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Maxim - Two-channel isolators for data transmissions in both directions on the same line (MAX14937AWE+)

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Post Date: 2016-09-16, Maxim Integrated
Maxim MAX14933 / MAX14937 2-channel I2C isolators are 2-channel 2.75kVRMS or 5kVRMS I2C digital isolators using Maxim's proprietary processing technology. Each device transmits digital signals between circuits with different power domains at ambient temperatures up to + 125C. These devices provide two bidirectional open-drain channels for applications such as I2C. These channels need to transmit data in both directions on the same line. Each device has independent 2.25V to 5.5V supplies on each side of the isolator. The isolator operates from DC to 1.7MHz and can be used on an isolated I2C bus with clock expansion.