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Analog Devices - Isolated flyback controllers designed for isolated DC-DC power supplies

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Post Date: 2020-04-08, Analog Devices Inc.

The linear technology / analog device ADP1071 integrates iCoupler's isolated synchronous flyback controller is a PWM current mode fixed frequency controller designed for isolated DC-DC power supplies. These controllers have ADP1071-1 and ADP1071-2 variants. The proprietary iCoupler is integrated into the device, thereby eliminating the bulky signal transformers and optocouplers that transmit signals on the isolation boundary. This integration improves the reliability of the overall system and reduces the complexity, cost, and number of components of the system design.

The output regulation of the isolated flyback controller is achieved by sensing the output voltage of the secondary side, while the feedback and PWM signals are transmitted between the primary side and the secondary side through iCoupler. These controllers have input current protection, OVP, UVLO, precision enable with adjustable hysteresis, OTP and energy-saving LLM. The isolated flyback controller is packaged in a 16-lead SOIC_W with a rated isolation voltage of 5kVrms and a 24-terminal LGA package.

The ADP1071-1 is intended for high input voltage applications, where the DC input voltage can exceed 60V.

The ADP1071-2 is designed for isolated DC-DC applications with input voltages below 36V.

These devices are ideal for isolated DC-DC or AC / DC power conversion, telecommunications and industry, small cells, PoE power supply equipment, and enterprise-class switches and routers.

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