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Maxim - Step-down switching converters and power modules reduce design cycles

Post Date: 2018-07-06


Speeding time to market and reducing design cycles with EMI-compliant, Himalaya step-down switching converters and power modules are offered by Maxim Integrated Products.

Product Image

Speeding time to market and reducing design cycles with EMI-compliant, Himalaya step-down switching converters and power modules are offered by Maxim Integrated Products. These solutions, which comply with CISPR 22 and EN 55022, are perfect for general-purpose applications, building automation, factory automation, including industrial, communications, and consumer electronics.

EMI compliance is a necessary, critical design challenge for end equipment manufacturers. Clients often fail EMI compliance after a design is finished because of the power supply IC, filtering techniques, sub-optimal layout, and component selection. Failing EMI at this advanced stage needs customers to tweak their design or even start over again.

The company’s EMI-compliant, step-down switching converters and power modules are created with EMI challenges in mind. By decreasing or even removing redesign, the company allows a path to first-time success for clients to deliver faster time to market. They comply with CISPR 22 and EN 55022 Class A and B conducted and radiated EMC emission standards, plus JESD22-B103/B104/B111 drop, shock, and vibration standards.

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Part Number Manufacturer Description In Stock
MAX6348UR44+T Maxim Integrated IC MPU/RESET CIRC 4.38V SOT23-3 9394
MAX6389XS31D2+T Maxim Integrated IC MPU/RESET CIRC 3.08V SC70-4 16688
MAX2682EUT+T Maxim Integrated IC MXR 400MHZ-2.5GHZ DWN SOT23-6 58576
MAX4503CUK+T Maxim Integrated IC SWITCH SPST SOT23-5 822
MAX6376XR30+T Maxim Integrated IC VOLT DETECT LP 3.00V SC70-3 224
DS21348G Maxim Integrated IC LIU T1/E1/J1 3.3V 49-BGA 5000
DS1818R-10/T&R Maxim Integrated IC 2.88V W/PB 10% SOT23-3 338
MAX11300GCM+ Maxim Integrated IC ADC 12BIT 48-TQFP 358
MAX1068ACEG+ Maxim Integrated IC ADC 14BIT 200KSPS 24-QSOP 503
MAX9032ASA+ Maxim Integrated IC COMPARATOR DUAL 8-SOIC 48256
MAX6385XS19D5-T Maxim Integrated IC MPU/RESET CIRC 1.90V SC70-4 361
MAX4885EETG+TCK2 Maxim Integrated IC VGA SWITCH ESD 24TQFN 5000
78M6613-IMR/F/PC1 Maxim Integrated IC SENSOR ISOLATED 32QFN 376
MAX5820LEUA+T Maxim Integrated IC DAC 8BIT DUAL 2WIRE SER 8UMAX 7412
MAX6800UR27D3+T Maxim Integrated IC RESET MPU LOW PWR SOT23-3 248
DS1232LPN Maxim Integrated IC MICRO MONITOR LP IND 8-DIP 7000
MAX1778EUG+ Maxim Integrated IC DCDC CONV MULTI OUT 24TSSOP 977
MAX982CUA+ Maxim Integrated IC COMPARATOR OD 8-UMAX 1019
DS1631AU Maxim Integrated SENSOR TEMPERATURE I2C 8UMAX 932
MAX1248ACPE Maxim Integrated IC ADC LP 10-BIT SERIAL 16-DIP 432
MAX274ACWI+ Maxim Integrated IC FILTER ANALOG 8TH-ORD 28SOIC 348
DS1236AS-5+ Maxim Integrated IC MICROMANAGER 5% 16-SOIC 13064
MAX3081ECSA+T Maxim Integrated IC TXRX RS485/422 10MBPS 8-SOIC 1049
MAX5033DUSA+T Maxim Integrated IC REG BUCK ADJ 0.5A 8SOIC 2730

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