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NXP - High-efficiency low-power wireless charger for smartwatches and other wearables (NXQ1TXH5/101J)

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Post Date: 2016-07-14, NXP
 The NXP NXQ1TXH5 single-chip 5V Qi wireless transmitter is a controller and driver IC for 5V Qi certified / compatible low power wireless chargers. It is a fully integrated solution including a 5V full-bridge power stage. The wireless charger IC provides 10mW (typical) standby (standby) power through a low-power receiver detection circuit. The device is powered by a 5V USB power supply. It uses Intelligent Power Limiting) to automatically adjust output power to compensate for power-limited power supplies. The device also supports foreign object detection. Other suitable applications include Wireless Power Alliance QI certified / compatible wireless power transmitters; wireless chargers for smartphones, toys, shavers, pads and other handheld devices.