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Bourns - New non-contacting feedback rotary sensor with SSI output

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Post Date: 2021-06-20, Bourns Inc.

Bourns, Inc announced its latest non-contact feedback rotation sensor, which has an SSI output for effective synchronization in a closed-loop control system. This single-turn rotation sensor is based on Hall effect technology. It is supported by factory programmable electrical angles from 10 to 360 degrees, which facilitates more consistent and reliable operation of up to 50 million spindles.

Bourns DMS22B rotary sensor is manufactured with non-contact magnetic technology, with consistent excellent performance and high reliability, and is an ideal choice for various application environments. In addition, its IP50 sealing rating makes the rotary sensor extremely resistant to fluid/dust ingress. The sensor is equipped with a 7/8" flat shaft and bushing installation configuration, providing designers with a highly versatile position sensing solution, suitable for various applications, including patient platform positioning feedback, pneumatic control valve position feedback, and cable position sensor , Remote communication antenna positioning, actuator motor position feedback, automated manufacturing robots, etc.

Rotation sensors are available now and are RoHS compliant.

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