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Analog Devices - Synchronous boost controllers enable high power boost applications

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Post Date: 2019-12-09, Analog Devices Inc.
ADI's ADRF5545A RF front-end slave module is a dual-channel integrated RF receiver front-end module designed for time division duplex and block multiple input and multiple output (mMIMO) applications that operate in the 2.4 GHz-4.2 GHz frequency range of applications. The device is a dual-channel configuration with cascaded two-stage GaAs LNA and high-power silicon SPDT switches. The device has a single-supply operation and interface for COMS control signals, which simplifies integration in multi-channel hardware designs and has repeatable performance throughout the system. This device has high RF power processing capability (average 40 dBm life), high integration and advanced circuit architecture, which reduces the need for external components and makes it ideal for 5G mMIMO antenna interfaces.

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