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Diodes Incorporated's High Accuracy Bidirectional Current Display Delivers Accurate Measurements at Low BoM Costs

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Post Date: 2022-08-04, Diodes Incorporated

     Diodes Incorporated today announced a family of bidirectional current displays featuring a highly stable zero-drift architecture. These devices are capable of accurately measuring very low sense voltages over a wide common-mode voltage range. Key product applications include notebook computers, battery chargers, industrial servos, servers, power racks in server farms, and robotic systems.

     The ZXCT199 series of current display devices are available in six models, each featuring a precision chopper-stabilized operational amplifier for high precision operation. Its low offset voltage allows the maximum voltage drop of current sense across the shunt, down to 10mV full scale. This enables the use of inexpensive, low-value shunt resistor assemblies to measure large currents.

    The ZXCT199 series are voltage output devices with three fixed voltage gain options of 50V/V, 100V/V and 200V/V. These units measure voltages across shunts with common-mode voltages between -0.1V and 26V, independent of supply voltage.

     The new current sensor from Diodes has an operating temperature range of -40°C to 125°C and exhibits minimal gain error over this range. The maximum gain error over temperature is ±1.0% for models A and B, and ±0.8% for model C. The compensation voltage level of the A model is up to ±150μV, the B model is ±100μV, and the most accurate C model is an ultra-low ±80μV. Each model can be powered by a 2.7V to 26V power supply, enabling more flexible applications. The supply current consumed is only up to 100µA.

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