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Includes power supply subsystem systems for industrial and railway systems

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Post Date: 2022-05-06, Bel Power Solutions

     Bel Power Solutions' system was developed and used in railway control center operations. The system provides redundant voltage and power for rugged rail and subway applications, underpinning its reliability and efficiency in harsh environments. So a new LRSA power subroutines system was released

      Conforming to international rail standards EN 50155, EN 50121-4 and AREMA, the series can be fitted with up to six 250W rugged Melcher AC/DC boxes into a 19-inch rack system, providing redundant input and energy output configurations. This is an enhancement to the previous AC/DC sub-rack system rack, which only supports space for four converters. 

      The new rack system offers single or dual output voltages from 12 to 60VCD, with output power up to 1500W, and input voltages from 90 to 264VAC and 50 to 60Hz. Its wide power range and fanless convection cooling design provide high reliability and maintenance-free operation spanning decades.

     Daniel Bernstein, Bel Fuse President and CEO said: "Modern rail systems require reliable, high-performance power systems to meet stringent safety requirements for trains and stations," "With this new system, rail system operators can reduce disruptions and improve Safe and seamless operation in harsh conditions for years to come. "

      The system provides reliable and redundant power for railway signalling and traffic control systems and provides high isolation of all output circuits, excellent surge and transient protection, surge current limitation and output voltage monitors with switching relay contacts

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