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AVX - Aluminium electrolytic capacitors for industrial equipment and consumer electronics

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Post Date: 2021-09-22, AVX Corporation

Mouser now offers AVX SMD aluminum electrolytic capacitors with a capacitance range of 2.2µF to 6800µF, a capacitance tolerance of ±20%, and a temperature range of -55C to +105/+125C.

The capacitor product portfolio includes AEH, AEA and AHA series. The AEH series is suitable for surface mounting of high-density PC boards and has a durability of 2000 to 5000 hours at +125C.

AEA capacitors provide low impedance ratings and are suitable for SMT processes, while AHA capacitors have low ESR, high voltage and long life.

These capacitors are very suitable for industrial equipment, consumer electronics and DC-DC converters: AEH series are very suitable for DC-DC convectors, high-density SMD boards and higher operating temperature environments; AEA series are industrial electronics, consumer electronics, lighting and Ideal for DC-DC converters; and AHA series for industrial equipment and base station equipment.

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