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Current mode switching regulators provide complete power solution for PD applications

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Post Date: 2023-03-17, Linear Technology

The LTC4267-3 combines an IEEE 802.3AF-compatible power supply device (PD) interface with a 300kHz current mode switching regulator to provide a complete power solution for PD applications and integrates 25k signature resistors, classified current sources, thermal overload protection, signature disable and power good signals. And optimized undervoltage locking for diode Bridges required by ieee.

The LTC4267-3 provides an increased operating current limit that maximizes the power available for class 3 applications. The 300kHz current mode switching regulator provides higher output power or a smaller external size compared to its low frequency counterpart.

Designed to drive a 6-V rated N-channel MOSFET in a space-saving low-spec 16-pin SSOP or DFN package, the LTC4267-3 features programmable slope compensation, soft start and constant-frequency operation that minimizes noise even under light loads, and includes an onboard error amplifier and reference voltage, Allows use in both quarantined and non-quarantined configurations.

Typical Application


Pin Configuration



Block Diagram



● Complete Power Interface Port for IEEE 802.3af Powered Device (PD)

● Onboard 100V, UVLO Switch

● Constant-Frequency 300kHz Operation

● Precision Dual Level Inrush Current Limit

● Integrated Current Mode Switching Regulator

● Onboard 25k Signature Resistor with Disable

● Programmable Classification Current (Class 0-4)

● Thermal Overload Protection

● Power Good Signal

● Integrated Error Amplifier and Voltage Reference

● Low Profile 16-Pin SSOP or DFN Packages


● IP Phone Power Management

● Wireless Access Points

● Security Cameras

● Power over Ethernet



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