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Easy to configure and efficient digital 40A PoL

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Post Date: 2022-06-21, Flexipanel

      The Flex Power Module offers its BMR473 digital PoL converter packaged in a space-saving SIP or horizontal mount format. The product is rated at 40A continuous, up to 4 can be paralleled up to 160A, with synchronization and phase extension for minimal EMI. Excellent thermal performance, custom inductor design and efficiency levels up to 96.1% allow full load operation in free air (12V in / 2.5V out) to 85°C and 100°C with proper airflow and drop rate surroundings. Input 6V ~ 15V, output 0.6V ~ 5V programmable.

      PMBus interfaces are provided to allow monitoring and configuration, including input overvoltage and undervoltage protection thresholds and output overcurrent limits. Provides programmable overheat protection limits as well as settable switching frequency and output up/down and on/off delay times. Also provides good signal of power supply. The output voltage can be set by PMBus or external resistor. The reverse channel communication between parallel modules represents modules by a single address, which simplifies the system software design.

     David Xie, Head of R&D and Product Management, Shanghai, Flex Power Modules, commented: "Our new BMR473 is designed to be easily used in a wide range of telecom, datacom and ATE applications. The product saves board space and can be used in both Flex Power Designer software and ATE applications. With the support of the comprehensive thermal model, it helps to get to market quickly.” And the SIP version of the device is only 26.3mm × 8.8mm × 15.6mm, and the board area occupied is less than 2.3cm.

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