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Circuit protection device ensures the reliability of operation

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Post Date: 2022-05-07, Bourns Inc.

     All circuit protection technologies produced and supplied by Bourns are now available from Mouser. Includes fuses, PTC thermistors, varistors, returnable thermal cutouts, GDTs, hybrid protectors, surge protectors, discrete semiconductor solutions, and more

    Reliable surge protection is an important design consideration that helps improve operational reliability of consumer electronics, automotive, battery charging, industrial/communications equipment, energy storage infrastructure and renewable energy collection ecosystems.

     This strategy requires the application of surge suppression at points in the circuit that protect all downstream equipment and equipment, surge suppression of the entire building, including the equipment and the equipment itself, or both. Power surges can cause damage to sensitive or exposed equipment, resulting in operational disruption, equipment degradation, system downtime or disruption -- not to mention safety concerns. The preferred form of protection for people and equipment against surges is to prevent excessive voltages.

     To ensure that the correct Bourns surge protection component is selected for a given application, various elements must be determined: maximum continuous operating voltage, maximum reverse operating voltage, peak current, peak power, and clamp voltage.

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