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Panasonic - Relay series targeted at the IoT and Building Automation market

Technology Cover
Post Date: 2019-12-05, Panasonic Electronic Components
The Panasonic DJ-H series is a latching relay that meets the needs of switching actuators such as lighting and motor loads in the IoT and building automation markets. The series is now available from TTI Europe. To facilitate electrical installation service personnel to check the circuit, the relay is optionally equipped with a manual lever for use as a test button. This series can switch 50A at 277VAC (resistive load) and passed IEC 60669-1 certification for fluorescent lamp loads at 200μF / 20A and 250VAC. Both the 1-coil and 2-coil latch versions are available in reverse polarity versions with a coil voltage of 5, 12, or 24V. Typical applications include shutters, shutter controls, lighting controls, lighting actuators and street lights.

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