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Analog Devices - Alias-free ADC that enables increased functionality and ease of use

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Post Date: 2021-03-01, Analog Devices Inc.

Analog Devices introduced the AD7134, an alias-free ADC, which greatly simplifies the front-end design and accelerates the time to market for precision DC-350kHz applications. Classical precision data acquisition signal chain design is a time-consuming task because developers need to balance the requirements of anti-aliasing filters, the tolerances of passive components, phase and gain errors, and the requirements of high-speed ADC drivers.

This device proposes a new architecture for precision ADCs, which fundamentally changes the design process. The new device eliminates the need for anti-aliasing filters, and its resistive input greatly simplifies ADC driving.

The device is a four-channel, 24-bit precision ADC, and its output data rate can be expanded from 10SPS to 1.5MSPS. The inherent anti-aliasing of up to 102dB eliminates the need for external anti-aliasing filters, thereby reducing 60 passive components and 5 active components. Compared with typical alternative implementations, it also saves 70% of the circuit board area. The asynchronous sampling rate converter simplifies the synchronization of multiple devices, enables users to easily implement coherent sampling systems, and simplifies isolation requirements.

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