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Latest Technologies of Analog Devices Inc.

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2023-02-05, Four voltage ups and downs collator and monitor with programmable timing

The ADM1186-1 and ADM1186-2 are integrated, four-channel voltage monitoring and sequencing devices. A 2.7 V to 5.5 V power supply is required on the VCC pin for power.

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2023-02-05, Analog Devices DC coupled demodulated 120 MHZ logarithmic amplifier

The AD640 is a complete monolithic logarithmic amplifier. A single AD640 provides up to 50 dB of dynamic range for frequencies from dc to 120 MHz. Two AD640s in cascade can provide up to 95 dB of dynamic range at reduced bandwidth. The AD640 uses a successive detection scheme to provide an output current proportional to the logarithm of the input voltage. It is laser calibrated to close tolerances and maintains high accuracy over the full military temperature range using supply voltages from ±4.5 V to ±7.5 V.

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2023-02-05, Single - and four-tube 18v operational amplifiers

The AD8614 (single) and AD8644 (quad) are single-supply, 5.5 MHz bandwidth, rail-to-rail amplifiers optimized for LCD monitor applications.

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2023-02-04, Analog Devices 1.1A, low noise, low differential linear voltage regulator

The LT1965 series are lownoise, lowdropout linearregulators. The devices supply 1.1A of output current with a 310mVtypicaldropoutvoltage. Operatingquiescentcurrent is 500µA for the adjustable version, reducing to <1µA in shutdown. Quiescent current iswell controlled; it does not rise in dropout aswithmany otherregulators. The LT1965 regulators have very low output noise which makes them ideal for sensitive RF and DSP supply applications

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2023-02-04, 2 phase, 5 position VID, current mode, high efficiency, synchronous step-down switch regulator

The LTC1709-7 is a 2-phase, VID programmable, synchronous step-down switching regulator controller that drives two all N-channel external power MOSFET stages in a fixed frequency architecture. The 2-phase controller drives its two output stages out of phase at frequencies up to 300kHz to minimize the RMS ripple currents in both input and output capacitors.

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2023-02-03, Ultra-low power, 1.8V, 3mm x 3mm, 2-channel capacitor converter

The AD7156 delivers a complete signal processing solution for capacitive sensors, featuring an ultralow power converter with fast response time.

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2023-02-03, Linear Technology offers a 10Msps, 12-bit sampling a /D converter

The LTC1420 is a 10Msps, 12-bit sampling A/D converter that draws only 250mW from either single 5V or dual ±5V supplies. This easy-to-use device includes a high dynamic range sample-and-hold, a precision reference and a PGA input circuit

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2023-02-03, Multi-range, 16-bit / 12-bit, bipolar/monopole voltage output dac with reference value of 2ppm /°C

The AD5761R/AD5721R are single channel, 16-/12-bit serial input, voltage output, digital-to-analog converters (DACs). They operate from single supply voltages from +4.75 V to +30 V or dual supply voltages from −16.5 V to 0 V VSS and +4.75 V to +16.5 V VDD. The integrated output amplifier, reference buffer, and reference provide a very easy to use, universal solution.

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2023-02-03, Low cost, high speed rail to rail amplifier

The AD8091 (single) and AD8092 (dual) are low cost, voltage feedback, high speed amplifiers designed to operate on +3 V, +5 V, or ±5 V supplies. The AD8091/AD8092 have true singlesupply capability, with an input voltage range extending 200 mV below the negative rail and within 1 V of the positive rail

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2023-02-02, Dual 8A low VIN DC/DC μmodule regulators per channel

The LTM4616 is a complete dual 2-phase 8A per channel switch mode DC/DC power regulator system in a 15mm × 15mm surface mount LGA or BGA package. Included in the package are the switching controller, power FETs, inductor and all support components. Operating from an input voltage range of 2.7V to 5.5V, the LTM4616 supports two outputs within a voltage range of 0.6V to 5V, each set by a single external resistor

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2023-02-02, 4 channel/single channel, 9 μs, 10 bit adc with on-chip temperature sensor

The AD7817/AD7818 are 10-bit, single- and 4-channel analog-todigital converters (ADCs) with an on-chip temperature sensor that can operate from a single 2.7 V to 5.5 V power supply. Each device contains a 9 μs successive approximation converter based around a capacitor digital-to-analog converter (DAC), an onchip temperature sensor with an accuracy of ±2°C, an on-chip clock oscillator, inherent track-and-hold functionality, and an on-chip reference (2.5 V).

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2023-02-02, High frequency divider/PLL synthesizer

The ADF4007 is a high frequency divider/PLL synthesizer that can be used in a variety of communications applications. It can operate to 7.5 GHz on the RF side and to 120 MHz at the PFD. It consists of a low noise digital PFD (phase frequency detector), a precision charge pump, and a divider/prescaler. The divider/ prescaler value can be set by two external control pins to one of four values (8, 16, 32, or 64).

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2023-02-02, Single chip dual tracking 3A step-down switch regulator

The LT3992 is a dual current mode PWM step-down DC/DC converter with two internal 4.6A switches. Independent input voltage, shutdown, feedback, soft-start, UVLO current limit and comparator pins for each channel simplify complex power supply tracking and sequencing requirements.

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2023-02-01, Analog Devices dual-wide range power monitor

The LTC2992 is a rail-to-rail system monitor that measures current, voltage, and power of two supplies. It features an operating range of 2.7V to 100V and includes a shunt regulator for supplies above 100V.

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2023-01-12, Low frequency to 4 GHz high linear Y-type mixers

The ADL5350 is a high linearity, up-and-down converting mixer capable of operating over a broad input frequency range. It is well suited for demanding cellular base station mixer designs that require high sensitivity and effective blocker immunity. Based on a GaAs pHEMT, single-ended mixer architecture, the ADL5350 provides excellent input linearity and low noise figure without the need for a high power level LO drive.

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2023-01-11, Analog Devices 2-Terminal IC Temperature Transducer

The AD590 is a 2-terminal integrated circuit temperature transducer that produces an output current proportional to absolute temperature. For supply voltages between 4 V and 30 V, the device acts as a high impedance, constant current regulator passing 1 μA/K. Laser trimming of the chip’s thin-film resistors is used to calibrate the device to 298.2 μA output at 298.2 K (25°C).

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2023-01-10, Analog Devices 10mhz, four quadrant multiplier/divider

The AD734 is an accurate high speed, four-quadrant analog multiplier that is pin compatible with the industry-standard AD534 and provides the transfer function W = XY/U. The AD734 provides a low impedance voltage output with a full power (20 V p-p) bandwidth of 10 MHz. Total static error (scaling, offsets, and nonlinearities combined) is 0.1% of full scale. Distortion is typically less than −80 dBc and guaranteed. The low capacitance X, Y, and Z inputs are fully differential. In most applications, no external components are required to define the function.

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2023-01-09, 5V RS232 transceiver with advanced power management and a receiver active in shutdown

The LT1237 is an advanced low power three driver, five receiver RS232 transceiver. Included on the chip is a shutdown pin for reducing supply current near zero. During shutdown one receiver remains active to detect incoming RS232 signals, for example, to wake up a system.