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PD fast charging power supply solutions for ON Semiconductor and GaN System products

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Post Date: 2022-09-21, ON Semiconductor

       Mobile smart devices represented by mobile phones and computers have become important tools in people's daily life. However, as these devices cover more and more functions, the limited battery life of the devices can no longer meet the needs of users for standby. Therefore, high power The fast charging source has become another way to solve the battery life problem. However, in the past, power is often closely related to the size of the charger. Generally speaking, the larger the output power, the larger the volume, which is seriously inconsistent with the trend of increasingly miniaturized products. In order to solve this design problem, Dalian Dayoushang launched a PD fast charging solution based on onsemi and GaN System products, and applied advanced gallium nitride devices to it, so that the product can have high-power fast charging while still maintaining a small appearance. .

     The NCP1623 is a boost PFC controller from onsemi based on the innovative Valley Synchronous Frequency Foldback (VSFF) method. The VSFF maximizes efficiency at nominal and light load conditions, operating in critical mode at heavy loads, entering discontinuous conduction mode at light loads, and supporting valley turn-on for improved efficiency. The NCP1623 can improve the energy efficiency to 2% at low input voltage, and the power consumption in sleep mode is less than 100μA, which can effectively optimize the no-load input power state.

    The NCP1343 quasi-resonant flyback controller is ideal for designing high-performance offline power converters. The NCP1343 has a proprietary valley locking circuit to ensure stable valley switching to improve product performance and stability. And the system can operate at the 6th valley and switch to frequency foldback mode to reduce switching losses. As the load decreases further, the NCP1343 enters silent skip mode to manage power delivery while minimizing noise.

     In addition, this solution also uses GaN System's GS-065-011-2-L power transistor as a power conversion device, which can achieve safe and fast charging without damaging the battery. With the advanced products and excellent technology of onsemi and GaN System, this PD fast charging source is designed with a maximum output power of 120W, and is equipped with a single USB-C port with an output of 100W (20V/5A), and the power conversion efficiency can be as high as 93%.

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