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Excelitas Technologies Introduces LINOS 1x-4x Motorized Beam Expanders for Wavelength Range 340 nm-360 nm

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Post Date: 2022-09-22, Excelitas Technologies

    Excelitas Technologies, a market-oriented global technology leader in innovative customized optoelectronic solutions, introduces LINOS 1x-4x motorized beam expanders for the wavelength range of 340 nm-360 nm. As the latest product of Excelitas LINOS motorized beam expander series, it can realize 1-4 times continuously motorized variable beam expander magnification, and can also adjust the beam divergence degree. Its compact optomechanical design is optimized for UV wavelength applications, making it ideal for a wide variety of UV applications, including consumer electronics, displays, and PCB manufacturing.

     LINOS 1x-4x motorized beam expanders for the wavelength range 340 nm-360 nm offer the following features and benefits: High quality fused silica lens, high end broadband coating for high power and short pulse applications, natural anodized finish And 1x to 4x continuously variable beam expansion magnification, adjustable beam divergence, optional freely programmable communication interface and automation

     "With over 30 years of experience in developing optical systems for laser material processing, LINOS motorized beam expanders are widely used because they meet the most stringent requirements," says Excelitas applications engineer Matthias Koppitz. "The LINOS 1x-4x motorized beam expander for the wavelength range 340 nm-360 nm continues this tradition. Its smaller, more compact size and natural anodization provide a full range of photonic needs for laser systems Reliability for a wide range of UV applications.”

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