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Analog Devices offers low-cost SPDT switches

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Post Date: 2023-03-21, Analog Devices Inc.

The HMC197BE is a low-cost domain switch in a 6-pin SOT26 plastic package for general switching applications requiring very low insertion losses and a very small size. The device can control signals from DC to 3 GHz, especially for 900 MHz, 1.8-2.2 GHz, and 2.4 GHz ISM applications with losses of less than 1 dB.

The design provides excellent insertion loss performance and is ideal for filter and receiver switching. RF1 and RF2 are reflective shorts when "off". These two control voltages require minimal DC current and are compatible with most cmos and ttl logic families.

HMC197BE Functional Diagram


Evaluation Circuit Board


Typical Application Circuit

1) Set the logic gate and switch Vdd = +3V to +5V, and use the HCT series logic to provide the TTL driver interface.

2) Control input A/B can be directly driven by CMO S logic (HC), Vdd of 5 to 8 volts, applied to CMOS logic gate.

3) As shown in the figure, each RF port requires a DC shield capacitor. The capacitance value determines the lowest operating frequency.

4) When Vdd = +8V and A/B is set to 0/+8V, the RF signal power capability is the highest.           



● Low Insertion Loss: 0.4 dB

● Ultra Small Package: SOT26

● Input IP3: +59 dBm

● Positive Control: 0/+ 3V@3µA


● MMDS and wireless LAN

● PCMCIA wireless card

● Portable wireless

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