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Microchip Technology - Protect against Rootkit and Bootkit malware

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Post Date: 2020-04-03, Microchip Technology

Microchip Technology has released a new encryption-capable MCU, the CEC1712 MCU with Soteria-G2 custom firmware, which was created to stop malicious software, including rootkits and bootkits of systems booted from external SPI flash memory.

The company's Soteria-G2 custom firmware based on the full-featured CEC1712 Arm Cortex-M4 microcontroller provides a secure boot with a root of trust protection hardware boot in pre-boot mode for operating systems booted from external SPI flash memory. In addition, the device provides key revocation and code rollback protection throughout its service life, thereby facilitating on-site security updates. The device complies with NIST 800-193 guidelines, can protect, detect damage and recover from damage, in order to achieve the flexibility of the overall system platform firmware. A secure boot with a hardware root of trust is essential to protect the system from threats before they can be loaded into the system, and only enables the system to boot using software trusted by the manufacturer.

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