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Microcontrollers deliver high-speed data processing for a wide range of options

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Post Date: 2019-07-29, Toshiba Semiconductor and Storage
The group is based on the ARM Cortex-M4 core with FPU. It combines high-performance analog circuits, a wide range of timers and communication channels, and offers hybrid packages (100 to 177 pins) and on-board flash memory (ranging from 512kB to 1536kB), up to 194kB of RAM and 32kB of memory. Data flash memory can be rewritten up to 100,000 times. The operating frequency is up to 160MHz, and the operating temperature range of the microcontroller is -40C to + 85C. The high-precision analog circuit includes a 12-bit AD converter with a conversion speed of 1 ��s (up to 24 channels) and an 8-bit DA converter (two channels). The group also includes two DMA controllers. High-speed DMA controller and multi-function DMA controller. Both implement low power and advanced functions, and also include general-purpose peripheral circuits such as serial memory interface (SMIF), UART, I2C, TSPI, timer, and support for large-scale systems. The AD converter can select two sampling cycles through any channel, which helps reduce impedance adjustment components in large systems that require multiple sensors. Built-in interconnect functions for timers, UART and TSPI, and ISD add software processing burden.

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