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NXP - Near field communications controllers support various transmission modes (PN7120)

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Post Date: 2015-09-24, NXP
NXP's PN7120 NFC controller supports a variety of transmission modes and includes an ARM Cortex-M0 MCU with integrated firmware to support NCI 1.0 host communication. The PN7120 is fully compatible with the NFC Forum, including a small form factor antenna, ultra-low power consumption in polling loop mode, and an efficient integrated power management unit (PMU) that can be powered directly from the battery. Applications include devices that require NFC functionality, especially devices running in Android or Linux environments, TVs, set-top boxes, Blu-ray decoders, audio devices, home automation, gateways, wireless routers, home appliances, wearables, remote control, medical Healthcare, fitness, printers, IP phones, game consoles and accessories. NXP OM5577 NFC controller development board is also available, including PN7120 NFC controller board and interface boards for Raspberry Pi and Beaglebone boards. It also contains NFC Forum Class 2 tags in the form of MIFARE UL cards.