Infineon announced that the new 8 Mbit and 16 Mbit EXCELON F-RAM non-volatile memory has begun to be supplied in bulk | Heisener Electronics
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Infineon announced that the new 8 Mbit and 16 Mbit EXCELON F-RAM non-volatile memory has begun to be supplied in bulk

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Post Date: 2022-11-23, Infineon Technologies

Infineon Technologies, Inc. announced that the company's latest 8 Mbit and 16 Mbit EXCELON F-RAM memory (ferroelectric access memory) has begun mass delivery. This series of memory is the highest power density serial F-RAM memory in the industry, which can meet the needs of the next generation of automotive and industrial systems for non-volatile data recording, preventing data loss in harsh operating environments. The new memory operates in the voltage range of 1.71V to 3.6V, supports data throughput of up to 54MBps with the help of a low-pin interface, and comes in a ROHS-compliant 24-ball FBGA package.

Ramesh Chettuvetty, head of RAM product line of Infineon Automotive Electronics Business Unit, said: "With the improvement of the degree of automation and the rapid growth of the IoT sensor market, the market has put forward higher requirements for memory. It is hoped that the memory will have a higher density and can accurately and instantly collect data in case of power failure to meet the data recording requirements. Infineon's new EXCELON F-RAM product can efficiently and accurately collect key data while maintaining ultra-low power consumption. Therefore, this product It is an ideal choice for factory automation solutions and automotive EDR (Event Data Recording System). "

Infineon's EXCELON F-RAM is a new generation of ferroelectric access memory. The new product has ultra-low power consumption mode and high-speed interface, as well as real-time nonvolatile and unlimited read/write cycles, which makes it a mission critical nonvolatile memory with extremely low power consumption in the industry. The read and write performance of serial memory is comparable to that of battery powered static memory with parallel interface, and the access time is 35 nanoseconds. With fast write speed, outstanding durability and industry-leading energy efficiency, EXCELON F-RAM has become the preferred data recording memory in automotive, industrial and medical applications.

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