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Intelligent machine safety monitoring with signal regulator and switch

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Post Date: 2022-05-07, IXYS

     Metrix introduces the 5580 Series of Smart Vibration Signal Conditioners and Switches. Fully supported by Ixthus instruments in the UK, the new unit provides a 4-20mA output proportional to the measured variable of an accelerometer, speed or position sensor for preventive maintenance and safety tasks on industrial fans, pumps, compressors, generators. 

       As with other large shaft-equipped machines, the detection system is critical. Also available as the SW5580 series, solid state or relay outputs enable field configurable setpoint and alarm monitoring. These units are available as single or dual channel devices with field configurable output scaling peak or RMS units, high, low and bandpass, and frequency filters.

      The company can supply these signal modulators and switches that are fully configured for the desired sensor type, e.g., proportional output set for acceleration, calibrated to G force or close set for micron. Sensor input signal levels range from 100 to 500mV/ips, 10 to 100mV/g, and 100-200mV/mm. These DIN rail mounted signal regulators offer a competitive alternative to rack-mounted monitors. 

     Single-channel units can be modified in the field using firmware version code, which can be purchased if the user requires a second sensor monitoring channel as part of a system extension. The 4-20mA output allows easy connection with PLC, DCS or other 4-20mA input monitors in particularly long distance instrument Settings. It also comes with an integrated signal amplifier that increases the original sensor output for direct monitoring of signals up to 300m long.

      Sensor excitation is included in the 24VDC, 4mA piezoelectric speed sensor input types. Simple wiring, terminal with connector and integrated BNC connector output to waveform analyzer. Solid-state switching versions have 100mA, SPST, 120VAC or 24VDC outputs, while relay versions offer 5A, 240/120VAC and 5A, 24VDC SPDT resistive loads. Sensor failure warnings are integrated with LED status indications on the panel of the unit. 

       The series is fully compliant with EMC certification and can pass CSA & NRTL/C Class I (A, B, C & D) T4, div.2 Hazardous zone certification. ATEX/IECEx/UKCA. And these compact units measure approximately 117mm x 45mm x 93mm(h x W x D).

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