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Latest Technologies of STMicroelectronics

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2023-01-01, Very low voltage drop regulator with suppression function

The LEXX is a very low-dropout voltage regulator available in SO-8, TO-92 packages and over a wide range of output voltages.

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2022-12-27, High efficiency, compliant with IEEE 802.3at, integrated PoE-PD interface and PWM controller

The PM8801 integrates a standard compliant Power over Ethernet (PoE) interface and a current mode PWM controller to simplify the design of the power supply sections of all powered devices.

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2022-12-26, STMicroelectronics offers a very low voltage drop regulator

The LD49300 is a high-bandwidth, low-dropout, 3.0 A voltage regulator, ideal for powering core voltages of low power microprocessors. The LD49300 implements a dual supply configuration, which guarantees a very low output impedance and a fast transient response.

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2022-12-21, ST unveils new advanced 6-axis IMUs with built-in sensor fusion technology and artificial intelligence

Stmicroelectronics introduces the 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) flagship LSM6DSV16X. The new product includes Stmicro's low-power sensor fusion (SFLP) technology, artificial intelligence (AI), and self-adaptive self-configuration (ASC) function, which can optimize power consumption.

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2022-12-20, STMicroelectronics releases 100W wireless charging receiver chip for the current fastest Qi wireless charging

Stmicroelectronics has introduced the 100W wireless charging receiver chip, the highest rated wireless charging receiver chip in the industry, for the fastest wireless charging on the market today. Using STMicro's new chip, the STWLC99, a high-end smartphone with the largest battery can be fully charged in less than 30 minutes.

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2022-12-12, Automobile application of up to 1 step-down switching regulator

The A5970D is a step-down monolithic power switching regulator, with a minimum switching current limit of 1.35 a, so it can provide up to 1 a DC current to the load according to the application conditions. The output voltage can be set from 1.235 V to VIN.

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2022-12-12, STMicroelectronics Low power, four operational amplifier

The LM124-N series consists of four independent, high-gain, internally frequency compensated operational amplifiers designed to operate from a single power supply over a wide range of voltages. Operation from split-power supplies is also possible and the low-power supply current drain is independent of the magnitude of the power supply voltage.

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2022-12-10, Texas Instruments offers very low drop voltage regulators with suppression capabilities

The LFXX is a very low drop regulator available in TO-220, TO-220FP, DPAK and PPAK packages and in a wide range of output voltages. The low drop voltage (0.45 V) and low quiescent current make it particularly suitable for low-noise, low-power applications and especially in batterypowered systems.

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2022-12-07, STMicroelectronics has released the FDA803S and FDA903S audio amplifier chips

FDA803S and FDA903S are the latest single channel fully differential 10W Class D audio power amplifiers in the Italian French semiconductor FDA (pure digital amplifier) series. Target applications include emergency road rescue, remote information processing and any vehicle system that requires audio channel to generate voice, music or prompt messages with maximum 10W standard output power.

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2022-12-06, Three phase full shunt ammeter evaluation board based on ISOSD61 STM32F413RH

The STMICRO EVALST-3PHISOSD evaluation board implements a complete three-phase current meter with a low-cost shunt current sensor. The solution is based on the ISOSD61 device, a single-channel, electrically isolated second-order sigma-delta modulator that measures the current of each phase through a shunt current sensor.

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2022-11-24, STMicroelectronics LSM6DSV iNEMO Inertial Module

STMicroelectronics LSM6DSV iNEMO Inertial Module is a system-in-package featuring a 3-axis digital gyroscope and a 3-axis digital accelerometer. It has a triple core for processing acceleration and angular rate data on three separate channels with dedicated configuration, filtering, and processing.

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2022-11-21, STMicroelectronics X040 sensitive gate SCR and Z040 triterminal bidirectional SCR

STMicroelectronics X040 Sensitive gate SCR and Z040 Triterminal bidirectional SCR are 750V devices designed for power regulation and switching applications. A unidirectional X040 sensitive gate SCR can conduct current in one direction and block current in the other

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2022-11-19, Stmicroelectronics Embedded AI solutions add advanced features to simplify machine learning development

To expand the capabilities of development tools and accelerate embedded artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) development projects, stmicroelectronics has released the NanoEdge AI Studio and STM32Cub.AI. The updated version of These two development tools help move artificial intelligence and machine learning to application edge devices. After moving to the edge of the network, the benefits of AI and machine learning are outstanding, including native privacy protection, deterministic real-time response, higher reliability, and lower power consumption

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2022-11-10, STMicroelectronics STSPIN233 triplet half-bridge motor driver

STSPIN233 of STMicroelectronics provides a high level of integration, allowing three diffluent topologies and three independent inputs, making it possible to use FOC sensorless algorithms in portable IoT applications.

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2022-11-09, STMicroelectronics IPS4260L four way low side intelligent power switch

The stmicroelectronics IPS4260L is a monolithic high-speed device capable of driving four independent capacitive, resistive or inductive loads with one side power connection voltage. Four integrated diodes clamp the inductive load to produce a switching transient. Built-in hot shutdown protection chip to prevent overheating and short circuit

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2022-11-05, Stmicroelectronics EFL700A39 thin film lithium battery

Stmicroelectronics has begun limited production of EnFilm's advanced rechargeable batteries, which are less than 0.25mm thick. These paper-thin batteries free designers from the limitations of standard battery sizes and are ideal for powering the next generation of personal technology and iot devices

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2022-11-02, STMicroelectronics STM32G0 Series Single Chip Microcomputer

STMicroelectronics' STM32G0 series microcontroller (mcu) based on Arm Cortex-M0+has been upgraded in 32-bit performance and integration, and has the core functions of STM32 family, which is particularly suitable for cost sensitive applications

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2022-10-25, STMicroelectronics synchronous step-down controller is small and flexible, and can handle extreme step-down ratio easily

STMicroelectronics has introduced the L3751 Synchronous step-down controller with a compact size and input voltage range of 6V to 75V for a variety of applications ranging from industrial equipment to pure electric light vehicles,To improve energy efficiency and minimize ripple current, the L3751 is in diode simulation mode with pulse-jump function under light load.