one of two input supplies to a common output, based on user-defined priority and validity.

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2020-02-05, Analog Devices - Quad-channel software configurable I/O for building and process control

The Analog Devices AD74413R Quad-Channel Software Configurable Input/Output is a solution for building and process control applications.

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2019-12-23, Analog Devices - New RF front end released for mMIMO designs

The Analog Devices ADRF5545A RF front end module from is a dual-channel integrated RF receiver front-end module designed for time-division duplexing and massive multiple-input and multiple-output (mMIMO) applications that operate in the 2.4GHz-4.2GHz frequency range.

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2019-12-09, Analog Devices - Synchronous boost controllers enable high power boost applications

Analog Devices LTC7841 PolyPhase Synchronous Boost Controllers drive two N-channel power MOSFET stages out-of-phase. Multiphase operation decreases input and output capacitor demands and allows the usage of smaller inductors than the single-phase equivalent.

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2019-12-04, Analog Devices - Audio bus transceivers can tailor performance to stringent EMC demands

Analog Devices AD242xW Automotive Audio Bus (A2B) Transceivers provide the unprecedented ability to tailor system-level performance to even the most stringent EMC demands.

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2019-11-06, Analog Devices - Wideband synthesiser with ultra-low phase noise offers excellent performance

The Analog Devices ADF5610 is a wideband synthesiser with an integrated VCO. The device provides outstanding performance and flexibility and is excellent for diverse market applications including aerospace and defence, microwave point-to-point links, wireless infrastructure, electronic test and measurement, and satellite terminals.

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2019-10-27, Analog Devices - No-opto isolated flyback converter for automotive, industrial and medical applications

Analog Devices LT3002 No-Opto Isolated Flyback Converter is a monolithic micropower isolated flyback converter. Through sampling the isolated output voltage straight from the primary-side flyback waveform, the part needs no third winding or optoisolator for regulation.