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Microchip Technology - Simplified hardware-based IoT security for deployments of any size

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Post Date: 2019-10-07, Microchip Technology
As the number and types of connected devices proliferate, market fragmentation and security breaches in the IoT pose significant challenges for developers. Hardware-based security is the only way to protect keys from physical attacks and remote extraction attacks, but configuring and configuring each device requires comprehensive security expertise, development time, and cost. To address this demand in the mass market, Microchip Technology has introduced the industry's first pre-configured solution that uses ATECC608A secure elements to provide secure key storage for small-, medium- and high-volume device deployments. The company's Trust platform for its CryptoAuthentication series enables companies of all sizes to easily implement security authentication. With the ability to authenticate to any public or private cloud infrastructure, the company's Trust Platform is also flexible and customizable. For customers who need more customization, the program includes the TrustFLEX and TrustCUSTOM platforms. The second layer of the program, TrustFLEX, offers the versatility of leveraging a customer-selected certification authority while still benefiting from pre-configured use cases. These use cases include basic security measures such as TLS-enhanced authentication for connecting to any IP-based network using any certificate chain, LoRaWAN authentication, secure boot, OTA update, IP protection, user data protection, and key rotation. This reduces the time and complexity required to customize the device without the need for custom part numbers. For customers who want to fully customize their design, the third tier of the program-TrustCUSTOM-provides customer-specific configuration capabilities and custom credential settings. "Successful attacks on software-based security solutions underscore the need for companies to adopt industry best practices, including isolating private keys in security elements," said Nuri Dagdeviren, vice president of Microchip's security products business unit. "" Microchip's Trust platform enables Companies of all sizes can easily implement hardware-based security and reduce cost-effectiveness, removing the barriers traditionally associated with configuring and configuring equipment. "

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