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AVX - New varistors designed for use in harsh-environments

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Post Date: 2019-12-09, AVX Corporation
AVX Corporation has released a series of new high-temperature glass-encapsulated MLVs that meet the requirements of AEC-Q200, are rated up to 150 ° C, and are designed for a variety of high-energy, harsh environment automotive hoods, industrial and oil and gas application. The new TransGuard automotive electronics products include zinc oxide-based ceramic semiconductor devices. Their non-linear, bi-directional voltage-current characteristics are comparable to back-to-back Zener diodes, but they have higher current and energy processing capabilities and EMI / RFI attenuation capabilities. The VGAH series of high-temperature MLVs combine bidirectional overvoltage circuit protection and EMI / RFI filtering functions into a single high-reliability single SMT device. This series also has high current and energy handling capabilities, very fast sub-nanosecond response time to ESD impact, multiple impact functions, low leakage, high energy absorption / load dump and excellent solderability. Further benefits include glass packaging for imperviousness to withstand harsh environments and processes, including salt, acid and chlorine fluxes, The device is available in five chip sizes (1206, 1210, 1812, 2220, and 3220), with 16-31VDC operating voltage, 40-57V clamp voltage, 0.6-13J rated energy, 1.5-50J load dump energy, 200-1,800 A peak current rating and 700-15,000pF capacitor. "AVX's new TransGuard automotive VGAH series of high temperature glass-encapsulated multi-layer varistors further expands its portfolio of high-reliability solutions for high-temperature, high-energy and harsh environment applications in the automotive, industrial, oil and gas industries" AVX Circuits Jiri Machanicek, marketing manager for conservation products. "The new VGAH series MLV provides TVS protection in its on-state and broadband EMI / RFI filtering in its off-state without requiring any current or energy derating over its rated operating temperature range of -55C to 150C. , And has a compact form factor that can withstand harsh environmental conditions and processes, and meet the growing demand for lightweight, space-saving multi-functional components. "

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