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Constant pressure PMC for intermittent input energy collection devices

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Post Date: 2022-05-08, EPC

      E-peas has released three new Pics and innovative engineering breakthroughs in the new devices include constant input voltage regulation, making them uniquely optimised for intermittent and pulsed power inputs complementing the current AEM family. It also provides more room for product developers to implement their energy harvesting systems.

    AEM00330 is a complete power management chip, while AEM00300 is a storage component charger. Potential uses for these devices include access control systems, smart switches for smart homes or buildings, PoS units and smart running shoes. Both are self-configurable and can automatically switch between buck, buck - boost, and boost operations. This allows for faster adjustments to different source, storage and load arrangements (boost, buck, etc.) and maximizes the energy transfer capacity of these devices.         Once a predefined threshold is exceeded, they can immediately respond to power inputs, enabling fast and efficient energy extraction. The operating input voltage range is 140mV to 4.5V, so it can manage power levels from 3µW to 570mW. Another key feature is their ability to swap power from load or storage components, providing greater flexibility in applications that should initially focus on one or the other.

     AEM00940 is a Boost solution designed to support efficient energy transfer from power sources with lower voltage than the storage element. It has LDO based output instead of DC based output. Selectable operating input voltage ranges from 50mV to 4.5V.As with pulse and intermittent sources, these three PMCS are ideal for sources that take a long time to arrive open.

     All three new devices have full storage element versatility, enabling them to be used in energy collection implementations with single and double supercapacitors, lithium ions, lithium iron phosphate, lithium polymers, nickel-cadmium, thin film batteries, and solid state batteries. Each has selectable and adjustable storage element protection mechanisms covering overcharge and overdischarge.

       Christian Ferrier, CHIEF Marketing officer of E-Peas, said: "Not all energy harvesting can be relied on for more sustained output." By developing solutions that can respond quickly to such sources, we bring something truly unique to the market. Our new constant pressure PMC can capture energy anytime, addressing home and building automation needs as well as many new use cases."

       The AEM00330 comes in 40-pin QFN package format and is 5mm x 5mm. The AEM00300 comes in a 4mm × 4mm 28-pin QFN package, while the AEM00940 comes in a 5mm × 5mm QFN28 package.


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