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Infineon launched the industry's first wide voltage, programmable digital SOA controlled hot plug controller

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Post Date: 2022-11-24, Infineon Technologies

     Infineon Technology introduced XDP XDP710 digital controller to meet these challenges, which is the first product of Infineon intelligent hot plug controller and protection circuit (IC) series. This hot plug system monitors the controller IC's input voltage range from 5.5 V to 80 V, with transient voltages up to 100 V and lasting for 500 ms. It consists of three functional modules: the first is a high-precision telemetry and digital safe work area (SOA) control module optimized to meet the characteristics of Infineon power MOSFET; The second is the system resource and management module; The third is the integrated gate driver and charge pump module applied to n-channel power MOSFETs such as OptiMOS and StrongIRFET series.

    "Infineon Technologies' XDP710 digital Hot-swappable controller is well suited to the product needs of the HGX platform," said Abhijit Datta, Senior Power Architect and domain expert at NVIDIA. The XDP710 offers unique features such as the option to select an external MOSFET by side-by-side resistors and to start a rise mode. The XDP710's small size and ease of design helps us."

     "The XDP710 Hot Swap controller is a feature rich product with a high-precision analog front end and integrated health monitoring, telemetry, programmability and preset MOSFET SOA," said Shahram Mehraban, vice president, Power Management IC Business, Infineon Technologies' Power and Sensing Systems Business Group. It addresses the design challenges associated with current pluggable AI server solutions."

     The key features of the XDP710 controller are its advanced closed-loop SOA control and full digital operation mode. This not only reduces material BOM costs, but also reduces the number of peripheral components and design time, which in turn accelerates the product to market. The XDP710 also supports analog - assisted digital mode for traditional systems

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