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Intelligent lighting control technology

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Post Date: 2023-05-18, Lighting Science Group Corporation

Lighting intelligent control technology and human light source technology, electrical technology, microelectronics technology, microcomputer technology, automatic control technology, communication technology and network technology interdisciplinary, close combination and mutual penetration of the crystallization. Today, with the increasingly developed information network, intelligent control technology has pushed modern lighting to a new height of energy saving, intelligence, information, humanization, art and individuation.


Intelligent lighting control through energy-saving model control, intelligent switch, intelligent dimming, "soft on, soft off", infrared sensor random realization of "people come to light, people go light off" or "people come to light, people go light dark", light sensor combined with natural light constant illumination lighting, a variety of lighting scene setting, timing, time-sharing and zoning lighting, A series of lighting control strategies, such as resisting power grid fluctuation and surge, can realize lighting energy saving and protect light source.

In the field of intelligent control of indoor lighting in buildings, the lighting energy saving rate can reach 15% ~ 75%, and the life of the light source can be extended by 2 ~ 4 times. In the field of road lighting, according to the pre-control level, the general energy saving rate is about 10% ~ 15%, and the best can be roughly close to 30%. The humanized, personalized and artistic lighting scene of laboratory lighting, its convenient one-button control, as well as a variety of dynamic artistic lighting demonstrations of urban nightscape lighting or decorative lighting, elevates the human light environment to a new realm.

Now, the advantages of intelligent control of lighting have led to new ideas. If the intelligent control of lighting is ignored, the cause of green lighting will be stagnant, lighting modernization will be out of the question, lighting intelligent control technology has become the cornerstone of green lighting.


Electrification, automation and intelligence are the steps of intelligent lighting control. In the future, the intelligent control of lighting will advance towards the direction of wisdom along with the journey of human high and new technology.


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