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Latest Technologies of STMicroelectronics

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2022-10-19, ST advanced vibration sensor eliminates road noise and creates a quieter cabin for the era of electric vehicles

STMicroelectronics, a global leading semiconductor company serving multiple electronic applications, has introduced a new road noise cancellation (RNC) MEMS sensor. The new product adopts active noise control (ANC) technology to reduce road noise, making the car more comfortable and quiet. In the past, engine performance, appearance design and gearbox were the three defining elements of automobile; Now, drivers and passengers pay more and more attention to driving comfort.

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2022-10-18, STMicroelectronics Advanced vibration sensor eliminates road noise and creates a quieter cabin for the era of electric vehicles

STMicroelectronics has introduced a new road noise cancellation (RNC) MEMS sensor. The new product adopts active noise control (ANC) technology to reduce road noise, making the car more comfortable and quiet

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2022-10-18, The STMicroelectronicsCAN FD Light multi-pixel driver powers the next generation automotive lighting design

STMicroelectronics's L99LDLH32 linear current stabilizer provides a simple integrated solution for controlling dynamic automotive lighting using the lightweight CAN FD Light protocol. OLED lights can emit bright, uniform and high-contrast light from very small surfaces, and the new driver is perfectly matched to OLED, allowing designers to create complex patterns and light effects that enhance vehicle safety and design visuals.

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2022-10-13, Stmicro expands its line of 5V op-amps to optimize power and signal conditioning performance

A high-performance two-way operational amplifier has been added to the 5V product series of ST. The gain bandwidth (GBW) is 30MHz, the input offset voltage (typical value) is 50 µ V. The new product TSV78230MHz can realize high-speed and high accuracy signal conditioning.

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2022-10-08, STMicroelectronics' monolithic architecture is assembled in a QFN48L package in M0T5 VIPower Technology

STMicroelectronics' IPS1025HFQ is a monolithic architecture in M0T5 VIPower Technology and assembled in QFN48L (8 mm x 6 mm) Package. The IC is single high-side switch device which can drive capacitive, resistive, or inductive loads with one side connected to ground (high-side switch)

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2022-10-08, The TOF sensor of the Semiconductor Semiconductor provides a 90 ° diagonal field, based on ST FlightSense technology

Stmicroelectronics VL53L7CX Time-of-flight (ToF) sensor is designed for applications requiring an ultra-wide field of view, providing a 90° diagonal field of view (FoV). Based on ST's FlightSense technology, the VL53L7CX incorporates an efficient metasurface lens [Diffraction Optical Element (DOE)] placed on the laser emitter to project a 60°x 60° square field of view onto the scene.

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2022-10-08, Stmicro synchronous step-down controller has extremely high voltage conversion ratio

STMicroelectronics' 6 V to 75 V wide input voltage range L3751 synchronous buck controller features an extreme voltage conversion ratio over switching frequency range (100 kHz to 1 MHz) due to 40 nsec minimum conduction time

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2022-10-08, STMicroelectronics' system-in-package features a 3-axis digital accelerometer and a 3-axis digital gyroscope

STMicroelectronics' ISM330IS is a system-in-package featuring a 3-axis digital accelerometer and a 3-axis digital gyroscope, boosting performance at 0.59 mA in high-performance mode and enabling always-on low-power features for optimal motion results in industrial and IoT solutions.

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2022-10-08, The Demonstration board of the Italian Semiconductor is a 12V to 400W converter, which is suitable for the typical specifications of the AC/DC adapter

STMicroelectronics' semiconductor EVL400W-80PL demonstration board is a 12V to 400W converter, which is tailor-made for the typical specifications of AC/DC adapters. Average efficiency. It is composed of the main control boards of L4985A and L6699 that installed high -voltage power devices, installation of integrated circuit controllers L4985A and L6699, and secondary control boards for synchronous rectification.

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2022-09-22, STMicroelectronics Hybrid Dual Shutter Sensor Monitors All-round Vehicle Cabin for Improved Driving Safety and Comfort

The STMicroelectronics hybrid dual-shutter sensor monitors the vehicle cabin in all directions, improving driving safety and comfort, and the rolling shutter & global hybrid dual-shutter image sensor expands the basic functions of driving monitoring, bringing more adaptable and convenient driving experience

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2022-09-16, STMicroelectronics Introduces VDA Compliant LIN Alternator Regulator

STMicroelectronics has launched the L9918 automotive-grade alternator regulator, which ensures the stability of 12V automotive electrical systems with enhanced functionality.

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2022-09-14, STMicroelectronics Announces Two Flexible and Versatile Power Modules to Simplify SiC Inverter Design

STMicroelectronics has released two STPOWER power modules with built-in 1200V silicon carbide (SiC) MOSFETs in mainstream configurations. Both modules are packaged in STMicroelectronics' ACEPACK 2 technology for high power density and easy installation. The MOSFETs in both modules use ST's second-generation SiC technology, with an excellent RDS(on) x die area figure of merit, ensuring that the switches can handle high currents with very low power losses.

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2022-09-12, STMicroelectronics' 45 W QR USB PD Adapter Reference Design Based on VIPerGaN50 and STUSB4761

STMicroelectronics' EVLVIPGAN50PD 45 W USB Type-C® Power Delivery 3.0 Adapter is an isolated power supply based on the VIPERGAN50, the VIPER series of offline high voltage converters featuring 650 V HEMT power GaN transistors designed for quasi-resonant flyback conversion controller design capable of delivering up to 45 W of output power over a wide range

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2022-09-12, STEVAL-MKI212V1 Adapter Board from STMicroelectronics

STMicroelectronics' STEVAL-MKI212V1 adapter board is designed to help evaluate MEMS devices in the ASM330LHHX product family. This board provides an efficient solution for rapid system prototyping and device evaluation directly in the user's own application.

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2022-09-12, STMicroelectronics offers IPS1025H, IPS1025H-32 and IPS1025HF single-sided switches

The IPS1025H, IPS1025H-32 and IPS1025HF of STMicroelectronics are monolithic architectures with M0T5 VIPower technology in PowerSSOS-24 packaging. These ics are single high-voltage side switching devices that can drive capacitive, resistive, or inductive loads (high-voltage side switches) grounded on one side. The operating voltage is recommended to be in the range of 8 V to 60 V, but the breakdown voltage on the power pin can reach 65 V

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2022-09-12, STMicroelectronics Unity-Gain Stable Dual Operational Amplifier with High Voltage and High Current Capability

The TSB582 from STMicroelectronics is a high-voltage and high-current capability unit gain stabilized dual operational amplifier with internal protection against overheating and current overload conditions and enhanced ESD and RF noise immunity. Typically, up to 200 mA of current is output per channel to drive low resistance inductive loads such as Angle rotary transformers, line output cables, and piezoelectric actuators

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2022-09-08, STMicroelectronics Introduces Fast-Start Load Switches for Safety Systems

STMicroelectronics has introduced the IPS1025HF fast-start high-side power switch targeted for safety systems requiring extremely short power-on delay times. The on-off response time of the IPS1025HF is still less than 60µs, ensuring that the safety protection system achieves the specified Safety Integrity Level (SIL). Supporting wide-voltage input from 8.65V to 60V, with a maximum withstand voltage of 65V on the input pins, this compact device can withstand harsh conditions in industrial applications

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2022-09-06, STMicroelectronics Introduces Next-Generation FlightSense Multi-Zone ToF Sensor

STMicroelectronics has introduced its new generation FlightSense™ Time-of-flight (ToF) multi-zone sensor. The product, together with a set of practical software algorithms, constitutes a comprehensive solution for user detection, gesture recognition and intrusion alarm designed for the PC market.