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Bourns new generation GDT series products are advanced and have unique coplanarity

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Post Date: 2022-11-19, Bourns Inc.

Bourns introduced a new series of 3-pole surface mount products to expand the product line of the new generation of gas discharge tubes (GDT). Bourns GDT35 series provides stronger and faster response components, symbolizing that Bourns continues to set standards for the performance of breakthrough overvoltage arresters, and significantly improves the protection level of voltage transients caused by lightning or accidental contact with AC power lines.

Bourns 3-pole GDT is designed with patented advanced computer simulation technology to achieve a lower pulse impact discharge module design, greatly reducing the pressure of downstream components. This feature enables designers to select smaller and lower voltage rated downstream components and helps reduce their overall material costs. The new GDT35 series has excellent current processing capacity, compact shape and unique coplanar fit, enabling GDT components to switch in any direction until three-point contact is established. In addition, GDT35 series is Bourns ®  A direct alternative to the standard 2036-SM GDT series.

Low capacitance and low insertion loss make the new series an ideal solution for protecting industrial equipment and high-speed information and communication technology (ICT) systems. In addition, Bourns ®  GDT35 series has a wide operating temperature range from - 55 ° C to+125 ° C, making this protector the best choice for applications operating under extreme environmental conditions. Bourns also provides a GDT35 design package, which includes five pieces of each GDT35 series voltage, to provide design engineers with protection solutions for rapid conversion prototype testing. All series are UL certified and RoHS compliant.

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