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Panasonic - New high vibration acceleration-resistant power choke coil

Technology Cover
Post Date: 2019-06-18, Panasonic Electronic Components
Panasonic Corporation has introduced a new type of power choke coil that has high heat resistance and vibration resistance and supports large currents. Due to the use of ferroalloy magnetic materials, the new ETQP5M2R5YSK has excellent inductance stability even at high bias current input and a wide temperature range up to 150C. The new coil meets the requirements of AEC-Q200 and has a low hum. The resistivity reaches 50G or higher vibration acceleration, which is very suitable for use in the ECU and mechatronic ECU installed in the engine itself on the car. This device is ideal as a noise filter for a variety of drive circuits that require high temperature operation and peak current handling capabilities. Similarly, DC-DC applications for boost converters and buck converters are also suitable operational purposes.

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