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Latest Technologies of Analog Devices Inc.

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2023-02-19, Precision 8-bit voltage output digital - to - analog converter

The AD7224 is a precision 8-bit voltage output, digital-to-analog converter, output amplifier and dual buffered interface logic on a single chip CMOS chip. No external decoration is required to achieve the full specified performance of this part. The dual-buffer interface logic consists of two 8-bit registers -- an input register and a DAC register. Manufactured using a full ion-implanted high speed linearly compatible CMOS (LC2 MOS) process, a process specifically developed for integrating high speed digital logic circuits and precision analog circuits on the same chip

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2023-02-17, 1.2V ultra low power high PSRR reference voltage

The ADR280 is a 1.2V band-gap core benchmark with excellent line conditioning and power suppression, designed for applications that experience a large number of dynamic power changes, and it is available in compact 3-pin SOT-23 and SC70 packages. The equipment is suitable for extended industrial temperature ranges from −40°C to +85°C.

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2023-02-17, Broadband, high output current, fast settling operational amplifier

The AD842 is a member of the Analog Devices, Inc. family of wide bandwidth operational amplifiers. This device is fabricated using the Analog Device junction isolated complementary bipolar (CB) process. This process permits a combination of dc precision and wideband ac performance previously unobtainable in a monolithic op amp. In addition to its 80 MHz gain bandwidth product, the AD842 offers extremely fast settling characteristics, typically settling to within 0.01% of final value in less than 100 ns for a 10 V step

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2023-02-17, Dual ultra-thin 2.5A or single 5A step-down DC/DC µmodule regulators

The LTM4622 is a complete dual 2.5A step-down switching mode µModule (powermodule) regulator in a tiny ultrathin 6.25mm × 6.25mm × 1.82mm LGA and 6.25mm × 6.25mm × 2.42mm BGA packages. Included in the package are the switching controller, power FETs, inductor and support components. Operating over an input voltage range of 3.6V to 20V, the LTM4622 supports an output voltage range of 0.6V to 5.5V, set by a single external resistor. Its high efficiency design delivers dual 2.5A continuous, 3A peak, output current. Only a few ceramic input and output capacitors are needed

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2023-02-16, 1.5Ω with resistance, ±15v / 12v /±5v, iCMOS, double SPDT switch

The ADG1436 is a monolithic CMOS device containing two independently selectable SPDT switches. An EN input on the LFCSP package enables or disable the device. When disabled, all channels are switched off. Each switch conducts equally well in both directions when on and has an input signal range that extends to the supplies. In the off condition, signal levels up to the supplies are blocked. Both switches exhibit break-beforemake switching action for use in multiplexer applications.

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2023-02-15, Signal and power isolation CAN transceiver integrates isolation dc-dc converter

The ADM3053 is an Isolation Controller LAN (CAN) physical layer transceiver with an integrated isolation dc-to-dc converter that complies with ISO 11898 standards. The unit is powered by a single 5 V power supply, enabling a fully isolated CAN solution.

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2023-02-12, 10-bit digital temperature sensor (AD7416) and 4 channel /1 channel adc

The AD7417 and AD7418 are 10-bit, 4-channel and single-channel ADCs with an on-chip temperature sensor that can operate from a single 2.7 V to 5.5 V power supply. The devices contain a 15 μs successive approximation converter, a 5-channel multiplexer, a temperature sensor, a clock oscillator, a track-and-hold, and a reference (2.5 V). The AD7416 is a temperature-monitoring only device in an 8-lead package.

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2023-02-10, Analog Devices 8 bit, high speed, multiplicative D/A converter

The DAC08 series of 8-bit monolithic digital-to-analog converters provide very high speed performance coupled with low cost and outstanding applications flexibility.

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2023-02-09, 3.3A Boost/Inverter DC/DC converter with fault protection

The LT3581 is a PWM DC/DC converter with built-in fault protection features to aid in protecting against output shorts, input/output overvoltages, and overtemperature conditions. The part consists of a 42V master switch, and a 42V slave switch that can be tied together for a total current limit of 3.3A.

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2023-02-09, Analog Devices Six-Input Channel Analog Front End

The AD73360 is a six-input channel analog front-end processor for general purpose applications including industrial power metering or multichannel analog inputs. It features six 16-bit A/D conversion channels each of which provide 77 dB signal-tonoise ratio over a dc to 4 kHz signal bandwidth. Each channel also features a programmable input gain amplifier (PGA) with gain settings in eight stages from 0 dB to 38 dB.

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2023-02-09, LC2 MOS 12-bit, serial 6ms ADC in 8-pin package

The AD7893 is a fast, 12-bit ADC that operates from a single +5 V supply and is housed in a small 8-pin mini-DIP and 8-pin SOIC. The part contains a 6 µs successive approximation A/D converter, an on-chip track/hold amplifier, an on-chip clock and a high speed serial interface.

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2023-02-08, 1.5A, low noise, fast transient response LDO regulator

The LT1963A series are lowdropoutregulatorsoptimized for fast transient response. The devices are capable of supplying 1.5A of output current with a dropout voltage of 340mV. Operating quiescent current is 1mA, dropping to <1µA in shutdown. Quiescent current is well controlled; it does not rise in dropout as it does with many other regulators. In addition to fast transient response, the LT1963A regulators have very low output noise which makes them ideal for sensitive RF supply applications

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2023-02-08, Analog Devices 500kHz monolithic step-down mode switch regulator

The LT1507 is a 500kHz monolithic step-down mode switching regulator that performs the same functions as the LT1375 but is optimized for lower input voltage applications. It will work in the 4V to 15V input range, compared to the LT1375's 5.5V to 25V input range. A 1.5A switch is included on the mold, along with all necessary oscillator, control and logic circuits

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2023-02-07, Analog Devices Precision Low Drift Low Noise Buffered Reference

The LTC6652 family of precision, low drift, low noise references is fully specified over the temperature range of –40°C to 125°C. High order curvature compensation allows these references to achieve a low drift of less than 5ppm/°C with a predictable temperature characteristic and an output voltage accuracy of ±0.05%. The performance over temperature should appeal to automotive, high performance industrial and other high temperature applications

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2023-02-07, Four-channel 12-bit serial voltage output DAC from Analog Devices

The DAC8420 is a quad, 12-bit voltage-output DAC with serial digital interface in a 16-lead package. Utilizing BiCMOS technology, this monolithic device features unusually high circuit density and low power consumption. The simple, easy-to-use serial digital input and fully buffered analog voltage outputs require no external components to achieve a specified performance.

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2023-02-06, Analog Devices provide ultra-high speed current feedback amplifiers

The AD8009 is an ultrahigh speed current feedback amplifier with a phenomenal 5,500 V/µs slew rate that results in a rise time of 545 ps, making it ideal as a pulse amplifier.

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2023-02-06, Low - cost, zero - drift input amplifier with filter and fixed gain

The AD8293G80/AD8293G160 are small, low cost, precision instrumentation amplifiers that have low noise and rail-to-rail outputs. They are available in two fixed-gain models: 80 and 160. They incorporate the gain setting resistors and filter resistors, reducing the number of ancillary components.

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2023-02-05, Four voltage ups and downs collator and monitor with programmable timing

The ADM1186-1 and ADM1186-2 are integrated, four-channel voltage monitoring and sequencing devices. A 2.7 V to 5.5 V power supply is required on the VCC pin for power.