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Harwin expands hybrid layout Hi-Rel connector portfolio

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Post Date: 2022-11-22, Harwin Inc.

Harwin has extended the Gecko MT High Reliability (Hi-Rel) connector contact layout options, adding new product variants that effectively complement the existing symmetrical 2 power /8 signal and 4 power /8 signal contact layouts. The newly added product variant includes six new contact layouts with 2 to 6 power contacts and 4 to 24 signal contacts. These new models have asymmetric construction, with power contacts at one end and data signal contacts at the other. The power contact is rated for 10A and the signal contact is rated for 2.8A (maximum).

Harwin offers a range of hardware fixtures for each contact layout. All male and female connectors are capable of standard polarity or reverse fixation and have front and rear panel mount options, as well as circuit board mount fasteners to reduce stress on welded joints. The new addition includes a total of 72 Gecko MT connector variants.All new Harwin Gecko MT connectors can be shipped quickly from existing stock, and Harwin also offers cable assembly services for Gecko connectors and a ready made, fully inspected wire harness.

Like all Gecko connectors in Harwin HRi products, these latest product models offer high impact and vibration resistance, as well as compact dimensions and lightweight construction. They support an operating temperature range of -65 to +150 ° C and 1000 (minimum) plug and pull cycles. Evaluation samples are available upon request.

"Our Gecko MT product line is industry-proven and very popular with customers in the aviation, aerospace and high-end industrial markets," said Ryan Smart, Harwin's head of product management. These components provide a very efficient way to reduce the number of components and save PCB space by handling both power and data transfer. Taking into account customer demand for a wider range of different options, we have expanded the number of these component variants, with a wider selection of power and signal configurations, and all locking mechanism variants available."

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