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Global distribution agreement, provided by NAND flash and SSD technology

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Post Date: 2022-05-06, SolidRun LTD

    Taozawa has signed a new distribution agreement with Solidigm. Solidigm, a separate U.S. subsidiary of semiconductor supplier SK Hynix, offers Intel-based QLC storage technology as well as the latest generation of EDSFF memory products for the data center industry.

     The company now stocks the latest Solidigm products, based on Intel QLC technology and PCIe capabilities, which offer a variety of form factors and memory capacities, including THE U.2 and the first E1. Also includes SSD D5-P4326 series. L - based SSDS in innovative EDSFF form factor. Up to 33% increase in bit per cell, reduced footprint saves nearly 20 times lower power consumption, cooling and drive size, making these drives excellent replacements for hard drives and hybrid arrays of hard disks.

     Solidigm SSD DC P4610 series is provided for cloud storage architecture. Based on the NVMe 1.2 specification, these 64 layer TLC Intel 3D NAND TECHNOLOGY SSDS increase available capacity by 20%. Scalable performance, low latency, and enhanced SMART monitoring also ensure telemetry performance without interrupting in-progress I/ O. These SSDS have PCIe capacities ranging from 1.6TB to 6.4TB, as well as 7.68TB in THE U.2 2.5 ", and also offer dynamic namespace management, providing flexibility to allow for more users and scale deployments.

     The SSD DC P4511 family provides server agility and utilization, and accelerates applications on a variety of cloud workloads. DC P4511 series uses the 64-bit TLC NAND technology to provide PCIe/ NVMe SSDS and intelligent firmware algorithms to achieve optimal data read/write balance between the host and background. These drives are ideal for updating existing hardware while reducing operating costs, and up to 4TB drives are available in M.2 and ES.1.

     For desktop and mobile computing, the SSD 670P family delivers faster performance under mixed read and write workloads, striking a reasonable balance of performance, reliability and power efficiency. These SSDS are perfect for graphic design, photo and video editing, or gaming.