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Diodes Incorporated - Offline buck converter for IoT applications

Technology Cover
Post Date: 2018-09-05, Diodes Incorporated
Diodes Incorporated will provide the AL17050 universal offline buck converter designed for low-power IoT applications. With its wide AC input voltage range and fully integrated MOSFET, it provides a compact and efficient solution for generating constant voltage in low-power applications that need to adhere to strict standby power limits. The device is designed to allow AC input voltages between 85VAC and 265VAC, making it ideal for any area. The internal MOSFET can withstand voltages up to 500V, but is optimized for low-power applications, which means that the device consumes only 100μA of quiescent current. In addition, the device automatically adapts to low loads, thus providing excellent overall efficiency. The non-isolated design minimizes BoM for manufacturers developing IoT applications such as smart sensors, smart appliances and connected lighting. The device can provide a constant 3.3V / 5V voltage up to 60mA, making it ideal for low-power MCUs based on low-power MCUs with integrated IoT connectivity, such as Bluetooth LE or Zigbee.

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