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MBR20100CT Diode: Principle, Circuit Diagram and Features

Post Date: 2024-07-10 , ON Semiconductor

MBR20100CT Description

The MBR20100CT is a Schottky rectifier diode commonly used in power supply applications due to its high efficiency and low forward voltage drop. It has a maximum repetitive peak reverse voltage of 100V and can handle an average rectified current of up to 20A. 

MBR20100CT Working Principle

The MBR20100CT operates based on the principles of a Schottky barrier diode, which utilizes a metal-semiconductor junction to achieve its rectifying behavior. When forward-biased, the diode allows current to flow with minimal voltage drop due to the low barrier potential between the metal and semiconductor, resulting in high efficiency and reduced power loss. In reverse bias, the diode blocks current flow up to its maximum rated reverse voltage. It efficiently converts alternating current (AC) to direct current (DC) with minimal energy dissipation.

                                                                                                                                             MBR20100CT Pinout 


                                                                                                                                           MBR20100CT CAD Models





                                                                                                                                                     CAD Model


                                                                                                                                         MBR20100CT Circuit Diagram


                                                                                                                                      MBR20100CT Marketing Diagram


MBR20100CT Specifications

Parameter Value
Voltage - DC Reverse (Vr) (Max) 100V
Diode Configuration 1 Pair Common Cathode
Average Rectified Forward Current (Io) 20A
Peak Forward Surge Current (Ifsm) 150A
Forward Voltage Drop (Vf) 0.9V @ 10A
Current - Reverse Leakage @ Vr 1mA @ 100V
Speed Fast Recovery =< 500ns, > 200mA (Io)
Operating Temperature - Junction -55°C - 150°C
Thermal Resistance Junction to Case 2°C/W
Package TO-220AB

MBR20100CT Features

- 150℃ TJ operation

- Center tap configuration

- Low forward voltage drop

- High purity, high temperature epoxy encapsulationforenhanced mechanical strength and moisture resistance

- High frequency operation

- Guard ring for enhanced ruggedness andlongtermreliability

- This is a Pb − Free Device

- "-HF" suffix is for Halogen Free Device

- All SMC parts are traceable 

MBR20100CT Applications

Power Supplies

DC-DC Converters

Battery Chargers

Solar Power Systems

Motor Drives

Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)

MBR20100CT Package

The MBR20100CT is housed in a TO-220AB package, which is package for power semiconductors. It features a plastic body with three leads and a metal tab for heat dissipation. The package allows for through-hole mounting, making it easy to attach to printed circuit boards (PCBs). The metal tab often has a hole that allows it to be securely fastened to a heat sink using a screw or clip.

MBR20100CT Manufacturer

SMC Diode Solutions is a leading manufacturer of discrete semiconductor devices, including diodes, rectifiers, and other power management components. Known for their high-quality and reliable products, SMC Diode Solutions serves a wide range of industries, including automotive, industrial, consumer electronics, and telecommunications. The company emphasizes innovation and quality in their manufacturing processes, their products meet rigorous standards for performance and reliability. 


What is the significance of the Schottky barrier in the MBR20100CT?

The Schottky barrier results in lower forward voltage drop and faster switching times compared to standard diodes, improving efficiency and reducing power losses.

How should I handle the MBR20100CT to avoid electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage?

Handle the MBR20100CT using standard ESD precautions, such as using a grounded wrist strap and working on an ESD-safe mat, to prevent static damage.

Are there any equivalent components to the MBR20100CT?

Yes, equivalent components include: SMBT3906S, MMBT3906VL, PMBT3906, 2SA1366, 2SA1518, 2SA1519, 2SA1520. These equivalents offer similar performance characteristics and can be used interchangeably in some applications.

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