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New inductor range addresses power density and efficiency challenges

Technology Cover
Post Date: 2019-06-30, KEMET
KEMET has introduced a new series of SMD metal composite power inductors. The new METCOM family of devices is well-suited for producing more efficient DC-to-DC switching power supplies and other power-related applications including EMI filtering. The metal composite core provides high current saturation characteristics, enabling the inductor to maintain the function of large ripple currents common in modern power applications. The high magnetic permeability allows low DCR values, which ultimately leads to a significant reduction in self-heating during high current operation, which improves system efficiency and reduces thermal design considerations. The inductor provides a shielding structure that contains the magnetic flux in the inductor body, thereby improving work efficiency. This also improves EMI performance and eliminates interference to surrounding circuits, especially simplifying the business of obtaining power approval. Dr. Philip Lessner, senior vice president and chief technology officer of KEMET, commented on the launch of the new device: "Improving power density and efficiency is a major challenge for many designers. In terms of size, reliability and performance, METCOM inductors are available in small sizes The form provides very low losses, helping designers to develop modern high-performance power solutions that meet increasingly stringent application requirements. "

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