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High linearity wideband dual-channel down-conversion mixer

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Post Date: 2023-03-09, Analog Devices Inc.

HMC1190ALP6NE is a high linearity wideband dual-channel down-conversion mixer that integrates a PLL and VCO, optimized for multi-standard receiver applications requiring compact, low-power design. The compact 6x6mm lead-free QFN package is RoHS-compliant. The integrated broadband limited LO amplifier enables HMC1190ALP6NE to achieve unprecedented RF bandwidth of 700 MHz to 3800 MHz, suitable for cellular /3G, LTE/WiMAX/4G applications.

Functional Diagram


Unlike conventional narrowband downconverter, HMC1190ALP6NE supports high - and low-side LO injection at all RF frequencies. RF and LO input ports match 50 ohm internally. The HMC1190ALP6NE features integrated LO and RF balances, the ability to control IF and LO amplifiers and bias control interfaces to achieve a high linearity passive mixer core. Balanced passive mixers combined with a high linearity IF amplifier architecture provide excellent LO-to-RF, LO-to-IF and RF-to-IF isolation.

With a low noise factor of 9 dB and a high IIP3 of +24 dBm, the HMC1190ALP6NE can be used for the most demanding applications. External bias control pins can be optimized for 2.34W (typical) low power consumption. Fast enabling control interfaces further reduces power consumption in TDD applications. The external VCO input allows HMC1190ALP6NE to lock the external VCO and provide a cascading LO architecture for MIMO applications. Two independent charge pump (CP) outputs enable independent loop filters optimized for integrated and external vco and seamlessly switch between integrated or external vco during operation.

The programmable RF output phase feature enables further phase adjustment and synchronization of multiple HMC1190ALP6NE scalable MIMO and beamforming radio architectures. Other features include a configurable LO output muting feature, precision frequency mode that enables HMC1190ALP6NE to generate fractional frequencies with a 0 Hz frequency error, and the ability to synchronously change frequencies without changing the phase of the output signal, improving the efficiency of digital predistortion loops.

Operating principle


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