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New Unified Qualcomm AI Software Stack Portfolio Transforms Developer Access

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Post Date: 2022-06-23, Qualcomm

Key Points:

---The end-to-end AI software solution can provide richer access to Qualcomm Technologies' AI software functions through a unified software stack, further enhancing the developer experience

---OEMs and developers will gain access to the Qualcomm AI Stack, enabling higher performance with a single AI software package, unleashing smart networks such as smartphones, IoT, automotive, XR, cloud and mobile PCs AI capabilities of connected edge products

---The Qualcomm AI software stack provides OEMs and developers with a strong AI technology foundation on which to develop rich products

Qualcomm Technologies announced the launch of the Qualcomm AI software stack product portfolio, further enhancing the company's leadership in AI and intelligent connected edge. Qualcomm AI software stack is a complete set of AI solutions for OEM manufacturers and developers. It integrates the company's industry-leading AI software products and has been upgraded. It can support various smart terminals through rich AI software permissions and compatibility. This is the first time that a single AI software combination has enabled the operation of terminals across Qualcomm Technologies, covering a wide range of intelligent connected edge products, including smartphones, automobiles, XR, computing, IoT and cloud platforms.

The Qualcomm AI software stack supports different AI frameworks and mainstream runtimes including TensorFlow, PyTorch, and ONNX, as well as developer libraries and services, system software, tools, and compilers, so that any AI features developed for a single terminal can be used in other AI features. Easy deployment on the terminal.

Ziad Asghar, vice president of product management at Qualcomm Technologies, said: "The complete Qualcomm AI software stack product portfolio is undoubtedly a huge breakthrough that will drive AI development for OEMs and developers, bringing high-end products to Qualcomm Technologies' broad product portfolio. performance. We are excited to further extend the company's unified technology roadmap and extend our leadership at the Intelligent Connected Edge with this new product portfolio."

This complete product portfolio supports direct access to Qualcomm AI Engine and the Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 dedicated AI core with Qualcomm AI Engine Direct. As part of the new solution, Qualcomm AI Engine Direct is now extensible on any AI accelerator across Qualcomm Technologies' products, as an AI library that can directly delegate and deploy current AI accelerators on Qualcomm Technologies' platforms There are models, which can not only provide model development functions for OEMs and developers, but also support the migration of newly developed models to different products and levels.

Yuan Yu, Distinguished Engineer of Microsoft AI Framework Architecture, said: "Qualcomm Technologies continues to build advanced AI solutions that make it easier for developers to use the most powerful AI and machine learning capabilities. We are actively promoting the integration of Qualcomm AI software technology Bringing it into the Microsoft ecosystem, which includes the Qualcomm Neural Network Processing SDK specifically for Windows, delivers AI capabilities from the edge to the cloud by providing a unified complete AI software that scales from the client to the server."

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